As I lay back to rest against Christian's warm muscular chest, his arms comfortingly tighten around me. They circle my waist possessively pulling me closer into him. I feel his warm lips, softly, tenderly, begin to trail kisses down the side of my neck before he rests his chin heavily onto my shoulder. The deep forlorn sigh that leaves his body surprises me, but proves to me, that he's just as upset and reluctant as I am... About finally heading home.

We're curled up on the deck of the boat, enjoying the tranquility of being alone for just a few minutes more, before reality claims us both once again. My head lolls backwards onto Christian's pounding chest as I see the dot of land appear on the horizon in front of us, and I realize sadly, that our two weeks of utter bliss are truly over.

With a heavy heart, my mind begins to recall the perfection of the last two weeks, and it has been perfect, in every possible way and truthfully... I really don't want it to end... I don't want our bubble to burst... Ever.

After a fabulous wedding and an even better wedding night, where we did nothing but talk and make love for hours, we awoke in the hotel very eager to leave. So, after a very quick, very late family breakfast, well, it was more like brunch, we said our goodbyes quickly and made our escape. I don't know who was more keen to flee, me or Christian, but either way, we scarped the first chance we got... Much to everyone else's amusement.

We left the hotel and took the short trip to the nearby airfield, where we jumped into Christian's very impressive helicopter, which funnily enough, he didn't want to fly himself. He said, and I quote, 'I want to be close to you while you experience your first flight' and who was I to argue, I couldn't have sat snuggled up on his lap, taking in all the sights he pointed out to me if he was flying, now could I.

We headed swiftly to where Christian's boat was moored ready and waiting, with just one slight change to Christian's carefully laid out plans, we now had a second boat that was waiting for us to mirror our trip. It's Jason and Gail's honeymoon too, Christian, happily pointed out when questioned. The look of pure joy and appreciation on both of their faces at Christian's generosity, was enough to make my heart explode, and Gail, to of course, shed a few happy tears.

God, my man is utterly perfect.

Memories begin to swirl in a torrent of total bliss as I think of our time on-board this wonderful boat. It has been a thrill from the minute we stepped on board, it surpassed our day trip with Elliot and Kate ten fold. It's been a joyous and wonderful experience from start to this unfortunate finish.

The thing I'll miss the most though, is the freedom that the boat allowed, the two of us just drifting together. Being completely alone with my Husband is something I know is precious, and I want more than anything to cling to that. It's been idyllic, no work, no phones, no people, no noise, no distractions. We just had each other and blue calm, for as far as the eye could see.

Total isolation. Total perfection.

Once, the large untamed ocean scared me, now, it's so comforting and a part of me. Learning to sail has just been an added bonus, and we are definitely going to be doing this on a regular basis, now that I've found my sea legs.

I smile to myself as I think of the past two weeks, and my time with Mac and Christian. They have been great with me, very patient and supportive, handling my naivety of all things nautical well. Christian and Mac, have a great rapport with each other, they both have a true love for the ocean running through their veins, so our days on-board were easy and carefree as we enjoyed the boat on the open water.

We've had a lot of fun and seeing Christian so relaxed has been heartwarming, and just what he needed. What we both needed. The stress, dark circles and haggardness of our time before the wedding, is totally erased from his face now, his eyes are bright, his skin is gloriously Sun kissed and his demeanor is calm and rested. The man I fell in love with is back.

Mac, was only with us while the boat was moving, when it anchored he vacated to the other boat, and once I realized that... Well... We stopped a lot. I smile at the images that appear behind my now closed eyes and I feel Christian kiss the top of my head and hold me just that little bit tighter, I think he's also reminiscing. My smile widens as my brain continues to recall my wonderful honeymoon with a man, who, to me, couldn't be more perfect.

Our nights on bored The Grace, were undoubtedly the best, forget the nights we spent in fancy five star hotels up and down the coast, that, if I'm honest, I still feel a little out of place staying in. What could possibly beat lazy nights on board, filled with moonlight skinny dipping and making love in the water. I hide my giggle as I bite my lip, as I contemplate once again how perfect my man is, because I will never know how he managed not to sink and drown us both, with me clinging onto him like a barnacle.

We have shared and enjoyed lots of alone time on this boat, it's been perfect, we have gotten so much closer. We have really talked, opened up to each other and grew as people I think. We have promised to be honest with each other, as neither of us, ever wants to go through what we went through just a short time ago, ever again.

During our alone time, there's been sex, lots and lots of sex. Anywhere and everywhere. After stress filled days of being apart, we made up for it... We both did.

I have deliciously discovered that Christian, loves me to initiate sex. The first time that I discretely asked Mac, to anchor and vacate the boat while Christian was napping and I woke my husband up by crawling all over him, was amazing, Christian couldn't get enough. So as I've said, the boat stopped... A lot.

I hide my deep melancholy sigh and the wave of horniness that washes over me, and just allow my mind to drift once again. Sex... Sex with my husband... Oh... The sex just gets better and better every time. I don't know how that is even truly possible, but it is, and one night in particular will stay with me forever.

We were sleeping, wrapped up in each others arms and were suddenly thrown about and woken up. The rough sea and heavy rain were truly terrifying. The boat felt to fragile and uncontrollable in the vast untamed waters, and I panicked... Just a tad. The thought of not being on something solid during such a violent storm, really scared me, but Christian just wrapped me up in his warm, safe arms, and began whispering calming loving words into my ear. He slowly made love to me, which instantly calmed and distracting me.

I fell asleep safe and sated, and awoke to calm blue seas and open gray eyes, that where promising to protect me for forever. Without him so much as having to utter one single word I knew, I could see it. The love I feel radiating from him, consumes and burns my heart, I feel him so deeply. I never want to lose him, or be without him... And I won't.

Our love has grown, it's deepened within us both and I can't wait to start my new life with him. Half of me, can't wait to experience life as the new, Mrs Christian Grey, but the other half, just wants to hide between the waves of total isolation on this ocean for ever, but I know that we can't do that. We need to go home.

Christian is more eager than I to hit land, he has plans to bring forth the downfall of the man I don't want to think about, because honeymoon or not, I know that Christian, Kate, Taylor, Luke and Welch have all been working towards the destruction of one, Mr Samuel Clifton.

Christian already has a few things in place to topple Clifton. He has found help in the most unlikely-est of places. Or so he has hinted, I don't really want to know all of the details, the less I have to think about that man, the better. I will leave his demise in the more than capable hands, of my Husband.

Samuel Clifton, has certainly lived up to his ruthless and unscrupulous reputation, he has hurt and disregarded a lot of people. So Christian is confident that if all things go to plan, Clifton, like Gia Matteo, will have and be, nothing.

Kate has been in touch with Taylor, over the course of the past two weeks. She took great delight in informing us, that thanks to her expose, Gia, is no longer on the west coast. The last thing she heard, Gia, was trying her hand in New York, but Christian has fingers in far and wide pies. Christian, has a lot influence in New York, according to Kate, so I don't hold out much hope for Gia, and I must admit, that does put a smile on my face.

Kate's article, flamed Gia good, no one will touch her now, after she was exposed in more ways than one her reputation took a beating. Being plastered all over the newspapers and the internet, in just your underwear, on your hands and knees with someones foot up your behind, is an image that a lot of people have found hard to forget. The reasons behind those photo's have shocked a lot of very influential, very important people, so her phone soon stopped ringing.

So once again, my wonderful friend Kate, has done me proud. I love her like a true sister and hope that she and Elliot will end up just as happy as Christian and I, she deserves it, they both do, Elliot is wonderful and perfect for her, she...

"Are you ready... Mrs Grey" Christian whispers lovingly into my neck, bringing me out of my musings. I smile, as I snuggle against him.

"You bet Mr Grey" I reply, before taking a deep intake of breath. Christian's arms tighten once again around me.

"What's the matter baby?" Christian asks, while turning me in his arms to face him. He reads me so well.

"I just don't want to go home yet, I know it's selfish of me, but I want to stay out here forever with you" I confess with a sad smile. Christian kisses my brow and pulls me into his chest,

"I know baby, I've loved every minute of it too, but don't worry, we can come back out here anytime you wish" he holds me close as I nod against him. "It's been amazing Ana, I have felt so free, so safe, so wonderfully lost with you over the past two weeks, and I don't know if it's possible to get closer to someone the more time you spend with them, but I feel so connected to you Ana, I can't wait to be with you everyday of forever" he kisses me tenderly and pulls me up to my feet, "Come on Mrs Grey, lets go home".

I smile brightly and nod eagerly and cast a glance out across the open water just once more, before the familiar sight of the SUV's and security team, ensnares me and drag us home.

I cling to Christian's hand tightly, as we step off the boat and take our first joint step into the unknown. Our new life together starts here and at that thought, my heart pounds and the feeling of euphoria I feel makes my head swim.

I mutter a silent prayer, thanking everyone that I know, for having a hand in giving me the man who I never realized, was a part of me that was always missing. For giving me a life with him that I would never change for anything, no matter what happens, no matter what life throws at us, we will always be together, we will always have each other.

So with a determined step forward, I head into my new life with my husband, the man I love and will always love...

Until the day life ends, and separates us.



Six Months Later


As I head into the vast ornate lobby of The Clifton hotel, I feel my palms get clammy as they begin to sweat. I know that my heart is hammering a million beats a minute, I can feel it pounding and vibrating in my ears. Frightful images and nauseating feelings from the last time I was in this building flood through me, but with a deep, calming breath I take strength from knowing, that this time, I'm flanked on either side by the ever faithful, Jason and Luke.

I stride purposefully through the vast reception area with my head held high, keeping in mind Luke's teachings about keeping calm, and maintaining full control. I nod politely to the concierge and loitering security guards, but ignore the wide eyed stares from of the oblivious receptionists and bell staff, as I continue on my quest.

The heels, that match my dark Grey power suit, click authoritatively across the marble floor as I storm straight towards Sam Clifton's office. As I near the door that I have entered once before, I swallow nervously.

I push back the surge of revulsion and urge to run that I instantly feel, knowing that I'm going to have to face him again. I quickly glance left and right, and with equal looks of encouragement from both Jason and Luke, I square my shoulders back, lift my chin and head straight into Clifton's office without so much as knocking. Before I have even fully entered I can smell his pungent, vile cologne, my head begins to swim as I swallow down the bile.

The man who makes my skin crawl just thinking about him, is sitting at his desk, elbow deep in paperwork. His eyes shoot up at my uninvited intrusion. I breathe deeply and focus.

"What the fuck" I hear him curse as he stands up abruptly, his chair wheeling swiftly away and hitting the wall behind him. Quickly his angry, defensive posture softens as his eyes widen excitedly in instant recognition, he sneers as he meets my eye.

"Ana" his voice drawls slowly, his voice dripping my name.

As the shiver of revulsion runs up my spine, I clench my fist and my thumb rubs my wedding ring comfortingly, with the strength it provides my tones matches his.

"That's Mrs, Christian Grey to you" I state proudly and his eyebrow cocks as he huffs. I notice the shift in him as he suddenly freezes and his face shows fear, once he sees and registers who's with me.

"So it's true... He married you, " he sneers, I hold my tongue as I hold his glare, "Can't say I'm surprised, you are a pretty... Little thing," he drawls once again, before trailing his eyes slowly, from my head to my feet.

At the memory of the last time I saw that look in his eye and heard those words, my stomach wants to heave. As he licks his bottom lip I hear Luke almost growl and Clifton is quickly brought out of his repulsive leer, and obvious reminisce.

"What do you want?" he snaps, trying to regain his composure. "Barging in here, like you own the fuckin place". His eyes are cold, and they match his tone, his body language screams anger and frustration, even though he's trying to hide it. I'm suddenly very thankful, that there is a large desk between us and two very burly protective men at my heels. Clifton has seen all my best moves, I don't think I'd be so lucky against him... A second time.

I swallow, breath deeply and look up at him squarely, "I want your slimy butt... Out of my hotel... That's what I want" I tell him calmly, an uncontrollable small smile playing on my lips.

His brow furrows as his eyes burn, I notice his fists clench, but with my back up, he quickly and begrudgingly holds his temper and sits himself back down, with an arrogant sneer he glares at all three of us.

"What the..." he attempts to ask, but I cut him off,

"You're sitting in my seat" I state simply with wide eyes and an innocent tilt of my head. His face contorts with anger and he shifts in his seat once again, but before he can even start to rant, I make my move.

Heading confidently over to his desk, I pointedly lay down my briefcase. A wedding present from Christian, it matches my Grey portfolio case, my initials, now fully embossed on it proudly. Clicking it open with a resounding snap, I pull out a heavy vanilla file. Tossing the file onto his desk with a loud slap in the face thud, I smile sweetly,

"As of 11 AM today" I almost sing at him, "This hotel... And your four others, all belong to me" I watch him closely, fascinated and feeling slightly smug as my words sink in.

His face shows everything he's thinking and feeling, and I'm unable to hide my smirk as his eyebrows shoot up in frustrated disbelief. My smirk turns into a full blown smile as I see the fire blaze in his eyes. He so wants to yell and intimidate me, but thinks better of it. I'm not so vulnerable now that I'm not alone. His mouth opens as his brow creases thickly.

"So," I state, before he can utter a single word, "Get your sleazy carcass out of my hotel... Or I will have my friends here," I gesture with a sweep of both my wrists to my boys, "Remove you" right on cue, Jason and Luke both step forward. God, I love these guys. Clifton's eyes scrunch up, along with his fists.

I watch, just able to contain my bubbling chuckles as Clifton stands up urgently, his mouth opens along with his eyes but he seems at a loss for words. He looks between the three of us, obviously shaken and at odds with what to do or say, so I add to his discomfort,

"I recall, you have already met my friend Luke" I utter with a smile, his eyes dart to his left to rest on Luke, and as he swallows nervously I giggle unhindered, which funnily enough, only seems to annoy him,

"Now hold on one fucking minute, you can't just bounce in here with your lackey's and expect..." he growls,

"Yes, I can and I have" I snap loudly over him, all traces of humor gone now as my posture and attitude harden. His eyes meet mine challengingly, and pay back is a bitch. Widening my eyes knowingly, I hold his glare,

"Your Grandmother" is all I whisper softly, and he freezes. I smile smugly, now I have his full attention. I see the realization hit home as his cold eyes glaze over, his shoulders slump as he gains full understanding. I continue eagerly, "Your grandmother, who is the rightful owner of The Clifton hotel chain, sold them all to me, lock... Stock... And barrel, all the paperwork was finalized today, so you" I snip with a sneer of my own, "Need to.." Clifton jumps to his feet his eyes ablaze,

"You can't, " he almost screams into my face, his fists clenching and slamming heavily into the desk in front of me.

I instinctively step back and see in my peripheral vision, Jason and Luke both simultaneously step forward. I shake my head minutely to call off my dogs and bravado fueled once again, I step forward. Placing my hands flat on his desk on either side of my briefcase, I lean into him slowly and smile.

"I can... And I have" I tell him calmly, enjoying the sight of the flustered, angry man, that's slowly falling apart before me.

A vision of him on the floor, holding his throbbing groin, flashes before my eyes and instead of the fear, that usually accompanies such thoughts an visions of him, I now feel free and pity this asshole, because truthfully, he's fucked.

"My Grandmother... She wouldn't... She can't... She, " he mutters to himself while looking down at the file on the desk, the file that holds everything that has destroyed him, "You don't even know where she is" he states, I roll my eyes at his desperation,

"Maybe... If you had treated her with the respect and love she deserves... Instead of locking her away and throwing away the key" my face can't hide the disgust I feel, at what that woman has gone through because of him, "Then maybe... She wouldn't have gazumpt you," I tell him truthfully, adding a small, nonchalant shrug, "She's a lovely lady, who, after spending time with, I now consider a friend and she doesn't deserve the life you've given her, hard to think that you have any of her DNA" Clifton suddenly straightens, he knows its over, and there is nothing he can do. I also stand and as I brush invisible lint from my immaculately presses pencil skirt, I bite my lip to hide my smile.

Welch began digging, and boy did he dig. He found out easily that Clifton's parents had died when he was a teenager, and that he was raised by his grandparents. When his Grandfather died about ten years ago, his assets, shares and everything else he had hidden under the bed, was past automatically over to his wife. So, she has the controlling stock of the chain.

Full control of the chain would have gone to Clifton, once he turned forty, or on the death of his Grandmother as stipulated in his Grandfathers will. He has stocks and shares of his own for other company's, and asset from his parents, but he got greedy and couldn't wait that long, as Welch's investigation found out.

Clifton, decided to take what he wanted and without any remorse what so ever, began to interfere with his Grandmothers medication. She became confused and a little volatile, so he used his money and position to commit an old lady. With Christian, Grace and John's connections, it was no big feat proving she was of sound mind and getting her released from that horrid place.

A few weeks off the standed, lets put them to sleep meds, and sessions with John, she was her fully compus mentus self. After meeting and spending time with her, we grew fond of each other. She was eager to help us and be free of her Grandson. He broke her heart, she truly loved him like a son... But she hasn't seen him in six years. She can't forgive him for what he's done, and believes he doesn't deserve the life he stole.

The poor woman was so confused, lost and lonely for years, but not anymore. Christian, is in the process of moving her to England. She has a few remaining family members there and was eager to go. To spend her remaining years away from all this heartbreak here, came as a blessing. Christian has also promised her the penthouse, of the London Clifton hotel that he plans to have built, but I don't think that swayed her at all.

"Fuck" Clifton growls tugging at his hair and pulling me from my musings. I can't help my wide grin,

"Exactly" I giggle, "So get the FUCK... Out of my hotel," I growl with a glare, all fear receding as he shrinks before me. Oh... Christian would be so proud. I can see his anger and resentment begin to rise once again, as do my two wing men.

"I believe Mrs Grey... Has asked you to vacate the premises... Do you need any help?" Taylor utters menacingly, he steps forward rolling his shoulders, clearly eager to get his hands dirty,

"No... No, I.." Clifton stutters, much to my amusement, his wide eyes bouncing between my two heroes.

Reluctantly, he pulls his suit jacket from the back of his chair and begins to feed his arms through the sleeves slowly. His face is twisted in thought, he's still obviously unsure about what the fuck has gone on, and how, and if, he can wangle his way out of this. I can't help but tap my foot in fake annoyance as I cross my arms and I notice Luke's small smile, he knows I'm in the zone, the zone that he is responsible for.

"Oh, get the fuck out" I growl, faking impatience as he starts to open and rifle through his desk drawers. His eyes rise to mine, "Leave all your crap, I will forward it all on to you, " I tell him as Luke snorts over my right shoulder, as he knows exactly, what his new address is gonna be.

I smile along with him as I majestically sweep my two arms inwards, giving permission to my boys, to have some fun. I chuckle, as Luke and Jason step forward and eagerly each take an arm. They seriously man handle him around his, my desk, and start to drag him towards the door.

"You can't do this, I need to speak to my Grandmother, I need to speak to my lawyer" Clifton pathetically begs, while being roughly shuffled about,

"Neither, will be of any use to you" I state simply, "You have no way out of this, my husband, has made sure of it, " he scowls over at me, "He says 'hi' by the way" I add flippantly and his face contorts angrily. Jason and Luke, carry on towards the door as his anger mounts, I hear but ignore his cursed ramblings.

"Oh, Mr Clifton" I chirp, just before he reaches the door. He turns and glares right at me with hate filled eyes, "I may not know all of the nitty gritty, that was involved with all of this" I gesture to the file on the desk, "But I do know my husband... And he will have dotted every I... And crossed every T... To make this happen, so believe me when I say... There is nothing you... Or your lawyers, can do to change this" his face flames fiercely,

"We'll see, " he growls, almost spitting,

"Do your worst" I challenge, "But don't think for one minute, that this..." I wave around the room indicating the hotel, "Is all that my husband and I have done to you, you will lose everything... Once we've finished" his eye widen at my threats. I step closer, "You've had a taste of what my husband can do to you... Now it's my turn" I whisper, and I can feel the excited twinkle in my eye.

Confusion and fear flood his face and with all his skeletons and dodgy dealings, he should be afraid. As I step closer to him, Jason and Luke's grip tightens on him. I notice that he attempts to cross his legs defensively as I get closer to him, I roll my eyes as he obviously remembers how we parted company last time.

"I see you remember the last time we met" I sneer with a disgusted huff, and I see a flash of something cross his eyes before it disappears, and it sickens me. Oh, he remembers alright. I step closer still and he attempts to double up and brace himself.

"Oh, don't worry, your jewels are safe... From me anyway" I tell him with a chuckle,

"What the fuck are you.." he screams, his voice full of frustration, I lift a hand and he stops,

"The last time we met... You had the nerve to think you could touch me, you treated me like a piece of meat to be toyed with, me and so many others, " he scoffs with a smirk, but I see the flash in his eyes again, and it's excitement I think. I'm so going to enjoy wiping that smirk off his face.

I get in his face further, my eyes blazing with hate, "You had no right to touch me... Or anyone else for that matter and I... And seven other women violated by you, are going to make sure you don't ever get the chance to take advantage again"

"What the fuck can you do? Any of you, you all wanted it, it was a bit of fun, " he states, and I think this mad fucker actually believes that. I can't help my eyes widening at his statement or his blase attitude. "Everyone knows, that's how you get on in this city" I scoff at his audacity,

"Keep that in mind, Mr Clifton, when you're sharing a cell with a tattooed beast named Butch... And he wants to, get... On" his eyes widen in fear just before his brow furrows in confusion. "The police are waiting outside for you" I hint playfully,

"What? Why?" he demands,

"Why?... Well, let me think, they want to discuss your Grandmother obviously, and also" I can't help my growing smug smile, "I made a statement to the police... To have you arrested on sexual assault charges" his face hardens at my confession,

"They can't prove anything, it's your word against mine, you had no lackey's with you when you tried to seduce me, " he snarls, "No one will believe you, you slept your way into the Grey fortune, your bitter, causing trouble, just because I didn't fall for your charms, you can't prove anything" he yells, struggling against my burly guys. This guy is off his head, he deserves all he's gonna get, he doesn't realize for a minute the damage he caused to some of these women, and that what he did was wrong, on so many levels.

"That's where your wrong" I growl, "I have the original CCTV footage of our encounter" I tell him and his eyes widen, "And... I have all the other footage... You hide among your personnel files" his eyes widen further, "Yes, you know which footage I mean" his face falls, resigned now. I haven't seen the tapes of his time with other victims, and don't want to, but Jason and Christian are in no doubt whatsoever, that he won't escape going to jail. I glare at him with hate, for all the women he destroyed. "You enjoy watching your... Fun... Don't you? And that's your downfall, because no judge in the land will view what's on those tapes and see... Fun" I step away from him, satisfied I've put him in his place.

"How.." he mumbles shaking his head.

"There is nothing, nothing, that my husband can't do when he puts his mind to it, you were a fool to disregard him... You were a fool to even dare to touch... What is his and only his, so..."

"Fuck... Grey" he snarls, looking absolutely livid,

"I do, frequently" I gloat as I chuckle, and that's it, Clifton's restraint has fallen, he can't contain it any longer. He starts to flay about and struggle, which is futile, all he can muster is curses ringing around the room.

"You fucking bitch, " he screams. Jason and Luke, drag him out the door now that it's got to the name calling bit, but I have to have just one more kick,

"Oh, Mr Clifton" I call pleasantly, he turns to me with fire in his eyes, and a curse on his lips,

"There is also an agent for the IRS waiting for you in reception" his face falls, every base is covered and he knows it. "Good day, Mr Clinton... I'd say it's been a pleasure but... Oh no... Do you know what, this has been kind of... Fun" I cock my eyebrow and lock eyes with him. He knows, he knows that he can never hurt me or anyone else again, and also that he has nothing. He is totally fucked.

"Get him out of here guys" I sing, as I turn my back to him and head for his desk.

"With pleasure Ana" Jason replies cheerfully. I turn towards the door when I hear a loud bump, and Clifton is on his knees. Luke winks at me proudly, as he drags Clifton up so he's standing once again, and he's unable to hide his grin. I smile brightly back at him with a small curtsy, gladly accepting his praise. As I watch Clifton being dragged down the hall, I laugh loudly as he accidentally, on purpose, hits the wall once or twice... Or maybe three times.

Letting out a deep, relieved sigh, I flop down in my new office chair. I start to giggle with relief and satisfaction and have a sudden impulse. Spinning childishly around and around in my chair, I squeal excitedly. Then I suddenly freeze as it hits me... The reality of all of this... I now have five hotels... Holy crap.

I contemplate how my life is gonna change, then I realize how it already has changed over the last six months. It's been so scary, but I wouldn't chance a thing.

Christian has explained to me, that I can do as much, or as little, as I like with these hotels. That's rather comforting really, considering I know nothing about running a hotel, never mind five of them. But there is one thing I do know, when this place is getting renovated from top to bottom, another wedding gift from Christian, just how may times is he gonna use that card?, I will definitely be getting my hands dirty. I lay back in the chair, swing my legs over the arm rest and stare blindly out of the window as I reminisce further.

It seems like a lifetime ago, when I was full of eagerness to change this place with Gia. So much has changed and happened since then. And even though, that was a rough part of my life, I think we both needed to go through it, to set and firmly solidify our love for each other. Our time apart due to Gia's interference, proved to us both, what we do and do not want. So I have to thank her for her spite, it got me my man and I wouldn't change a thing about him, or our life together.

I love my Husband more and more, with each passing day, hour, minute. I can't bare to be without him for even short periods of time, and nor him. As he now has a second desk in his office at Grey House, just for me. I do spend quite a bit of time there, doing quotes, invoices and designs, as I still like to run up and down ladders whenever I get the chance.

Things are slightly different now, though, I have a staff. I have a Joey, as Kate, so aptly named my young go-to guy. I also have an assistant to do the heavy work, as Christian pointed out, I shouldn't be hauling ladders and heavy tins of paint about, but it's just an excuse, as I'm sure Tom knows Taylor.

He's reminds me of him, as he's very watchful and alert, and talks into his sleeve a hell of a lot, but I can't really fault the guy. He is pretty good with a roller. If it makes Christian happy knowing that I'm safe and gives me the chance to get a little paint under my fingernails, then it's a small price to pay, and the company is nice, even though he doesn't really say much. But ill worm him round.

I feel closer to Christian now, than I ever thought possible. Each and every side of him. The hot, angry CEO, that I've caught glimpses of while drooling at my desk, still sends shivers up my spine.

The caring, gentle, pleasure giving god, still has me squirming with a single breath and fleeting touch.

But it's the Dom in my man, the Dom that leaks into our playtime now and again, that is the most enthralling.

Our time in the playroom is a lot more adventurous now, no pain, never pain, just a lot of fun. That splash of a different colour made all the difference, and a good clear out of course. Christian still, and always will, want me to move freely while we play. He can only go so long when I'm restrained without my touch, and it's amazing how fragile lace cuffs can be, when he's begging for my touch. I let out a heavy, contented sigh as my mind wanders to our nights.

When were in our bedroom, finally together and alone every night, that is when I know real love. True, slow, burning, all consuming love. A love that Christian yearns to give, a love he deserves to give... And receive.

When we're together, lost within each other, he needs to reach every bit of me, mind, body and soul. He needs every part of me, as I do him, and it's like sleeping with two very different people, so there is no chance... That I'm ever gonna get bored.

I never could, I see the different facets, different shades of Christian, every single day. He's evolving, turning confidently into a wonderful giving and loving man, as he deserves to and no one has seen that more than Grace.

Christian, is so much more confident with his family now, more open, especially with his Mom. All the skeletons are out of the closet and all out in the open, there is no more to hide. They can finally be honest and talk freely with each other, and begin to understand what really happened over the years.

I'm still not sure now much Carrick actually knows, but he knows enough to understand, and agree with his wife, about loving and supporting his son. And of course, keeping she, who shan't be named, on the other side of the country. So long to bad rubbish, is all I can say.

With a silly chuckle, I can't help think, that Christian really needs to sell his New York apartment. With Gia and Elena, prancing around in New York, doing god only knows what, maybe a ranch in Montana is a safer bet. Plus, Christian loves to ride, I giggle, cause boy does he like to ride, but without going off in a blissful tangent, I recall stories, of how Christian and Elliot rode horses as small boys. So I think Christian could be easily swayed.

Christian and Elliot, and their newly developed relationship, now that's a thought that makes me smile. Elliot, is such a great guy and can't help but bring out the yearnful hidden child in Christian. Christian had no experience of hanging with the guys, play fighting or one on one sports, and he revels in it now. He had hoops installed in the gym and I've caught him and Taylor many a time, battling one on one. There can be a lot of testosterone with their competitiveness, but Christian never comes close to loosing his temper. I think he genuinely loves just being one of the guys.

Christian has surprised me with his urge to nest, he wants to be closer to his family, be involved with them more. Christian wants us to move from Escala, he wants to move us into a proper family home. He wasn't kidding, when he said he'd buy me a house to keep me busy, he's showed me afew on the sound, and I must admit, I am very tempted.

He's slowly winning me around with visions and wistful dreams, filled with family BBQs and impulsive movie nights. And Kate and Elliot are all for it, as well as the rest of the family, and you know what, so am I. I couldn't think of anything more perfect. I think I'll put him out of his misery, soon.

Kate and Elliot are doing well, their relationship has flourished despite their characters. They're very much alike and it works for them, they now live together. Happily. Elliot never officially moved in, I don't think, he just never went home after they got back from Vegas, it was that easy for them. Neither one of them will openly admit it, despite the love they share, but they truly would be lost without each other.

Elliot actually proposed to Kate while in Vegas, on the night of our wedding. As they enjoyed the spoils of the prepared marriage bed of our supposed suite, they got a little carried away. In the morning, they both pretended it never happened, even though they both more than wish, that they had of said something at the time.

Kate talks openly to me, and Elliot now talks to Christian and of course, we talk to each other. We're never gonna make the mistake of not doing that again. So between us, we get all the juicy gossip.

So it's our time now, to know all the details and hold all the cards. As a thank you to them both, Christian wants to surprise them with an intimate wedding at his parents house, he has it all planned out in his head. But I know Kate, and she would want the whole shebang, Kate doesn't do quiet, sedate, and picturesque. So who knows how that will turn out, as they aren't even engaged yet, and never will be if they keep avoiding the subject. Maybe Christian should lend them the boat, that would certainly allow the romance to flow. I'll have to plant the seed.

Then there is Mia. Oh... Mia, Mia, Mia. I smile fondly at the thought of the sweet girl who is now my Sister in law. The hurricane, that got me where I am today. The tornado, that stirred up more than a few hearts. Including her own.

Surprisingly, she's calmed down, calmed down a hell of a lot, since she's been with Jose. We've all seen the change in her and even Kate, can now tolerate being around her. Well, unless we suggest going shopping, Kate still insists that her only taste is in her mouth. But in true Mia fashion, she is in Paris at the moment, fashion week of course.

Jose is working while he is out there with her, he has done really well for himself. He's been inundated with offers of work and private commissions, since our wonderful wedding shots hit the press. He can pick and choose where and when he works now, so could easily follow Mia to virtually the other side of the world. I think it's serious between them though, definitely love, and it must be, as I've heard a rumor, that she is already talking wedding gowns with Grace. So another marriage could soon be on the cards. Speaking of which.

Christian wants us to have another wedding, one where he isn't hungover, feeling like crap and begging for forgiveness, his interpretation, not mine. I won't entertain the thought of another wedding, I love how we got together and got married.

I will never forget the look on Christian's face as he stepped out of the car, so I don't want that memory replaced. Ever. So, as a compromise, I have agreed to renew our wedding vows on our tenth anniversary. That seems to have appeased and calmed him for now and put a smile on his face, I personally think he's just reveling in the confirmation, and reassurance that we will still be together in ten years time, as if we wouldn't.

But no matter how calm, patient, and loving Christian can be now, he is still a little unsure of himself deep down. I see snippets of his guarded insecurities slip through now and again, when he's unsure of how to react in a new situation, or at a loss at what to say when meeting someone new. But I'm slowly knocking it out of him, along with his new awakened family. The words, 'I love you.' are now used freely between them all, and hugging has become second nature almost.

So, who knows, one day he might finally be free of all his demons, and learn to finally open up and love completely because he can. He can love so fiercely when he lets his guard down, I've seen it, I do see it, I live it every day. And secretly, I'm glad that I'm the only one who can.

I hear a soft cough from the doorway, and my eyes rise to the light of my life. I smile lazily and stretch, pulling out all the kinks from lolling in this chair.

"You... Look so good, laid out in that chair" Christian drools, looking as sexy as hell as he just leans in the doorway. I smile mischievously, as I notice his gaze sweep over me from head to toe. Oh, my man has fire in his eyes.

"And you... As always... Look so good in that suit" I purr, then sweep my tongue slowly across my top lip. My heart pounds, then explodes, at the love in his eyes and the beast that's growing in his pants.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx C

God, I love it when she's all flushed and riled up, I wonder if she'd let me fuck her over that desk? And fucking it would be. Revenge fucking. Hot, fueled, sweaty and loud. Then afterwards, we can take the desk out the back and set fire to it.

Despite the fact that I'm rock hard and just want to slam into her, I fight myself for inner control. I'm eager to find out how she really is, how she feels after being with that fucker Clifton. She seemed and seems ok, but I need clarification. I'm not sure if I should mention I saw her... Watched her... I had too.

I hid in the locked SUV, terrified, anxious and obsessed with watching every second of her confrontation with him on my laptop, while discretely hooked into the hotel's surveillance. I didn't trust myself to be in the building... In case I killed the fucker.

I so wanna get my hands on him, personally rip him apart... But I can't. Destroying him feels good, but first hand physical contact... Well that would feel a whole lot better. I saw as they left the building that Taylor and Sawyer, let their feelings be known, so that has to be enough for me... For now.

I knew my baby could handle it, could handle herself. After what Clifton did to her, how he scared her and dared to treat her, she deserved to be the one to give him pay back. Escorted by security, I could afford to be generous and let her loose. Despite my anxiety, she did me more than proud.

Sudden images flood my brain, pictures of Ana confronting him being all confident and sexy, and they are far too arousing and distracting to ignore. Despite the worry I feel for my wife, my inner strength falls... I think my cock's gonna win.

As the afternoon sun suddenly pools through the large window, Ana is caught up in its rays. Her mahogany hair shines and her skin glows and God, that blue blouse really brings out the colour of her eyes. I just want to strip her naked and allow the sunlight to caress her entire naked form... As I bang into her from behind.

"What are you smirking at?" Ana asks, rising from her chair. She smiles knowingly, her eyes all wanton and heavy. Ana starts to remove her jacket, peeling it slowly from her body while never taking her eyes from mine.

"I just had a very pleasant vision of you" I tease, and I feel my cock dig into my zip as she lays her jacket down and brushes her hands slowly down the front of her skirt.

"Did you now?" Ana utters softly, and there's that tongue again.

It's tormenting me slowly as it glistens and sweeps her bottom lip. How is anyone supposed to ignore such teasing?. As Ana reads my reaction and fights her giggles, I roll my eyes. Oh, my wife knows exactly what she's doing.

Ana walks slowly to the front of the desk. With a sexy little smile she hops up and perches herself up onto it, then slowly crosses her stocking clad legs. Her leg starts to swing as she places her hands at her sides on the desk. Leaning back onto her elbows her chest pushes forward and as the silk blouse stretches over her, I can easily make out her hard erect nipples. I lick my lips and breath deeply through my nose at the sight of how great her chest looks, and I want to just rip that blouse clean off of her and watch the buttons scatter.

"Yes I did" I whisper, transfixed once again by her swinging shapely legs in those fuck me heels. I fight the urge to just storm towards her.

"Care to share?" she asks, crossing and re-crossing her legs. Her eyes trawl me from head to toe, then linger at my crotch and I feel the burn from her gaze. Oh, my bunny wants to bounce. I chuckle quietly, so glad we're on the same page.

"No, " I tease with a lift of my eyebrow.

She will have to work harder than that, and I want her to. Just knowing that she loves me enough to take what she wants from me, when she wants it, gets me raging hard every single time. In silent understanding, Ana plays her trump card.

"Well... If it involves me, being bent over this desk while screaming your name, then I suggest you come in... Lock that door... And get your kit off, " her voice purrs as her eyes hood, and as she bites her lip and flushes, that's it, I'm gone, that's all I need to feel and succumb to this temptress that has my heart.

"You don't have to ask me twice" I breath, and my tie is half way over my head before I've even locked the door.

As I pound into her soft warm pussy from behind, I revel at the sight of her white knuckles gripping the desk. Ana's breathing is slow, deep and heavy, her words almost incoherent as she pushes back against me, eagerly matching my heavy thrusts.

"Yes... Again baby" I growl as I clench her hips and pull her into me, hard. Ana once again moans my name as she bucks forward onto her elbows and boy, I never want this to end. What I have with Ana is priceless, I would give up everything for her in a single heartbeat.

I need her, I can't be without her, she completes me. These past six months as her husband, have made my whole shitty worthless life, have some type of meaning. Before her, despite all the success, money and material things, I had nothing, nothing that truly mattered anyway.

Ana, has shown me, that I have true meaning to my life now, genuine heart clenching reasons to live. I have a wife who loves me, who I love in return. A wife I must cherish, protect and care for. Forever. And more than anything... I want to.

The past six months being married, have been a wonderful, thrilling adventure. My entire life has changed, for the better, to accommodate the other half of me. From the moment she married me, every second has been engraved on my heart. Every second with her has been unforgettable.

Our honeymoon is a part of me that I will never forget. Ana and the boat go hand in hand now, we escape often and it's amazing how much free time you can find to flee, when you own the company.

I can't wait to get her back up in the air though, she loved that, she wants to try it solo, but she hasn't a hope in hell, but I'm so proud of her. Ana is totally perfect, perfect for me in every single way, she fell into my life, literally, loving each and every part of it. And I still find that so hard to believe.

My heart beats for my wife, it's a comforting beat, a beat that allows me peace, patience and undisturbed nights. I love being close to my wife, I need to be close to her... I feel so lost when I'm not.

I found I missed her far too much, when I had to go back to work at Grey House. The photos that stare back at me daily, just didn't cut it any more. After being cocooned with the real thing for so long, I needed more. So, persistently, I encourage her to come to work with me and it works well.

She busy's herself in the corner of my office, growing and developing her small business. I encourage and assist her, when ever and where ever I can, because it makes her so happy to have just a little independence of her own, and I love having her in my peripheral, so to me it's a win, win, situation. And she would soon get bored being at home allday.

When we have to be apart, I can rest easy, knowing that she is shadowed by Sawyer and accompanied by Tom. Tom, who is with her constantly and was another recommendation of Taylor's, so I know she's in safe hands.

Ana didn't question or argue, when her 'help' suddenly arrived, on her first day at her first job after our honeymoon, she just said hello to him, handed him a roller, and text me all her love. She knew what I'd done and why I'd done it, but never for a second held it against me.

Ana seems happy with Tom now, he seems pretty handy and works with her well... I just wish I could, but somehow, the thought of pissing about with a roller allday just doesn't appeal, and no one, but my Ana, looks good in whites.

Having Ana near me keeps me calm, she keeps me grounded, helps me think straight and a lot of people at Grey House, are thankful for her influence over me. I let it slip now and again, I give into the ranting and raving, but my hearts just not in it like it used to be. I do it, just to tease Ana, I love the after effects. Nothing beats Ana, when she's all hot and bothered, as she slams our office door on my return and rides me hard on her desk, well, that has to be encouraged, as it is the highlight of the week.

I love waking up with her, no, I love falling asleep with her more. I love every bit in between, all the bits I never thought I deserved or could have. The simple, mundane bits that reach me so deeply, like lazy Sunday morning breakfasts in bed, shared baths, and arguing over the iPod in the car. Attending functions and family dinners with vigor now, instead of duress. All these little things add up and fill my life with content, no more working fifteen hour day, weekend visitors and lonely nights, filled with terror and mournful tunes.

The love of my wife has banished all of that, and for that reason and a million others, I need her with me.

When I have to work late in my home office she's with me. I don't get much work done as I love just watching her, especially when she's curled up on the very comfortable chaise lounge we now have in there, granted, she's usually fast asleep with a book in her lap, but it fills my heart knowing that she doesn't want to sleep in our bed without me, and I need her close.

I will be forever grateful for the love she has shown and showered me with. She's given me a life, a full life, a life full of fun and surprises, filled with love, understanding and support.

Thankfully, I have found that in other places too. I have found it within my family and I will worship the ground that my wife walks on every day, for making me whole and giving me everything. I can never repay her for all of it, but I'll have a damn good go.

I love every aspect of our lives together, every change she has made in me has been welcomed with open arms. I admitted to myself once, that she had sunk into my every pore, well, that's not true, she's cell deep now, atom deep. She is a part of me that I can never, and will never lose.

"Ooh.. Please Christian" Ana moans heavily before me, and my eyes refocus bringing me back to her.

I swivel my hips, pushing into her harder and allow my thoughts to train back to the perfectly formed ass in my hands. Happy, that I have distracted my ready to explode cock for long enough. I feel the semi clenching of her inner walls grip me and I know she's close. Right on cue I lean over her, whispering her name softly in her ear and make contact with her entire back with my chest. One hand holds her hip and I run my other hand down the full length of her torso. As I feel her clench me tightly I squeeze her clit, and as she screams I finally allow myself to let go and we come harmoniously together. Gasping. Mauling. Exploding.

"God... I will never... Ever, get enough of you," I gasp as my whole body vibrates. I pull out of her slowly and my cock is still hard. I wonder if she is up for another around with me sitting in her chair?.

As Ana stands all disheveled with wild hair, flaming cheeks and puffy lips, she's never looked more beautiful. I pull her close, "I love you baby, so much" I breathe into her hair.

"I love you too Chistian" Ana replies as she pulls away from me giggling. She looks me up and down.

"You never took a lot off, did you?" she teases and I glance down at myself. My shoes are still on my feet, my trousers and boxes are around my ankles. My shirt and jacket are still on but wide open, my tie is on the floor at my feet, along with Ana's blouse and underwear, her skirt is just gathered at her waist.

As we pull ourselves together and start to dress, my initial worries resurface.

"Are you okay?" I ask quietly, Ana giggles, before looking at me like I've asked her the most ridiculous question,

"I'm more than okay Christian" she flushes, as she pulls her skirt back over her hips. I smile mischievously as she looks about for her panties, and as she reaches for them I beat her to it and stuff them in my pocket. Ana laughs loudly and starts to pull on her bra and blouse.

"No... not physically, I know you're okay physically, but what about after being with that fucker Clifton, are you okay?" I ask again, pulling her into me and attempting to help her dress.

"Oh him, I'm fine don't worry, it was great to knock him down, Jason and Luke were brilliant" she gushes proudly and swats my fumbling fingers away as they try to fasten her blouse, she seems to have lost a few buttons, but Ana compensates by tying the two ends of her blouse into a tight knot under her breasts. I see a sudden flush sweep across her chest.

"What is it?" I ask, my fingers brushing her throat as they follow the colour sweeping over her. Ana smiles but looks a little embarrassed.

"It felt so powerful" she confesses sheepishly, but at my full blown laugher she carries on eagerly, "To put him in his place knowing he had no way out of it, felt amazing, and holding on to the leashes of Jason and Luke, well that just added to it, it was fun to have that control" Ana's eyes are wide and alive.

"That's probably why you're so horney" I tease, sweeping my fingers across her exposed tight mid-drift.

"Does power makes you horney?" she ask innocently pulling my shirt back together and easily fastening the buttons, I chuckle.

"Of course it does, it's a great aphrodisiacs," I tell her truthfully.

"Is that why you're so succ..." I kiss her soft curious lips.

"You're getting of topic here, baby" I whisper, as I take her hands in mine and hold them to my chest. "Did he hurt you? In anyway at all" I ask, desperate to know now. Ana scoffs whilst chuckling.

"Jason and Luke would never have allowed it, so I felt safe, and you had given me enough ammunition to make sure he'd never get up again, so no ... He never hurt me, nor frightened me." I nod, feeling reassured as Ana stares up at me, eyes brimming over with compassion, she understands.

"I hated you being near him" I whisper into her palm as she cups my cheek.

"I know" she whispers running her thumb across my cheek, "But you knew that I needed to do this alone" she comforts,

"I know, and I'm so proud of you" I confess whole heartedly. Ana once again regains the excited glow in her eyes.

"You should have seen me," she gushes, elated and eager to relay her encounter with me, "Ask Jason or Luke, I did great, I kept my nerve and never let my emotions take over" I chew on my lip still dubious about my honesty, but can't contain my chuckle at her excitement. I feel myself frown, as I know that I have to tell her.

"What is it?" she asks with a frown of her own, "What's happened?" my eyes roll as her finger traces the worry lines on my brow.

"I was watching you... I..." my voice is low and repentant.

"You where?" Ana gasps, but there is no trace of annoyance in her tone, despite now knowing about my actions to watch over her. I cup her cheek and feel my features and eyes fall as her eyes try to bore into mine. Reluctantly, I raise my eyes to hers and suddenly her smile widens.

"What?" I ask, still feeling a little contrite.

"Nothing" she giggles, before kissing me soundly. As she pulls away I see the love she has burning in her eyes, I genuinely smile, knowing that she doesn't hold my silly need to spy against me. "Do you know how adorable you are? Especially when you're feeling sheepish" she whispers, I pull her close to me, putting an end to her giggling.

With her safely wrapped up in my arms, her head against my chest, I know for certain that she's okay, that she will always be okay. I step away and kiss her gently and revel in the sight of my wife. My just fucked, totally amazing wife, who still blows me away with everything she does.

"Let's go home," I whisper, as I place a soft kiss on her brow. She hugs me tightly but makes no attempt to move. I run my hands softly over her head, trying to tame her wild hair.

"Speaking of home Christian" Ana utters, as she looks up at me with soft, bright eyes. I see the spark of something begin to evolve, what's she up to now? I ponder, as her smile begins to grow. I look down with curious eyes.

"What is it baby?" I urge,

"I've been thinking... About the house on the sound" she says softly and my heart begins to pound.

"Which one?" I ask eagerly, overwhelmed and euphoric at the thought that she might actually be consider moving.

"The first one" she whispers, biting her still puffed up bottom lip,

"But that one needs..." I begin, considering all the work that house will have to undergo to get it up to spec, it would be easier to knock it down and start again.

"No... it just needs a bit of TLC, like you... It's beautiful Christian, everything about it is perfect and I want to... I want to nest with you" her voice is soft but I hear he teasing. I knew I shouldn't have told her that, she will tease me constantly now, and if she lets it slip to Elliot, who knows how long he could milk it. I kiss her swiftly capturing her growing giggles.

God this woman is perfect, "Really baby," I whisper against her lips.

I feel her minute nod as her arms wrap around me, and I place a soft kiss on her delicious swollen lips. Holding her tightly, feeling every beat of our pounding hearts, I sigh, feeling totally content.

Images of family occasions suddenly appear, almost blinding me. I have a flashes of kids and pets running about, tripping over toys, making lunch boxes and keeping potential boyfriends at bay. I see laughter, childish squabbles, Christmas trees and birthday pool parties.

I see it all... I see a life, a life I want, a life I need... A life... I have found.

"I love you" I state firmly, holding her chin and looking deep into her captivating blue eyes.

"I love you too," she states just as firmly, equally holding my intense gaze, and I see it.

I see my life, the life I want, everything is reflected back at me in her eyes.

She sees it too, I know she does, she wants me, just as much as I want her and to drive her point home, she sighs contentedly in my arms, pulls me close... Then places her brow to mine.

As my eyes close and I melt into her, I know... I just know, with all of my heart... All of my soul... That I'm finally home and completely happy.





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