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Shawna sighed as Lee left for work and looked down at the sleeping toddler in her arms. It was time. Time she did what she promised herself she'd do a year ago. She put James in his crib and packed a bag for the both of them. She was going away. She took all the money she had and caught the first bus to London. She was going to finally do it...

She might find Dougie... No, she wouldn't. London was massive. Even if she did, he was famous now. He wouldn't give her the time of day. Besides, she wanted to do this on her own. She was a strong, independent woman, who didn't need help. That's why she turned down his offer two years ago.

She sighed as she held James close to her, and watched out th window as the bus drove away from all she ever knew, from her home... that was never really a home...

She was finally away. Free. And had absolutely no plans whatsoever.

Dougie watched his friends laugh and joke about silently. He had grown to be like this. Quiet. Stuck in his own mind. Deep in thought.

He was going to be a murderer.

He was going to jail.

They had no idea about the secret inner-battle he was going through. That two lives were in his hands... well, three, really.

He was to kill a man, and save two lives; or let the man live, and two lives were terminated as a consequence. He brought his knees up to his chest, watching as Danny was trying to dance, but failing. He shrunk into a ball, hoping to shrink small enough to disappear. To become invisible.

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