Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A

As I wake, a slow satisfied smile comes to my lips I stretch into my body, feeling all my muscles protest a little, reminding me of the wonderful work out my body has just gone through, I giggle, as images from last night fill my mind's eye. Oh... I have an urgent need... To touch my man. Slowly stretching for Christian my eyes shoot open when I realize the bed is empty. Sitting up quickly a flash of panic grabs me... He wouldn't leave would he?... My body calms instantly, as I hear the soothing sound of the piano... Oh I love hearing him play. Lost in his music I sit for a while, hugging my knees, eyes closed, just feeling every note, he plays wonderfully... I need to see him.

Jumping out of bed I grab the sheet, tying it around myself I tiptoe out of the room. Oh hell... I curse, as I pass a wall mirror, bed hair is so not a good look for me. I quickly brush my finger through the wild mess that is my hair, trying to tame it slightly but I'm not having much luck. Oh that will have to do... It's not quite the, I've been dragged through a bush look but still, very close, Kate would be proud. I bite my lip to hide my giggle, Oh what does it matter, it's still fairly dark, if I keep him busy he might not notice. Fueled by my need to see him, I head out of the room and follow the sound of the music.

As I enter the heart of the suite, there he is... Lit only be the last hint of moonlight... He looks magnificent. He is looking out the vast window playing softly, he looks content, peaceful, totally lost in thought, his fingers play blindly a hopeful happy tune, and I'm overwhelmed by him, my heart leaps. I walk towards him slowly drawn to the sound... Drawn to him.

"Good morning beautiful" his voice sings as I approach, he turns to me and my heart melts... He looks so happy, his eyes are bright his face soft, his body totally relaxed.

"Is it morning already?" I can't help my grumble, it's been perfect, "I don't want this night to end" I say quietly, he laughs and steps out from behind the piano in just his shorts. My body and mind instantly responds to the sight of him, I lick my lips and feel my eyes widen... Oh he's adorable... I just want to lose myself with him again. He smiles a wicked smile, oh yes... We're on the same page. He reaches me and swings me up into his arms, he rests his brow to mine.

"Then it won't Ana... It won't" he kisses me slow and soft, his tongue wrestling with mine. While carrying me back into the bedroom, I vaguely hear his phone vibrate on top of the piano, but he pays it no mind, we're lost in our kiss till we reach the bedroom.

He places me on the soft rug in front of the fire, kissing me swiftly. He heads over to the fire adds more logs, stokes it, and we are both caught up watching the flames reignite... Just like my need for him. I can't take my eyes off him, his toned perfect body comes alive in the firelight. I know I'm chewing on my lip and my body is trembling just at the sight and thought of him, he has the same lustful look in his eyes and a small knowing smile plays on his lips... God he's sex on legs.

Our room is just starting to be hit by the sunrise, so Christian walks quickly over to the heavy ornate drapes that cover the two large windows, he unhooks the rope tie backs that are helping them swag, then stands back as the thick heavy drapes fall together, instantly holding off the new day securing our night for a little bit longer. I smile as I see the same lustful glint grow wilder in his eyes. I feel my sheet slowly slip an inch down my chest and his eyes widen slightly... Oh... I like that response... Well... I shift slightly holding his gaze, causing it to drop a little further, allowing just the hint of the top of my breast, his eyes hood and I almost giggle as I see him bite his lip, he shakes his head clear,

"You need to eat first" he states, walking over to the complementary basket, ripping it open and fixing us some food,

"I do?" I question, food hasn't even entered my head yet, I'm thinking about sex... Hot slow burning... His soft seductive voice halts my erotic thoughts,

"Oh yes Anastasia... You need to keep your strength up..." his voice is close to my ear, soft and husky, I never even noticed him move I was so lost in thought... I look at him my eyes needful, he chuckles nodding towards the food, he gently kisses my shoulder, I turn to kiss him, but he shakes his head, "Eat first" he chuckles, he moves away to sit opposite me. No don't go... He shakes his head, trying to hold back his laughter nodding once again to the food...

We're both lying on our sides, propped up on our elbows facing each other, eating from a large platter between us, I'm sucking on a strawberry not even attempting to hide my blatant staring, my eyes are trailing him slowly from head to toe taking him all in. Draped in a sheet that just covers his modesty, he's mouth watering. The shape of his thigh, the toned ripples of his chest, the line of his jaw, the...

"Do you like what you see Miss Steele" he breaths with a single raised eyebrow his mouth in a smirk,

"Oh yes Mr Grey... Your very pleasing on the eye" he chuckles as I suck slowly on my strawberry holding his gaze,

"Oh... Am I now" he chuckles, rolling his eyes,

"Yes... Very" I purr, trying so hard to be seductive,

"You're insatiable" he laughs shaking his head, "Eat" he nods to the platter, I pick up a carrot stick and start to swirl it around in the small pot of humus, even eating reminds me of sex, I feel myself flush,

"Kate said this would happen" Christian's eyebrows rise in question "She said that once I did this, I would make up for lost time and be at it like a rabbit" I feel my flush hit my neck, Christian smiles and extends his hand to chase the heat down my neck with his fingertips, his voice is low,

"What else did Kate say?" he whispers, who... Cares... Just touch me, my eyes slowly close,

"She never said it would be this good" I breathe softly, arching my neck into his touch, God what this man can do, I've had a taste of what he offers and God... I'm ravenous,

"She has obviously never met the right man" his voice is suggestive as his fingers run slowly along my collarbone, "Elliot is spending time with her now, she will have fun" he shifts pushing the platter out of the way, holding my eyes he starts to move closer, slowly,

"You both never went to the same sexpertise finishing school did you? I can't see Kate somehow, being told what she can and can't do" I see a look pass his eyes for just a second, before he chuckles shaking his head,

"No Elliot went to the practice makes perfect academy... So Kate will be more than happy" he leans in closer and I instinctively roll onto my back, he hovers above me holding my eyes reading my reactions, they are all screaming take me now... My breathing is changing, my pulse quickening my insides starting to somersault, my voice is low breathless,

"I saw her yesterday, she was very happy, her walk of shame was so worthwhile... So we both... Touched... Lucky" his nose is tracing my neck now, a small moan escapes me as my whole body arcs off the floor, and I'm finding it very hard to concentrate,

"Lucky you say... Well I'd better not disappoint" God there is no danger of that... His lips reach mine, and the slow sensual battle begins, his tongue is slow, teasing tormenting... My hands reach for him. Slowly my hands run up his back, as I feel and hear his groan, our kiss gets faster harder more intense, I feel his hand on my thigh slowly creeping under the sheet, his fingers are so close... He breaks away breathlessly,

"Christian... Please touch me..." my voice is needful, begging even, I feel his smile against my neck as he nips and kisses his way to my ear,

"Hold that thought" he whispers, and he's gone... My eyes fly open, I want to complain but I'm struck dumb at the glorious sight of him walking across the room, he reaches the bedside draw and takes out a condom, I roll onto my front just ogling him, he smiles, heads over to the small fridge and pulls out a bottle of water, and takes a drink,

"Did you bring those with you? Good job one of us thought ahead, I put some in my bathroom cabinet but they are no help there" he laughs but surprisingly he shakes his head,

"No... I asked for all extras" my eyebrows shoot up, what... "The hotel knows what people do in their rooms Ana... They 'Do Not Disturb' for a reason" his eyes are still hungry as he slowly walks back to me, sitting down he hands me the water, which I gratefully take,

"So you've done this before?" I ask quietly, taking a swig of water to avoid his gaze, I look down suddenly dreading his answer, the thought of him doing this before is painful, he notices and cups my chin bringing my eyes back up to his, he's sincere in his reply, his eyes are soft,

"No Ana... I haven't" good... I feel a lot better now, "I have just stayed in hundreds of hotels all over the world, and they are all the same" he looks sad for a moment, then smiles slowly as his eyes catch fire, "I wanted to bring you here" he leans toward me and pushes my hair behind my ear, fingers soft on my jaw, his eyes grow warmer "I've seen the movies, read the books, I have heard people talk of their dirty weekends locked away in a hotel room... Hidden from the world... I wanted that with you... Before you, I could never..." he runs his thumb slowly over my bottom lip, just staring into my eyes, he looks so... Thankful,

"Why have you never done this with one of your submissives?" Is out of my big mouth before I can stop it, his brow furrow, I don't think he even imagined it,

"I have never even considered it... They had their place and purpose, I never wanted anything more from them" as simple as that, wow... They were just a deal, a transaction, with no personal connection at all to him, but now the seed has been planted,

"So you're not sorry you have missed out on all of this... With so many willing gorgeous women?" I think he feels my worry, and needs to reassure,

"No Ana... Not even for a second" he takes the bottle of water from me, and rolling onto his knees starts to crawl towards me, and I feel him, the power of him, he crawls towards me slowly, stalking me and my body takes over, I roll onto my back as he reaches me, stretching beneath him, my eyes rolling to the back of my head, my voice is breathless,

"This room is a bit tame I suppose... What could you have done in here with them anyway?" I hear and feel his soft drooling voice and I can't help squirming, God he hasn't even touched met yet, I need his touch, his warmth, I need to feel him,

"Oh Ana... I'm sure I could still find a way to... Play" he nuzzles my neck, voice low and deep, sending shivers all through me "You'd be surprised what you can find if you look... Even in a room this... Tame..." he has my earlobe now, nibbling tugging gently, my fingers rake through his hair, my body is crying out for him, I feel my arousal at his words, the heat coursing through me, how can he make one word sound so hot...

"Do you want to... Play... Anastasia?" his voice whispers in my ear, I groan in response, Oh My God... My body is screaming yes, yes, yes... But my head has reservations,

"No pain" I manage to whisper back in-between deep gasping breaths... Oh the anticipation...

"Oh no baby... No pain" he kisses along my jaw, the pull he has over me has me reeling, and I can't help but give in to it,

"Then yes... Please" he groans softly into my ear, then moves to kiss me, hard and fast, he sits up and takes me with him. Our lips are still locked as his hands roam my back, I wrap my arms around him, I feel his hands move, they slowly both move to my sides then mirror each other as they both brush my breasts and pull on the knot of my sheet, I feel the sheet fall brushing my skin and my insides quiver intensely, can you truly orgasm without even being touched? Christian sighs deeply and pulls away,

"God Ana you could so unman me right now" I giggle, I will take that as a yes. To know I have the same effect on him only encourages my need for him, he kisses me softly then stands, he removes his shorts, picks me up and heads for the bed.

Placing me softly in the middle of the bed, he leans in kissing me swiftly then stands straight "Don't move" he whispers, I notice his smile as he watches me take him all in, he has the most amazing body, lean tight toned every muscle defined. I lick and chew my lip openly, not caring my wantonness is written all over me, I want to just drag him back to the bed, but this teasing is such fun.

I watch him slowly start to circle the room, his eyes not leaving mine, his fingers trailing softly across the furniture, "Now lets see what we can find to play with... Shall we" his voice is slow seductive, just like his movements. He passes a large display of flowers, and pulls out a single tight budded soft cream rose, placing it on the bottom of the bed, he smiles his eyes dark smoldering, he pulls open a draw only to find a sleep mask, "Oh yes, this will work" he tosses it to me, where it lands at my feet. Picking it up I hold it in my hands, how could something so small and menial hold so much anticipation? I feel myself squirm, my arousal and need for him out weighing everything else, the way he moves, the slow purr of his voice, all have my body crying out for him.

He heads over to the windows, and takes the curtain tie backs from their hooks, smiling wickedly, he trails the gold rope tassels through his fingers, God what on earth does he plan on doing with those? My body yearns to find out, but I feel myself catch my lip with my teeth, and I can't take my eyes from the rope,

"You ok baby?" my worry must be evident, I look at him eyes wide,

"No whipping" I whisper, he shakes his head and walks towards the bed,

"No baby... But I do want to keep you still... How do you feel about being tied up?" I notice his eyes widen as he runs his tongue over his lip, Oh he likes that thought, and I find myself copying his actions, my eyes are wide, my breathing is deep and I flush as I lick my lips, my body totally doing its own thing,

"That good huh" he chuckles from beside me, he sits on the bed next to me cupping my face, I lean into him craving the slightest touch, he holds my eye,

"We will take this slow Ana... Go at your pace... You are in control... All you have to do is say stop" his voice is comforting full of reassurance, I just nod wide eyed, totally unable to speak. My thoughts are all over the place, the excitement of the unknown sending shivers right through me, he kisses me slowly before I feel his soft words tickle my lips,

"Just lay down baby arms above your head" I feel his hand on my back as his lips kiss me, slowly laying me down, I can't help my moan as my back hits the bed, his kiss deepened for a moment before he pulls away he kisses my brow "I love you Ana" he whispers and I whimper some garbled response which makes him chuckle, he stands and instantly I see a change in him, its only subtle only slight but god its hot...

"I'm not going to tie you properly, as it's our first time, I don't want you to feel any panic or anxiety, so these ropes are perfect" he holds the rope up to demonstrate his meaning, the tie backs are made up in a figure eight pattern, with premade loops, "All I'm going to do, is wrap the rope around the bedpost, and feed your hands and feet through the loops... Okay?" I nod slowly totally transfixed by him, he smiles and sighs heavily as he walks to the head of the four poster bed, "Arms up Ana" I feel my body stretch at his command my hand reaching for him, he wraps the rope around the post and holding the two ends together, feeds my hand through it, "Twist your wrist baby, and take hold of the rope" I do as instructed an instantly my hand is secure "The minute you let go... You're free... Okay?" I nod eagerly the excitement reaching a new peak now,

He kisses me softly and as he does, I gasp as I feel the tassel of the rope tie trail my chest, he smiles against my lips before standing and making his way around the bed, all the while holding my eyes and trailing the tassels over my body, he secures both my feet twisting the ropes first before inserting my foot, "You feel okay baby?" he murmurs, his eyes are alive, his body oozes sex, "God yes Christian" I pant out, he chuckles as he secures my other hand, I'm feeling amazing, my whole body is alive, I feel vulnerable totally exposed but so god damn... Horney, Kates right, there is only one word for it.

Any anxiety or hesitation I might have is soon put aside when I catch his eye, he's at the foot of the bed leaning on the ornate post just looking at me from head to toe, his eyes are dark and hooded his body more that eager, I feel as flush sweep my chest as I imagine what I must look like from that angle and I try in vain to close my thighs.

"Oh no you don't baby... You look absolutely beautiful" he moves to the foot of the bed and climbs on crawling slowly up to me, he straddles my hips leans in to kiss me then whispers,

"You have seen far too much" and he takes the blindfold from the bed and places is over my eyes lifting my head gently and instantly everything changes, my senses are heightened, my body feels more alive. I feel him roll off to the side of me then leave the bed, I hear rustling the sound of a plate on a table then feel the bed dip as he returns, good god just touch me already...

I need to feel his touch, his fingers, his tongue... "Oh Christian..." I feel him come closer and his lips find mine, they tease and torture the moans out of me, god this man is perfect he hasn't laid a finger on me yet and I need to explode, god how could he possibly be meant for me... I feel his voice run up my neck, and my body quivers, I can feel everything building taking over all sense of rhyme and reason...

"Just lay back baby... Enjoy your first taste of play time"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx C

Oh my god she's perfect... Lying like this totally trusting me, totally responsive is a true joy. After everything I have ever done, nothing... Nothing, compares to this... To be able to touch her freely... Feel her need for me... Touches me deep. I have never wanted anyone to trust me more... Than I do right now, I have never needed anyone more, than I need her right now... Oh this is going to be wonderful...

I pick up the rose from the bottom of the bed and lay down beside her, I run my tongue up the side of her neck and smile at her near convulsion, oh this is going to be so good... I get close to her ear so she feels the words as they leave me,

"Now Ana... this is all about touch, I'm only going to touch you... There will be no sex... Unless you beg otherwise" who am I kidding, I couldn't resist her if I tried.

While her whole body is on alert to my voice I trail the rose softly up her thigh, over her stomach up to her neck. The groan that leaves her makes my cock throb, oh to just be buried inside her... Patience...

I trail the rose around and around her breasts being sure not to touch them, "The longer you hold out baby... The better it will be... So control it Ana... Feel it but... Don't give in" She bucks against her restraints and moans deeply, god I need to touch her. I roll over her sitting on my knees between her thighs, I run the rose across her huge pert nipples and nearly give in myself at her response, her body writhes and her arousal is evident, god she's perfect. I slide a finger inside her slowly and gasp and sag at her desperate need, she so god damn wet, her body stills her breathing is shallow and I start to feel her grip my finger, oh no baby not yet, I need you first.

I slide out my finger and suck on it grateful of the taste of her, oh yes I need to feel her, I lean to the bedside table and remove a large strawberry from the plate, I shuffle back slightly and lower myself to run my tongue up the inside of her thigh, at the same time I run the cool soft berry up her other thigh, she moans and tries to draw her knees together. The berry reaches her first an I tease her clit with the tip, her groans are deep needful, god I need her, I push the fruit harder to break the soft skin and as the juices burst and she feels the sensation, my eager tongue reaches her, teasing... Invading... Lapping up the juice from the fruit, I glance up to see her arch her back, her neck, her hand loosens on the rope but she resists and grips it tighter. I send my tongue in deeper. I love the control I have over her every gasp... Her every moan. I pull away and slowly start to run the strawberry over her stomach, my tongue follows lapping up the juices, her hole body sags "Oh Chrisitan please..." she begs, I smile against her soft belly,

"Do you like that baby?" I just swirl and swirl the berry and swirl and swirl my tongue, her body totally lost in sensation,

"God yes" she moans, I see her hand move slightly, no... Not yet, baby hold on just a little longer. I nuzzle into her belly absorbing the taste and smell of her with the fruit, I will never look at a strawberry the same way again.

"What do you want Ana?... What do you need me to do to you Anastasia?" My lips murmur into her soft flesh,

"God... Anything... Everything..." her voice is dripping with her blatant wantonness, I laugh against her belly, god she's adorable... Of all the things I could do to her right now, all I want is to just be close to her,

"I want to make love to you Ana" her body writhes eagerly.

"Oh please" she begs,

Discarding the fruit, I kiss my way up to her breasts and tease her throbbing nipples, her chest is heaving, begging breaths leaving her body, she is so close, sitting up I lean over to the bedside draw, pull out and put on a condom. Still kneeling, I lift her up pulling her hips toward me, and slowly ease my way inside her, she groans deeply as her warmth ensnares me, trailing my fingers all over her chest my cock rides out her bucks and writhes... God she's amazing... Could she really be mine?...

I need to feel her... I want her to touch me, I fall forward and bury my face in her neck, moving slowly I feel her start to build, I see her hands flex, her urge for freedom is close and I so need her to touch me, I feel our climaxes are iminent and lean up to kiss her, as our lips meet, I pull off her blindfold and run my fingers through her hair, her eyes are closed but rolling, I am so close. I need her to touch me "Ana..." I moan against her soft lips. Oh god she's wonderful... Right on cue, I feel her feet twist her legs grip me, her arms shift and her hands are free, fingers pulling my hair softly... Nails trailing patterns down my back... God... She's my everything and more all rolled into one. As our orgasm's hit were lost, both mumbling each others names, clinging to each other for dear life.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A

I am lying on my back, slowly regaining awareness, that was...

"God Ana that was amazing" Christian mutters, he sounds as breathless as I am,

"Your telling me... That was one... No THE most intense experience of my life" I was lost completely, every sense was heightened, every feeling magnified, it was mind blowing,

"Did you have fun?" he snickers, rolling towards me leaning on his elbow trailing his fingers over my stomach,

"Fun... God I think I had an out of body experience" I squirm as I feel something cold hit my hip, after retrieving it, I flush at the crushed strawberry "So that's what it was" I giggle, "You know I will never be able to look at one of these in the same away again"

"I know baby... Right there with you" he laughs shaking his head, a flush to his cheeks and total contentment to his eyes,

"I love you Christian" his mouth claim's mine hot and passionate, he stops, kiss's my brow, then sits up pulling me with him,

"Come on, we need to bathe or were going to get sticky" he stands throws me over his shoulder and we head off to the bathroom.

Lying in the hot scented water, encased in Christians arms is bliss, the lights are off, candles are lit on the surrounding surfaces, bringing our firelight in here with us, were washed, strawberry free and just totally relaxing in each others arms,

"Do you want to go to Vegas?" I hear him softly murmur, his chin rests on my shoulder as his arms tighten around my waist a little more, I snuggle my back further into him, laying my head on his chest, I glance up,

"Never really fancied it, to many slot machines and mad cabaret acts" his face falls slightly as he kisses my temple, I trail my fingers absent-mindedly across the surface bubbles totally content,

"I can't believe neither of us have ever done this before?" I sigh,

"I know Ana... Everything is new for me too. Having an intimate dinner, indulging in vanilla sex, sharing a bath, just chatting and holding you are all first time experiences for me too, this has been perfect for me, you are perfect for me" he kisses me and I feel my brow furrow, I pull away,

"What's vanilla sex?" I ask feeling a little silly, he laughs pulling me closer trailing kisses up my neck,

"No toys... No restraints... No control, what we have done, I've never done that before... Never been so free with my body... So close to anybody before, even playing was different with you Ana" he nips at my ear,

"Why not?... You're very good at it" I bow into him and giggle recalling a very sweet memory,

"Ana... Up till last night I'd never made love... Only ever... Fucked hard... Letting out all my anger and issues... In that one hard powerful act but with you... It touches me Ana... I can't get close enough to you... I feel you every time I touch you... Everything is new and changing because of you... I love you Ana" his face is close to mine rubbing gently,

"I love you to Chrisitan... You have changed my life for the better to" I lay back into his strong arms as he slowly nibbles my ear. I sigh heavily,

"I'd have hated being your submissive" I mumble, I feel him freeze, I turn to face him and kneel before him, "If I was your sub... There would be no touch... I need this Christian" I trail my fingers up his toned stomach to his chest and lay my palm flat, "I need to be close to you... But you have had subservient women for so long... To do with as you please... There must be something you will miss?" I can't help my worry, he chuckles, shaking his head, pulling me into him, so I'm laying on his chest,

"No Ana not at all... There are things I still want to do... But I will miss nothing" oh what would he like to do? I like playing...

"Go on I know you're dying to ask" he giggles, I turn my face to him,

"How on earth did you know that's what I was thinking?" I ask as he laughs,

"Your body is so easy to read Ana" he kisses me and his eyes soften "We will talk when we get home" he pulls me close, Home... Wow...

"Ana, you have been topping from the bottom, since the second I met you... There is no danger of you ever being my submissive" he chuckles softly, what the hell... Is he trying to say my butts too big?... Well in this position it probably is...

"I don't know what that means exactly... But if it's something your subs have never done to you... Then I'm happy... As being compared to them... Would be kind of hard" I squeeze into him,

"Ana there is no comparison... Believe me... No comparison at all..."