She was running from someone who was chasing her. Her breath was unstable, she couldn't breathe and she was becoming tired with every step. She leaned her back against the big tree, trying to hide from her hunter. She closed her eyes for the time being. She felt something really strong touching her hand. Damn it, He caught me, she thought to herself .

She saw a tall-man with blonde hair and intense blue eyes was the one who grasped her hand. It didn't feel warm or even cold, just normal. He smiled at her. "I'm sorry, did I scary you, miss?"he asked in a strong rich accent.

She realized he wasn't anyone she knew. He stared at her face,looking at the blonde who was apparently fearful. He stepped closer to her, their bodies were mutual with vicinity. She could smell his strong scent, whatever fragrance he was wearing. Their eyes met, she smiled at him after she realized he was smirking right back.

"You don't scary me, sir. I'm just running from someone else," she answered his earlier question. The sweet smile carved into a bigger one."I thought you're the bad guy," she chuckled but stopes after finding him observing her intently.

"You're alone?" he asked without taking his eyes off hers. His voice was soft and sexy, as if his voice had strange magic powers which made her enchanted only by his voice.

She watched his expression, "You can say that," she didn't move her gaze away from his.

"I was following you because you almost forget your purse, sweetheart." he said without glancing away. His intense blue eyes focused on her wet lips. "You know how wet you are?" he asked, moving his gaze towards the white shirt she was wearing which was now soaked.

"You too," she said. "Your hair is wet too and…Aren't you feeling cold?" she said in a slow-sounding . "Are you?" she glanced at him, waiting for his answer. His body moved closer to hers, a certain kind of electricity following his movements.

"Should we stay here or…?"his glance aimed at her hair, lips, then came back again moving onto her shirt which happened to showcase her bra. His manly instincts were telling him to stay here but he knew he shouldn't do that to a respectful lady like her. Manners or desire.

She didn't know how to react after seeing his eyes glancing at her shirt. She could do anything somehow to stop him, but she did nothing. She was letting him stare at her. "We shouldn't, we can stay here until…" she bit her lips after becoming self conscious from his gaze. He wanted something more then to just bring her purse back.

He dropped her purse, he was stroking her cheek and tracing down to her neck, tracing up again to her lips. He closed the distance between them by brushing his lips against hers. His lips were stroking hers, his hands moved inside of her shirt gently feeling her smooth skin. The sound of the rain kept them going lustfully. His mouth was moving lower towards her neck. She moaned heavily, feeling hot after she touched his chest slowly.

He knew he should stop but not now. "I'm sorry I didn't ask for your name, love" he said in the middle of their heated kiss as he tried to even out his panting breathe.

"That's not important anymore, "she said tenderly as she pulled him closer to her

That's how Klaus met Caroline.

A year and a half later

"Klaus, PICK UP THE TRASH!"Caroline shouted to her husband who was probably still sleeping. She hadn't seen him all night. She didn't know why he was coming late every night. "And don't forget to get the newspaper, "she said after he walked towards the kitchen. She heard him groan. She was getting their breakfast ready. Actually, she prepared it for herself, because he would probably be heading back to bed soon.

Klaus appeared with his messy blonde hair and wearing only his pjs. His hand was holding the newspaper. He glanced at her indifferently; he walked closer to the refrigerator. He took a cartoon of orange juice from then continued watching his wife busying herself with her call.

"Will you come to Rose and Trevor's baby shower?" she asked her husband who was reading his newspaper.

Klaus shrugged, "Probably, depending on my work. Hopefully Kol didn't make a mess with the design though", his blue eyes didn't move a bit from newspaper. He read something in economy section, "stupid bunch of liars," he beefed about something he just read then flipped the page over.

Caroline was dressed professionally: white shirt matched with black tailored pants and a black blazer. Her handbag lay on the nearby table. She only knew that her husband was working in a construction company owned by his family. He worked with the other Mikaelson's: Elijah, Finn, Kol, and Rebekah who still help him as volunteers in the summer.

"Okay I think I should go, see you later," she left without giving her husband a goodbye kiss. She hadn't done it for quite a long time. He didn't wave goodbye to her either. She opened the door, walking towards their garage. There was a silver Volvo and black Audi waiting for her.

Caroline was a detective for the Homicide Department, following her mothers footsteps. Her partner was Alaric Saltzman, who also happened to be her mentor. Many people said she reminded them of her mother. Liz Forbes was an important figure in NYPD'S history. She was the first woman who became a chief in the department. Caroline remembered how her mother was always leaving her all alone in their house since her father decided to leave to Paris. She never heard anything from him ever again.

She drove her silver Volvo while she was listening to her iPod. Her iPod was playing her favorite song. She was shaking her head while driving the car. I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine. I got a love, and I know that it's all mine. Oh. ohoh. She was singing loudly while shaking her head. She stopped at Starbucks, buying coffee for her partners: Alaric and Matt. She waved to the coffee girl, Anna.

"Morning Caroline!" Anna greeted her, giving her a friendly smile.

"Hello Anna, How are you? Can I have two hot cappuccinos and a black coffee?" she ordered from the girl.

"Of course," she responded with a warm smile.


Klaus covered his eyes with his black sunglasses. He was holding his backpack, which contained his "super secret stuff". He waved at one of his neighbors, Jules who was driving her red Honda, stopping in front of his house. She replied by stopping her car slowly. She craned her neck from inside her car, " Did Caroline leave for work?" she asked him.

"Uh…yeah…about an hour ago," Klaus answered.

Jules nodded, "Okay, have a good day, Klaus!" Jules smiled at him.

"Thanks, you too," he watched as Jules's car drove slowly from sight. He opened his car and got ready to go to work himself. Everyone…which meant his wife and his neighbors always thought of him as one of the construction workers along with his brothers. Was it A lie? It was a big lie he had used for 2 years from them. His work was dangerous and bloody. What was his job? Niklaus Mikaleson wasn't your typical suburban husband.

Well, if you think killing people was a normal job, then he was your typical suburban husband. He was killing people for money. Since their mother stopped sending them money, completely forgetting them. Elijah was the first one who started in this business, hiring Finn as their accountant, Klaus was the hit man, Kol doubled as a computer hacker and Klaus's assistant just if required, and the youngest Rebekah was the strategist. It wasn't exactly like the movie Inception.

Their clients included ordinary people, politicians, and the bad of their mottos: never ask, just do the job. They killed for money; it was paying for their comfortable life. His danger was doubled because his wife Caroline was a detective in NYPD.

"What do you got about the Lockwood kid?" he asked his younger brother Kol, while he sipped his coffee.

"The Lockwood's are practically American Royalty. Mason and Tyler Lockwood became important figures after Mason's brother died in an accident. Mason had a good career in politics and graduated from Yale. He is a typical democrat party star. Rumored to be dating one of the Kennedy clan but I think he is gay," Kol told Klaus who kept his eyes open while listening

"Why is his sexuality so important to you?" Rebekah asked, she was wearing her stylish Ralph Laurent white suit.

"Because my dearest sister, we need to trap the guy?"Kol answered her, rolling his eyes.

"Please Kol, do you think Elijah will agree with your 'oh-so-smart' idea? I don't think so!" Rebekah answered sharply.

Klaus shook his head, whenever Kol and Rebekah were in same room; they were like Tom and Jerry. They never got along well. Fighting and mocking usually in The Original office. Different then them, Finn was always the quiet one. He was smart but didn't really like to talk. Klaus could blame his dad for his quietness. Their father used to teach them with iron hands. If something didn't go right, Klaus would be the first target to get hit by their father. His brothers and sister would try to protect him but the pain didn't go away until now.

"Now, we see three queens of death appearing together, observing the location. Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert are handling the case together. Followed by Forensic Analyst Dr. Bonnie Bennett…" Klaus grabbed the TV remote from Kol's hand.

"Stop. Back. Work." He ordered with high tone. His eyes were set on his siblings who rolled their eyes and did exactly what their brother asked them to do. Klaus shook his head, his siblings antics sometimes were mind blowing. He sat on his chair and the checked information they have been looking at for weeks. Killing Mason Lockwood was their next project.

"Hello?" Klaus stopped reading after he heard a familiar voice. He saw a brunette stepping into his office. "Are you busy, boss?" It was Rose who was walking towards his table. She was his assistant and a very good friend of his. Working with an ex sometimes could be tricky but Klaus didn't feel that way. She was holding a cup of coffee in her hands. "For you, " she said as she was placing the cup on his table.

"Thanks," Klaus replied with a nod.

"You're welcome boss. See you at lunch, alright?" Rose smiled at him warmly.

"Of course," Klaus smiled at Rose who left his office immediately.


Caroline smiled as Matt gave her his apple for lunch. " Thank you Matty!" her blue eyes continued watching the video. She was handling a big case. She never heard about anything like that before. She didn't take her break that day to have lunch. No one did. It grew worse when the new chief was leading them. Damon Salvatore was their new boss, instead of Alaric. He pushed them harder than she could have imagined.

"I can handle it!"

Caroline removed her glasses to look at the source of the noise. It was Elena. She saw her holding her right arm.

"What's wrong with you?" Alaric approached them, standing beside her. Looking at his face, he looked incredibly worried.

Elena looked at Luka who bowed his head down to the floor. "This asshole almost shoots that damn rascal twice, Ric. I told him not to fucking shoot anyone. He did it!" she pointed at Luka who was still looking down.

Caroline shook her head, "Let me help you," Caroline helped Elena sit.

Elena was one of Caroline's best friends since high school, besides Bonnie. They worked together in the NYPD. Elena changed a lot since her parent's death. The brunette seemed calm and normal on the outside but she thought of nothing too seriously. Damon's existence as their boss wasn't something she needed right 's what happened when you worked with your ex.

"Aw…damn it. It hurts,"she sighed heavily.

"Relax, Elena," Caroline said, trying to calm her down. She bandaged her arm with care; she was pretty good with the bandage things since she always wanted to be a doctor. She wanted to pursue a career as a doctor but failed after her mother's accident. She tried her to be the best cop around, just like her mother. "Done," she smiled cheerfully at her after finishing it.

"Thanks, Care. Shit, I need to meet that son of bitch!"

"You mean Damon?"Alaric looked at Elena and shaking his head. "You need to respect him. He is our chief, Gilbert!" If Alaric called Elena by her last name then it indicated the old man was disapproving of her actions.

"You know if you're the one who would be our chief maybe I wouldn't call him a son of a bitch?" she said bitterly before walking towards Damon's office.

Matt watched her, confused. "Why does Elena hate Salvatore so much? " he sat in front of Caroline's desk, his face seemed curious. Caroline shrugged.

Before Caroline answered him, Alaric hit him with his rolled up paper. She chuckled as she watched their antics."Donovan, get back to work, no time for gossip. The killer is still around here. Get your ass off from that chair," Alaric said with a glare.

"Sorry sir!" Matt winked at Caroline. "Back to creeping google out," Matt sang, making Caroline giggle.

Caroline watched Alaric. Understanding the older man was harder than anything else she had done. She loved Alaric just like her own father but she felt he was a bit bitter towards other people. Of course, he had his moments to be happy-go-lucky but his divorce made him that way. "Al, you know you're being mean?" she glanced at Alaric, trying to face him. She sighed heavily, "I know this case is hard for us but…let's keep the atmosphere nice okay?"she said with warm smile. Alaric nodded and returned to his table.

Caroline was browsing information about a guy named Mikael Smith. She and her team were trying to hunt him down for quite a long time, nearly 2 years. That guy had tricked police easily. He didn't have any family, no one knew him, and his work was completely neat. Until now, they still didn't know why he killed those innocent people. Was it for money or something else? Caroline looked at photos of his latest victim, Margaret Lee. She was a normal woman who worked as one of the staff for Senator Mason Lockwood. What did you do wrong, my friend? She murmured as stared at Margaret's photos.


"What's your name? " A guy with a formal tone asked Klaus.

Klaus answered, "Klaus Mikaelson,"

"And you, miss?"

"Caroline Forbes-Mikaelson," Caroline answered with a bored tone.

"All right, Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson. I'm Shane Silas, your marriage counselor. My first question is…when did you realize you lost the spark in your marriage? We can start with Mr. Mikaelson," Zach looked at Klaus.

"About six or seven months ago,"

"A year ago, Mr. Jason, I suppose,"

Zach nodded while he was writing something on his notepad. "So… do you know the reason why you lost the spark?"

"I don't know maybe because I think we're just too busy with our careers," Caroline answered.

"How about you, Mr. Mikaelson?"

" And I think we really…I don't know. Just lost the…chemistry?"

Caroline watched his expression, "We never fight, I mean this is just us," Caroline sipped her mineral water.

"How long have you been married?"

"Almost a year and a half ," she told him.

"Do you want to have children?" Zach asked.

Klaus choked, almost choking on his water. " I think we're far too young for kids," he spoke, trying to calm down. Kids? He hated kids, it was the only thing that frightened him. "We still want to focus on our careers,"

"Yes, my career on top and he is agreeing with me to not have children, "Caroline glanced at her husband who was sitting beside her.

"Yeah, having kids needs more money. We're still young and give priority to our careers," he added in. "Right, Caroline?"

Zach was viewing them. "It is very common to not want children, Mr and Mrs. Mikaelson,"

Klaus cleared his throat, "We will be just fine, Mr. Jason,"

She glared at her husband when Klaus replied with a look that said "WHAT?" She didn't want to make a scene but she promised to remove his stupid grin from his face.

Zach was observing them. He never saw a couple like them. They lost the spark easily and they avoided each other. They were a good-looking couple unlike his another clients whom mostly were older couples with serious damage in their relationship. They were only keeping their own secrets which always led to the worst nightmare for every couple, divorce "Last question for this first session, how did you two meet?"

Klaus and Caroline looked at each other.


"Caroline?" Caroline looked at the guy she had just spent the night with. He called her name beautifully with his sexy accent, making her nervous. She didn't change her shirt like he did. They were standing next to her room. He stepped closer to her and she leaned her back against the wall, looking at him. "Can I come in?" he asked her, whispering. He smelled good, she thought and she wanted to taste him, badly.

She nodded; she was looking for her room key inside her purse. She opened it and entered first, while Klaus followed her. He kissed her lips hungrily as he closed the door. His mouth forced hers more and more. She was falling into her bed. He kissed her neck fondly, making her feeling sensual and begging him more. "I want more," she said between their kisses. God, he's so hot and she couldn't take it anymore, He pulled her closer to him.

She looked intently at his blue eyes, letting him pulled her shirt off. She moaned after his hands rubbed her breast gently. His touch was a real drug for her. It made her feeling hot and needy. She was easing away his shirt, caressing his flat stomach slowly."You can do me here, now, "she whispered to his ear.

He smiled at her, showing her adorable dimple. He hadn't meet with girl like her, she's so beautiful and attractive, alluring and innocent at same time. Her touch was so soft and warm, just like her. "Where do you want me to touch you?" he asked her, as he kissed her neck.

"I don't have any specialty. Make love to me, please," shewasn't begging. Alcohol and rain were mixing her up but she'scompletely sure that she enjoyed him just like him enjoying her. "Oh god," she moaned happily.

"I'm never making love without asking my partner's name,"

"God, my name is Caroline. Oh god,"

"My name is Klaus,"

Caroline looked at him for a while, "let me guess, your parents is a historian,"

Klaus chuckled, "no, they were hippie and my mother was an environment activist. They were just like name us with everlasting name. You can call me Nik,"he continued to removing her panties off. He was on her top in his naked glory, "you're really beautiful,"

"And you're really awesome, captain!" she giggled then they kissed passionately.

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