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Trapped in a death game. Kazuto Kirigaya, my brother. Or rather, not my brother, but my cousin.

He had been keeping his distance from me because I was not his real sister. He called upon his video games and technology, because he wanted to stay away from me. I didn't know why, but I continued Kendo to keep him off my mind. It worked for a small amount of time.

Then… This.

Sword Art Online.

The MMORPG, or more commonly known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

This death game has taken my brother from me, and now I intend to get him back.

It is nearly one month after Kazuto was moved to the hospital to stay in good health. One afternoon, I went over on the weekend to see his progress, but then mother walked in.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. When Kazuto told me he wanted to know about his real parents. I was really surprised." She said.

My eyes widened. I knew, but it always causes her pain to bring that subject up.

"He was only ten, but he'd noticed the deleted record on the Citizen's Registration Network."

"That sounds so like him!" I giggled.

"I was so surprised, I couldn't keep the secret." She continued. "So I accidentally told him that my sister and her husband were his parents."

We both laughed.

"Mom." I asked.


"Do you think the fact that he began playing online games constantly ever since he started middle school is related to that?"

"No. He had already started building his own machine out of junk parts when he was still six. He inherited my love of computers, I just know it."

And with that she left, leaving me here and telling me not to stay too long.

How could I not. I want to be with my brother forever.

My decision was made. I had to make sure my brother made it out of there alive. I swore I would work twice as hard for him in kendo. I swore I would protect him. This is my responsibility.

I told mum. She said she understood my conviction, and that Kazuto would have a better chance of survival with me by his side. She wished me luck, and went out to buy the hardware. I already had a copy of the game. Kazuto's beta version of the game. The idiot went and bought the new game when he didn't realise he could upgrade his own beta version using the implemented Argus software.

Sigh. I already sound like a nerd. At least the game has swords in it. According to my research, and Kazuto's ranting about the beta game, it is based on levels and sword proficiency, with heavy emphasis on its many skills you can learn throughout the game. I do kendo, so this shouldn't be too hard.

I launch myself onto my bed. I know what I am about to do. I know I shouldn't, but I have to save my brother.


Shaking my head fervently, I grab the nerve gear, switch on the power and place it upon my head. Relaxing, I feel the weight of the helmet digging into my pillow, and I smile.

"Link Start!"

The last thing of the real world I see is my mother in my peripherals, crying at the door

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