Storm Shadow stared down Fire Storm's blade. The eyes of the two brothers met before Storm Shadow quickly drew his own blade and the swords clanged. Fire Storm was hard pressed by his older brother's more experienced martial arts and so he stayed on the defensive, knowing only a stroke of luck would allow him to land an offensive move.

"Storm Shadow!" Fire Storm cried out, his brother's sword nicking his arm painfully. "Fight it! I know you're in there, brother! Fight Cobra's control!"

"You are a fool, Fire Storm," Storm Shadow hissed back. "Have you learned nothing from the rest of our family's mistake?"

Storm Shadow gestured behind him and Fire Storm's eyes opened wide when he saw the fallen bodies of Snake Eyes, Kamakura and Tiger Claw. Jinx was sitting against the wall, clutching the wound in her side. She looked up at Fire Storm and let out a shuddering breath.

Fire Storm quickly blocked Storm Shadow's attack. "Do you feel nothing from what you've done? No guilt?"

"Why should I? They were in the way and I removed them."

"This isn't like you, this isn't like the brother who turned himself in so Cobra wouldn't find me."

"Look what good it did me! They tortured me for my disobedience but then I was forgiven and now I am fully in Cobra Commander's good graces. I am feared by the Cobra troops and respected by his officers. This is power, little brother; this is the reward for immersing yourself in darkness. You can know this too, Cobra Commander is a generous leader."

"But Snake Eyes—"

"Was a fool and you will be a fool too if you follow him. Come with me, we can finally be together like you've always wanted."

Fire Storm looked at Storm Shadow's offered hand before looking at the still body of Snake Eyes. "No."


"I said no. You killed your own brother for the sake of power. If I stand in your way will you kill me too? I'd rather die facing you and then die with a knife in my back. " Fire Storm was not sure where his resolve was coming from but he let strengthen his confidence as he attacked.

Storm Shadow was surprised when Fire Storm managed to land several blows before the older ninja was able to mount a defense.

Storm Shadow quickly switched to offensive as Fire Storm lacked the skill to keep him on the defensive. Before Fire Storm had a chance Storm Shadow disarmed him and kicked him in the side, sending him to the floor.

Fire Storm whimpered on the ground, his ribs aching, and he looked up into the cold eyes of his brother.

"You are weak, Fire Storm, and Cobra has no tolerance for weaklings."

Storm Shadow raised his sword and Fire Storm screamed as the blade was brought down, slicing through flesh and bone.