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Fire Storm awoke, gasping for air as his hands clutched at his chest where Storm Shadow had stabbed him. Adrenaline rushed through him and with it he grasped his senses. He was in a dimly lit room, his breathing was rapid but it did not drown out the calm breathing next to him and he could feel a firm hand grasping his shoulder.

Fire Storm knew what he would see before he turned so he drew in deep breaths to calm himself before looking to his left. Snake Eyes sat beside his bed, one hand grasping his shoulder and he was without his mask, his blue eyes boring into Fire Storm.

With his free hand Snake Eyes signed, 'The dream again?'

Fire Storm nodded. "I'm sorry that I woke you, Snake Eyes."

Snake Eyes shook his head and gripped Fire Storm's shoulder reassuringly, 'It's not your fault.'

Fire Storm sighed and got up, his legs shaky but he steadied himself. "I'm going to the training room."

Snake Eyes sighed as Fire Storm disappeared around the bend. His little brother had been having nightmares about Storm Shadow killing them all since he had told Fire Storm three days ago that they were going after their older brother. Snake Eyes knew it was just fear that twisted Fire Storm's dreams into nightmares and he would be lying if he said he was not afraid. Snake Eyes did feel fear; after all, it would not be an easy task to break Storm Shadow away from the mind control. Snake Eyes had had a hard enough time before, now with who knew how many new layers of control Cobra Commander had had woven into Storm Shadow's brain the task would be even harder.

Fire Storm threw a right hook at the punching bag before rolling his weight back on his left foot and lashing out with his right at the top of the bag. He always came here after to work off the effects of his nightmares through training, knowing nothing but complete exhaustion would allow his mind to return to sleep and not dream.

Snake Eyes had called it 'a mixture of fear and imagination trying to fill in an outcome of the unknown', but knowing what caused his nightmares was only half the battle, now Fire Storm had to figure out how to keep them from coming in the first place.

Delivering a series of rapid punches at the bag, Fire Storm threw a roundhouse kick and then slammed both hands, palms flat, into the bag, rocking it away. Fire Storm breathed in and out, perspiration dripping down his forehead as he regained his calmness. Then he used a towel to rub his face, neck and arms before tossing it in a bin.

Feeling exhausted and slightly better Fire Storm walked back to his suite but stopped when he came to his bedroom. Giving his bed a wary look, Fire Storm turned on his heel and walked back to the hallway.

Quietly opening Snake Eyes' door Fire Storm walked over to the couch and smiled. The couch had been supplied with a pillow and a sheet and blanket tucked into the sides. Feeling like he could sleep the rest of the night in peace, Fire Storm made himself comfortable on the couch and closed his eyes.

In the doorway to the bedroom Snake Eyes stood, watching for a few minutes as his brother's breathing evened out and then he closed his door so that he could go back to sleep as well.