They were in his room.

It was past 11.

The frosted glass masking the sounds of the whispering winds; redolent in their words as they carried stories of past winters.

The residual glow of the warm embers dying in the hearth.

They stood there at the centre of the room. The world beginning to fade away in the distance.

No sound disturbed the peace; the only sound that could be heard was the sound of their warm breaths, steady and deep as a beating pulse. The air was still, the faint scent of snow in the room.

She felt safe as she stood there, cradled in his arms. Drowning in his scent, in his love.

His mouth was on her neck, as her heart was pressed against his; feeling the trail of his kisses like butterfly wings gliding down her porcelain skin.

It was a moment in time. A moment of bliss and perfect love. The promise of a new beginning to a new eternity as she felt his lips on hers; delicately relishing her sweet taste against his mouth. A taste so innocently beguiling yet so tempting and seductive that he lost all senses completely as he surrendered to her; bearing his soul for her to see and his heart for her to touch. Their illicit fires beginning to arise from their ashes.

He trailed his sweet kisses from her neck and down to her fingertips, adoring every inch of her with his loving mouth. Esme rested her left hand on his chest as she ran her right hand through his golden locks, twirling her little finger around his blonde hair as she smiled.

He murmured something into her ear as she gave a soft laugh, he then took her left hand and was about to kiss it when he noticed something different.

Her left wrist was somehow ever so slightly different in shape than the right. As if the bone inside it had gone through some sort of trauma in the past; for there was a definite difference between the two that his trained medical eye could not miss. He was not quite sure if it had happened in the fall. It was possible of course. But then again, instinct was telling him something else.

His once mirth-lighted eyes had dim down to seriousness as a piercing gaze for the truth replaced them.

"Darling, how did you get this?" He asked as he gently held her left wrist in front of her.

"Sweetheart, its nothing. It was just a scar from years before." Esme replied, somehow hoping Carlisle wouldn't pursue the subject any further.

"Darling please, I have to know. I am your husband now, Don't you trust me?" He said softly, stroking her cheek with his hand.

She closed her eyes and took in a breath.

It was one of the more permanent scars she had received from Charles, a dark reminder of those horrible years. She shivered at the mere memory of it, "It. . .It was years ago, Charles had read my diary one evening, I had written something about you years before I married him. . .He thought it was infidelity. . ."

Her beautiful face was suddenly filled with dreaded fear as the memory continued in her mind.

"He hit me. . . again. . .and again. . ."

Carlisle was silent, frozen in rage almost. His voice was barely audible. "What else did he do?"

Her lips felt dry as she licked them nervously. "Everything. . .He pinned me down to the ground and grasped my wrist tightly. . ."

"He didn't choke me. . .But he wanted to. . .I could feel it. . ." She whispered.

She hoped and prayed that the name Charles would never resurface from her lips again. She didn't want to talk about him or what he did. Not ever. Not tonight.

Especially tonight.

After hearing her response Carlisle's face darkened with some inexplicable rage that was intertwined with his inner pain as he looked away.

His arms around her loosened as he backed away inches at a time. His back slowly turning to face her.

Esme did not show it but she was terribly hurt at his sudden action. But more so worried at his lowered head that was usually held high. His shoulders were sloped and tense.

She moved slowly towards him, her voice strained with worry. "Carlisle?"

She saw through the outlines of his shirt how his muscles contracted and expanded as he let out a heavy breath, and when he spoke his voice sounded tortured, heavy with guilt.

"Could you ever forgive me?" He could barely glance at her as he tilted his head lightly to the side.

Esme shook her head as she took one more step towards Carlisle; embracing him from behind, as she rested her cheek against his back.

Her soft breath, once again tingling his skin beneath the fabric of the shirt he wore as she spoke. "There's nothing to forgive. If I didn't go through all the things that happened in the past, I would have never found you again. It was never your fault my Darling, don't you know by now-"

"And I took your life. . ."His voice was a broken whisper.

"How could you, how could I ever forgive myself. . ." He whispered more to himself than her.

She gently forced him to turn and face her, his golden eyes darkened by his sadness.

"I have you, I already have everything I will ever want. I love you Carlisle. Can't you see that?" She replied, giving him strength with her words.

She held onto him as she softly pressed her lips against his in a reassuring kiss.

Her tender touches, soft and loving as they chased all fear and guilt away from his heart. And in return filling it with all her love.

His arms were holding her more closely now as his kisses deepened. The conservative Englishman inside of him, making his aching fingertips shy to touch her skin so that they only remained on the soft cloth that covered her body. Some age-old fear that she might break or crumble like the ancient statues of Greece if he held her too close or too tightly; fearful of the consequences of his strength.

Esme noticed the pensive look in his eyes. She then gently placed her hand on his strong jaw as she rested her thumb on his chin, comforting him with her touch.

"Darling, I won't break." She whispered lovingly into his ear.

He smiled at her. A beautifully intimate glint in his eyes as he kissed her once more, his eyes sparkling like stars in the black night. His courage regained as his fingertips became daring as they slyly entangled themselves onto the little ribbon behind her back; gently pulling them apart as the soft fabric glided easily from their knot and fell teetering to the sides.

The call of the night was awaiting them as he slipped his strong arms beneath her slender legs. Lifting her off the ground in one swift motion, feeling the strength of his arms about her as he carried her across the room.

A tranquil smile formed on her lips as she watched his face. That serene face that called out to her very soul, she gently stroked his cheek as he placed a gentle kiss on her palm and whispered to her affectionately, "I love you."

Before she knew it, she was softly laid down on the bed. The cotton fabric stretching itself out like the endless ocean in sheets of white.

She watched as her paramour laid beside her; looking almost like a fairy in the yellow light, his lips delicately parted as he leaned in to kiss her.

There something magical about that night. The way his lips fit so perfectly against hers, the way their breaths intertwined like the warm breezes of summer; the way their bodies touched and remained hidden from the eyes of the world as they entered wonderland at midnight.

It was not long till they slipped out of their clothes and. . .

Present day.

Forks, Washington.

She was standing there in the darkened attic. The faint glow of light from the small window, pouring its nostalgic rays into the room.

Esme had awoken from her deep reverie as the stream of memories from the past slows down.

She was still clutching the old torn piece of handkerchief that she had found an hour earlier from the boxes she had been rummaging through.

It looked old. A shorn piece of white cloth. Stained by the patina of time. It was very strange. She held it out in front of her as she examined it.

It was the white handkerchief.

Her white handkerchief. She once swore it was forever lost to the sea, but there it was. How it had managed to find its way into the boxes, she had no answer.

She decided that she would ask Carlisle about it later when she came down.

She was humming softly to herself as she continued neatly piling a few boxes to the other side of the cavernous room till she had found the box she was looking for. They would be recieving a guest soon so it would be best that flowers should be placed in the living room to add a bit of life when Bella would arrive. She needed to first find that charming pale-lavender antique vase that she was rather fond of. With a flick of her wrist she then brushes a lock of hair behind her as she crouched low to open the box that contained the things she needed.

But before she could continue, her mind was drifting away again to the memory of that night.

The winter dawn.

The silk sheets.

Carlilse lying so close to her, his delicate hands running freely through her hair.

The sound of their soft whispers lacing in the air above them.

Esme's right hand found it's way to the heart-pendant as she smiled, the resonating image of the night she and Carlisle first shared together still fresh in her mind, the memory not even once aging a day. Forever preserved.

She was smiling secretly to herself. She felt immense happiness for Edward at finally finding someone who could see past his shy and silent demeanour as she had done in the past. It could be the start of something wonderful for Bella and Edward, a chance for him to find the happiness he deserved.

Esme could sense even in the past that Edward was very lonely. He was of course too shy to even speak of it, but she hoped that would all change soon.

As she thought of him, Esme began recollecting some of her memories of the long past before her. Somehow marvelling at how her loving family has grown with the addition of: Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet.

They were hers and Carlisle's adoptive children, but they both loved them the same way as if they were their own.

She let out a soft chuckle as she heard Emmet's loud laugh echo throughout the house. A definite sign that he had done another one of his famous pranks. Which him and Jasper would have found amusing with the exception of Edward and her two girls, Alice and Rose.

She felt blessed at having such a large family. One she never thought she would have.

Meanwhile. . .

Edward was in his large bedroom, silently pacing back and forth as Clair De Lune echoed into the air.

He was nervous. And that was a first, He never gets nervous.

She was going to visit for the very first time today. Bella Swan.

He leaned his lanky body against the glass window; his copper hair catching the infinitesimal glisten that his skin radiated from the faint sunlight as he stared out into the diaphanous fog that was hovering above the forest. Pondering on the event that lay ahead.

A soft knock echoed into the room.

It was Carlisle.

"Edward, have you seen your mother?" He asks as he enters the room.

"I think she's in the attic." He replies simply, his mind distracted.

"Could you kindly tell her I need to speak to her son?"

"Will do." Edward says as he watches Carlisle exit out into the corridor.

He took a pause as he ran his thoughts in order before checking the time on his wristwatch. He would need to leave soon to pick up Bella from her house.

He made a mental note as he took the opposite end of the hallway, finding his way easily towards the wooden stairs that lead to the attic.

He poked his head in from the door to find Esme's familiar delicate figure crouched low next to some boxes.

A knock interrupted her thoughts. She turned to find Edward standing at the door, his handsome face seemed expectant.

"Carlisle's asking for you." He says.

"Alright, I'll be down in a minute." She replies.

Esme descends the stairs a few minutes later carrying the vase to find the living room filled with her young teenagers. Emmet was playing on his video games whilst Jasper watched, and on the other side of the room Alice and Rose were heavily engrossed in a fashion magazine.

She couldn't seem to find her husband.

"He's in the kitchen," Edward says, donning a black jacket as he paused for a moment.

"Thank you dear," Esme replies as she smiles.

Edward nodded and gave a quick smile before exiting towards the front door. He would be back soon with Bella.

Esme walks to the kitchen to find her husband organizing the pots and pans needed for the meal they were about to prepare for their guest. That familiar blonde lock of hair dangling adorably on his forehead as he meticulously arranged the cutting utensils he needed.

He smiled as he saw his wife.

She could not help but supress a grin as she saw him, that dark blue cashmere sweater was just divine against his perfect figure.

She placed the vase next to the sink, her mind was still on the question she wanted to ask him and decided this was the best time to ask.

"Carlisle, where did you find this?" Esme says, as she raised the torn handkerchief, pausing briefly as her slender frame leaned against the sink.

He gives her a knowing smile and steps aside from his cooking arsenal and walks directly towards her.

"Walk with me?" He whispers, taking her hand as he lead Esme to the back door that led to their backyard that was facing the forest.

She couldn't help but follow, never being able to resist him even if she wanted to.

Her question though about the handkerchief was still unanswered.

He held her hand as they walked side by side. Even after all these years, even through all the intimate secrets they shared. Carlisle still held a mystery to her that never failed to excite her, entrance her. Hypnotize her with his melodic voice and golden eyes. Yet despite his obvious charms, he was above all, kind. In every sense of the word, and as gentle as a passing breeze that carried the promise of spring.

They were walking a long while into the green woodlands, their intertwined hands gently swaying at their gate.

She could tell Carlisle was lightly teasing her with his silence.

Even simply by his body language. He had a secret, they way his achingly handsome face dipped low as if trying to hide something, and the way his eyes looked at her with a charming sense of hidden excitement. But what gave it all away was the way he carried his lips that were at the moment slightly pursed, as if sealing the secret by holding his tounge.

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze as he laughed in that melodious voice that was sure to challenge her resolve.

They both stoppped coincidentally as Esme stared at him, her golden eyes affectionately scolding him for not telling her the reason behind his bemusing actions.

She knew he wasn't going to tell her just easily so Esme decided it was time for a little persuasion.

She inched closer to him as she placed her hands on his chest. A mischevous look in her eyes as she cornered him against a tree.

She then kissed him softly on the lips, Carlisle pulls her closer to him as she wraps her arms around his neck. He brushes her hair back behind her shoulder as he glides his gentle lips against the alabaster skin on her neck. "I love you," He whispers breathily.

"I love you too." She replies warmly.

Her tender lips then find their way to his ear lobe as she tauntingly nibbles on it.

"Mmm," He softly coos in her ear, "Are you trying to seduce me Darling?" A delicious smirk tugging at his lips.

"I don't know." She said as she smiled, rubbing her nose lightly against his, "Is it working?" She asks as her hands moved to his flanks, firmly pinning him against the tree and herself.

"If you won't let me go love, I won't be able to give you my surprise."

Her eyes widened, child-like curiosity in her black pupils.

He felt a wave of joy at her reaction. The glow of happiness on her face never ceasing to tingle his heart with warmth.

He then held out his palm and opened it, there rested in gold was a circular pendant which has been engraved with the Olympic coven on one side.

He placed it on her hands as he said, "Turn it over."

Esme smiled as she turned it to the other side; the splotches of sun seeping from the rain clouds as its light reflected onto the pendant, making it shimmer with life. There engraved at the back was an intricate outlined image of a Cherub Angel with the words 'Always Loved' at the bottom.

"You remembered," She whispered, her voice filled with emotion.

"How could I forget? I know he much he meant to you. To us." He smiled sweetly as he looked at her.

Esme never mentions it but she never forgets the day.

The day she first held her child in the Ashland Hospital, and the last time she saw him. She mentioned it to Carlisle a handful of times in the past, but seldom lingered on the subject for it brought her much pain.

And Carlisle never questioned her when she would ask him that she preferred to go alone when she would go visit her son's grave. But on this particular day he wanted her to know that he would be there; always be there to comfort her in her moment of pain, rejoice in the happiness they shared and to always love her. Even if it meant taking away her misery and bearing it as his own, he would. For he loved her truly and eternally.

For there was no one on this earth, who touched his heart, his soul, as deeply as she had done.

In the beginning he made it a point to save her life, never even knowing she too would save him in return.

Insurmountable feelings of rapture and gratitude engulfs her in a sweet embrace as she held her husband close.

Placing his hand to where her still heart laid. This simple action in all its innocence and loving intent was the best she could muster when words fled her soft lips.

But he knew what unspoken words her soul wanted so desperately to say as he held her closer to him. She rested her head on his chest as he held her protectively to keep her from being swept away by her emotions. She was his sky and he was her ocean.

Carlisle then gently touches her cheek as he lifts her chin lightly so that her eyes met his.

He then places a kiss on the corner of her mouth as he did on that night on the sidewalk light-years ago. Back when the world still seemed new, steeped in hidden treasures; filled with battles to be fought, lovers to be lost.

And lovers to be found again.

The memory was still fresh in their minds and heart, and as sweet as the first rain of spring as golden eyes meet once again.

They both knew their love would always be this.


And their eternity was only just beginning.

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