A glint of light reflecting from the binoculars on the fly bridge caught Kate's attention. The lookouts were being particularly vigilant today, she thought. There was movement on the bridge as the swimmers exited the water and she allowed herself a silent chuckle.

So that was why Bomber and Nav had volunteered to keep watch together. Not that she could blame them, of course. They may have been watching his back from the anonymity of the ship, but she had strategically positioned herself further up the sand dune to read her book and sunbathe.

She had a perfect view of the water beads clinging to his toned skin as he emerged from the waves but those drenched shorts clung desperately to every inch of flesh, leaving only the barest details to her imagination.

He strolled to the spot only metres in front of her and leaned to pick up his towel, wiping roughly at the water trickling down his torso.

"Great day for it, X," he grinned broadly, gazing across the sparkling water.

She smiled in return and a heat overwhelmed her that had nothing to do with the blazing sun.

"Couldn't have planned it any better myself," she admitted.