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Ch. 1

"How could you Aang! I trust you and you betrayed us!"

At Sokka's barrage, Aang could say nothing, he was to blame for what was coming on him. He had lied to Sokka and Katara. He had the location to their father, but still hid it. I'm so stupid and selfish! Aang kept telling himself as Sokka's unrelenting attack continued.

"You know what, we are done. Come on Katara, we are going to find Dad. The Avatar can handle this journey on his own." Sokka finished with disgusted look on his face.

Aang's world literally shatter at these words.. No. They can't be leaving me! I need them! I need her! But to Aang's dismay, when he looked up in Katara's eyes, he saw betrayal and deep sadness. It looked to Aang as they she was sad for even trusting him at this point.

But Katara's face did not show her emotions as well as Aang had thought. Katara had been struggling in her mind about what she should do; she was torn between staying with her closest friend, or going with her brother. It's a lose lose for me. If I go with Sokka, a lose Aang, but if I go with Aang, I might not ever see Dad or Sokka again. But Aang did lie to us… With a wary sigh, she spoke the heart shattering words: "I'm coming Sokka."

With one final look, Katara and Sokka walked with Bato back to the small perfume village to pack their things.

Aang was literally heartbroken as he slowly followed the trio, at a respectful distance. I have to be strong. Aang kept telling himself. With another deep breath, Aang began to unpack Katara's and Sokka's remaining things from Appa, folding everything nicely into traveling pouches. When he had finished the task of putting everything together into manageable sized carrying packs, he found that Katara and Sokka were waiting for him. He soon jumped off of Appa, packs in hand. Sokka quickly took his pack and Katara did the same, barely sparing a glance at Aang, further destroying his dwindling spirit.

He still felt a need to protect his friends, so along with those packs; Aang included most of the food and a secret letter that was written for Katara to read. He figured that she would find it after he was long gone, and that was fine with him.

For one last time, Aang faced his two closest friends. "Be safe Aang" Katara said with much emotion, but to Aang's dismay, she would not look him in the eye. He felt betrayed, just like he betrayed them when he hid the map from them. The big difference between the betrayals was that theirs was completely justified. He had sunken low and for that he paid the price.

Aang turned to Sokka, looking him one more time in the eyes; Sokka would not let one word of goodbye leave his lips, not one word of protection. To Sokka, Aang was nothing, he had broken his trust and for that, he no longer cared. He was no longer a friend, but just the Avatar to him.

Aang watched for a long time as the trio left the village the village down a straight long road. He knew that it would most likely be the last time that he would see them for a long time, maybe even ever, he was so mad and he was the only one to blame.

He began to think of his past with Katara and Sokka. He began to remember waking up to 100 years of war and suffering that was his entire fault. He remembered how Katara had been there to comfort him when he had no one left, when he found Gyotso's skeleton, and when he was alone or hurting. Now, for the first time he had awoken, realized he had no one left.

Though Aang felt this way, Appa staunchly disagreed with a low grumble, immediately reading his emotions like a book.

"Thanks Appa, I know you are still there for me, even when I feel alone or hurting." Aang finished with an affectionate pet to the bison's nose.

Soon after he had stopped watching them go, the nuns in the village began to coax him to leave as well because they felt as though it was dangerous for him to stay in the village for too long. "I know, I know, I'm leaving."

Just as he was about to take off, a large animal with 3 riders on top barged through the entrance of the small village.

"I've finally found you Avatar." Zuko said with pure rage.

"You really got to stop following me around everywhere Zuko." Aang said with a growing frown.

"Your girlfriend isn't here Zuko, Nila has picked up her sent, it's this way." June stated.

"I don't care about the girl." Zuko began as he jumped off of the beast: "I was only interested in the boy."

"So she cheated on you then?" June pressed.

"NO!" Zuko shouted, taking his eyes off of Aang for a split second, a second that Aang used to his advantage. He began to shoot large blasts of air at Zuko and the beast, attempting to knock them off their feet so he might escape. This proved to be in vain as Zuko was not going to be swayed by the Avatar as easily as the last time.

Zuko came at Aang with all the ferocity he could muster and Aang did the same. Fire and Air collided in the center of the town square, knocking the combatants onto opposite roofs.

While Zuko and Aang where fighting, so was Appa and Nila. Nila continued to attempt to strike Appa with its paralyzing tong, but Appa's instincts told him to stay clear of it and he had done a good job doing so. Eventually, Appa had gained the upper hand, head butting the creature in the head, knocking it out cold. He might of finished off the beast, but the rider continued to attempt to whip Appa into submission. Though she quickly fell to the beast's power as well.

Aang noticed that Appa had made quick work of the two attackers that he was being faced with, which gave Aang more confidence. As Aang and Zuko began to move into closer combat, Aang noticed something hooked to Zuko's wrist. That's Katara's necklace! Aang thought.

"You have something I want" Aang firmly stated. He began to attack Zuko with lighter attacks that were only aimed as a distraction. Aang began to grow frustrated with Zuko's evasive actions; he only had one thing in mind, Katara's necklace.

He did not have to fight longer as he finally was able to grab hold of the necklace, but not before falling into the well that they had fought next to first.

Zuko thought fast, bending a jet of flame into the enclosed area. Zuko thought that he had finally beaten the Avatar, but just as he let his guard down, he was blown back by a column of water. Soon, for Zuko, everything went black.

Aang quickly got up out of the well, only minor burns and singes marked him. He quickly made his way over to Appa and climb on his head. With a quick flick of the reigns and "Yip, Yip Appa!" He was off in the sky. Unfortunately for Aang, Zuko had awoken.

Katara and Sokka:

The trio trudged along the now winding path in the forest, in the direction of Sokka's and Katara's father. It was quickly discussed between the three that the journey should not take more than a week or two and that it should be a farely safe one, out of any Fire Nation lands in the Earth Kingdom.

Though Katara's outward appearance was monotone, her mind was a fierce and turbulent storm of emotions. Her mind was of course completely revolving around Aang at the moment. Aang was very immature, he always seemed to be getting into dangerous situations, and he needed friends. I can't believe I left him behind! Without even looking at him!

As Katara was fighting with her emotions, Bato noticed this apparent turmoil and focused his conversation on Sokka.

"Sokka, you know you cannot be mad at Aang forever…" Bato began, but was swiftly cut off.

"I can be mad at him for as long as I want Bato! He betrayed all of us, he withheld information from us!" Sokka ranted.

Bato just sighed, recognizing that this conversation was not going to be an easy one: "Sokka, we all make mistakes, bad choices are a part of growing up. He was scared of losing you, but he was also fighting with the guilt of what he did. He chose to be honest with you in the end, no matter the consequences of his actions, he could not live with himself if he never told you. Am I mad at the Avatar for what he did, yes, but I realized why he with-held the map from you and Katara. He needed you."

"Yah well, he doesn't need us anymore, he can go it alone for all I care." Sokka almost yelled.

"How could you say that Sokka!" Katara blurted out: "He made a mistake, sure, but he also regretted his actions and wanted to try and make it better!"

Sokka was clearly getting more and angrier by the minute: "So you're taking his side now?"

"I'm not taking anyone's side Sokka!"

"Well it sure looks to me like you are!"

"Enough!" Bato began: "It does not matter any longer, the Avatar is likely long gone by now!"

"You're right Bato" Sokka said: "Sorry sis."

After Sokka's apology, a lone wolf was heard in the distance, howling. "What do you think happened to it." Sokka asked.

Bato look down: "It's probably hurt and left behind by the pack. I know that feeling all too well. When I was injured in the Fire Nation attack, I was left by the other Water Tribe warriors. I was separated from the ones I loved, the ones I felt a connection to. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever gone through. The injuries are less painful than the separation is."

Sokka looked down, a moment of dawning appeared across his face: "We have to go back. Aang's our family too now and he needs us just as much as we need him."

"Your father would be proud of you." Bato began.

Before he could finish, they saw something in the distance, their faces filled with horror.


"Uncle, I need your help!" Screamed Zuko as he watched the quickly retreating prize and the bison.

"What is it Prince Zuko?"

"We need to shoot the bison down!"

Iroh nodded his head and took aim with his nephew. The collective burst of flame could be seen for miles around; many more were to come as well.

Aang had his work cut out for him as he began to attempt to evade the barrages of fiery balls coming his way. Though Aang had done a pretty good job at defending himself and his bison, one shot did graze Appa's fur and Aang had to struggle with all his strength to keep himself and his bison in the air.

Though it was hard at first, he soon leveled out, and put as much distance as he could away from Zuko.

Katara and Sokka:

"Look!" Katara screamed as she watched flaming balls barrage Appa from afar. Aang seemed to be doing a good job dodging the attacks, but she still regretted her decision to leave him behind, he needed her now and she knew it. Her heart fell to her stomach when Appa was violently hit and began to fall. She sucked in a sharp breath until Aang miraculously straightened them out and began to fly far away from the still oncoming attacks.

"Thank the Spirits he got away…" Katara began.

"It was Zuko, it had to be…" Sokka said while looking at the ground in shame: "At least he got away."

"We need to go after him Sokka." Katara said with much determination in her voice.

"I know little sis, I know." Sokka said with a small smile.

"Well, we can still travel to your father, he will be able to help you up north, I think he would like to see his sister tribe anyway." Bato interjected.

Katara looked saddened at this; she knew instantly that she would not see Aang for probably many months if not more. She was afraid to think of all the danger he could get into in all the months leading up to the North Pole. She still held hope though, that she would see him again and she would get to say how sorry she was for leaving him. She said it over and over in her mind: I'll bring him into a fierce hug and tell him that he is never leaving my sight again.

She smiled at this, the first smile that she had since Aang had temporarily left her life.


"I guess it's just you and my buddy" Aang said, but he soon corrected himself when he noticed the small lemur that crawled up onto his lap: "And you too Momo."

Aang smiled: "I guess it's time for me to be the Avatar, I guess I just never expected that I would have to do it alone." Aang looked down, but only momentarily. He noticed in his hand, a small pendant that was Katara's, he needed to head north to the Northern Water Tribe. He knew that with a bit of luck, Sokka and Katara would find their Dad and they would go up to the pole together. If he ever got the opportunity to see them again, he would beg for their forgiveness. He realized how much he truly needed them and how much he missed them already.

But Aang did not let his sadness over take him, he looked out to the now setting sun with hope to the future, with a hope that he would see Katara again.

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