John and Sherlock arrived holding hands, and the Doctor and Jack followed behind them closely. All but the Doctor was carrying guns, hidden in their pants. John looked around, "We are in the right spot, right time, where could this bastard be?" Just then, a red dot appeared in the middle of the Doctor's forehead. Jack and John pulled their guns, but Sherlock just sighed.

"Sebastian, if you were any more stupid, you'd fall off that building. You can put the sniper away." Sherlock turned to John, and put his hand on top of John gun, pushing it down. "No need for that."

The street was silent as Jack slowly put away his gun. The Doctor stood still, annoyance in his eyes. The red dot faded away, and from an alleyway a chilling voice said, "So you four decided to show up, did you?" Moriarty came from the shadows, his arms crossed.

John snickered at Jim's appearance His suit was in tatters,and he was missing his left shoe. "What happened to you? Fell through a grinder on the way here?" John laughed.

Moriarty stared at him with loathing, and a red dot appeared on his chest. Sherlock tensed, and went for his gun. "Oh no Sherlock, I wouldn't do that," Jim said, "Poor John would be dead quicker than you can pull the trigger."

"What is it with all these guns these days?" The Doctor cried in exasperation and looked over at Jack. Jack wasn't paying attention to the Doctor and was staring intently at the skies, trying to find this Sebastian man.

Jim walked up to John and whispered in his ear, "Make one more snide comment of yours, and I'll make sure Sebastian here ends your life quicker than you can blink. I suggest you keep your mouth shut." John stayed silent, his jaw set. His eyes blazed with anger, but he didn't dare say anything.

Jim walked over to the Doctor, and looked him up and down. "I was told about you. The Doctor, was it? You travel in a blue police box, was i right?"

The Doctor fiddled with his sonic screw driver, but Jim smiled, and shook his head, "Sir, I wouldn't do that if I were you. You see," Moriarty circled around the four men like he was their herd dog, "If any of you even try to pull any tricks, John will fall to the ground with a perfect bullet hole right in his chest."

The Doctor put his screwdriver away, and stared Moriarty down. Jack was no longer looking up at the buildings put giving his full attention to the Doctor as he spoke. "How do you know that? I don't remember meeting you. Trust me, I would if I did."

Jim smiled slyly, "I have such wonderful informants. Let's just say they would love to meet the last of the Time Lords."

Jack's eyes widened and he ran to the Doctor, pushing him down. Sherlock grabbed hold of John's hand, pulling him down to the ground. There was no bullet, and most importantly no Sebastian Instead, the Daleks came from above the buildings, swarming around the four men on the ground.

Jim clapped his hands together, and stood beside a red Dalek. "My, Sherlock Holmes, I can't believe you would have fallen into a trap quite so easily. That fall must have really messed up your brain. Or were you so in love, that emotions have fogged up your brain?"

Sherlock growled, but made sure that John was safely underneath him. A black Dalek came from the crowd, and said "Rise-or-all-shall-be-ex-ter-min-at-ed."

The Doctor pushed Jack off of him, and got up, putting his hands behind his head. "Do as it says! I will not be loosing any of you today."

Jack got off the ground, brushed off his coat, and followed the Doctor's lead. After a moments hesitation, Sherlock and John followed suit. "All-who-are-need-ed-are-the-Doc-tor-and-Sher-lock -Holmes. Ex-term-i-nate-the-oth-ers."

The red Dalek pushed Moriarty forward toward John. The Daleks began to separate Sherlock and The Doctor, but Jack got in the middle. "No way. They stay with us."

There was a flash of light, and Jack screamed. He fell to the ground, twitching, and finally laying still. John gasped, and ran to him, pushing from Sherlock who tried to hold him back. "Let me help the man Sherlock, I'm the doctor here."

The Doctor took out his sonic screw driver and the Dalek's backed up, "Actually I am." He whipped around and pointed the screw driver at the red Dalek. It started to twitch, and then the blue light faded out.

"Not-poss-i-ble." The black Dalek said, and then cried, "Ex-term-i-nate-them-all!"

Jim held up his hands, "Wait. We had a deal."

"Daleks-ne-ver-make-pro-mi-ces-with-a-hu-man." The black Dalek aimed it's whisk at Jim, and charged it up to fire when Jack ran in front of the bolt, and took the hit. He screamed once again, and fell down again.

John ran at him again, and Sherlock didn't stop him. He was too stunned with the events that was happening around him. John fell to the ground and gave Jack mouth to mouth, "Bloody hell!" He cried, in between breaths.

The Doctor aimed his screwdriver at the black Dalek, and the rest of the 20 Daleks froze. "Now listen here, and listen carefully. Now I don't know why you are here, or why you want Sherlock and me. But I do know is that you have my TARDIS. My TARDIS. You all bloody well know I will do anything to get it back, even if it means I must commit genocide to do so. SO give me back my TARDIS or else I will exterminate you all."

The Daleks were silent for some time, and Jack gulped in a breath of air. John sat back, and sighed in relief. Jack smiled, and sat up, "You know you really didn't have to do that."

"You were dying Jack." John said, helping Jack up.

"No really. You didn't." Jack brushed off his coat, and walked over to Moriarty. Jack then punched Jim, and he crumpled to the ground. "That was being a sick son of a bitch."

John walked over to Sherlock, who was silent with shock. John gabbed his hand, and patted it. Sherlock was definitely going to need some John time after this was over.

"Well?" the Doctor said, walking to the black Dalek, and pointed the screw driver right in his blue eye.

"Re-treat." The black Dalek said after a moment of hesitation. The Daleks rose into the air, ready to fly, but the Doctor turned his screwdriver on high, and let it ring. All the Daleks dropped to the ground, making it sound like a bomb had exploded. John and Sherlock watched in awe as the black Dalek almost backed up in fear.

"Oh no," The Doctor said, "Give me my TARDIS."

"The-Daleks-do-no-have-the-Doc-tor's-TAR-DIS. Some-one-much-strong-er-and-smart-er-does."

The Doctor backed away, and put his sonic screwdriver away, "That's odd, the Daleks never admit that they aren't superior. What's wrong this time? Who has made you so scared that you feel inferior to them?"

There was silence. Nothing moved, nothing spoke, no one even dared to breath to heavily. The only sound on the street were Jim's moans, and the wind.

Finally, a green Dalek came from the crowd, and said, "The-Mas-ter."

The Doctor's face drained of blood, and the Daleks fled, leaving the five men alone on the street.