Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in what seems like an eternity, but I've been struggling with college a lot lately. Things have piled up and my interest sorta died for writing this ALTA fic. I know I promised that I would finish this story, and honestly I might pick it back up if I get the drive to, but for now I'm gonna have to halt the writing process for this story till at least may (When I finish my college semester). I thought I would write somewhat of a closing paragraph for Aang and his thoughts and musings of reaching the Water Tribe finally. I know there are tons of loose ends to tie up which I want to do (Aang meeting up with Katara and Sokka, Katara's injury, Hakoda, etc.). I wanted to also thank all of my followers, reviewers, favoriters, and readers for liking my story so much! I never thought it would become this popular, but sadly as of now I'm gonna step back from this but fear not! I will maybe definitely return!

Aang fought to contain the emotions that had been boiling up inside him since he had first caught a glimpse of the massive Northern Water Tribe wall. He remembered his old Master had often spoke of the beauty of the Northern Tribe, but this… this was something else. The wall was massive and appeared to be equally thick. It was hard to tell from the distance that he was away from the wall, but it appeared to have a large Water Tribe symbol carved on the outside.

Aang knew that it would still be quite some time till he reached the wall as Appa was exhausted from the long trip. Toph had been complaining for days about the lack of earth surrounding her body at all times, but she had seemed to quiet down since they had found the Water Tribe warriors. This rare moment of silence seemed too tempting for Aang to pass up on, so he let his mind wander ever so slightly.

In his thoughts, one prevailing fact came up time and time again, Aang was surprised that he had actually reached the Northern Water Tribe in one piece. After Katara and Sokka had separated from him, he felt hopeless and alone, like there was really no point to even making the trip. But he had found hope in other friends, Aang mused as he glanced at a shivering Toph.

Aang had changed so much from the helpless boy that Katara and Sokka had found in the iceberg. Now he was confident and stronger, Toph had made sure of that.

There were times along his journey that he had missed his old friends, if he were to be honest with himself, he still missed them. But he resigned in himself that he was actually happy that they decided not to continue with him. The trip north was a dangerous one for him and he did not want to risk either of their lives. Aang would have never forgiven himself if he let anything happen to them.

It was in that moment that a realization hit him like a ton of bricks; his journey was honestly far from over. He needed to defeat the Fire Lord. The Northern Water Tribe was just a stepping stone for him.

As he reached the grand walls of the Northern Water Tribe, he came to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason, the Alone Times in your life are never what they appear to be. Loneliness can be characterized as a state of mind that you allow yourself to enter and with-hold yourself from leaving. You alone have the power to break free of the perpetual sadness that covers yourself in times of loss. In the Alone Times, you grow into the person you're meant to be.