I continued my research on the Slenderman for at least 5 weeks until things went strange. The lights in my room would flicker in my house that was normal. I went up to my dad, "Hey dad did you see that?" My dad looked at me like I was crazy.

"No, what are you talking about," he replied. I froze at his answer usually all the lights in the house flicker. They don't flicker separately so I went to my mom. I asked her the same question, and her answer was the same as my dad's.

I was very confused but continued to do my school work. When I was done I got on the computer for about an hour. My friend Caitlyn usually calls me at nine but I guessed she was busy. I continued my research on the Slenderman. And this is what I read:

Signs of the Slenderman:

Problems will appear in your dreams Loss the symbol (a circle with and X through it)

I was frightened because the first thing already happened which was electricity problems. Mom eventually told me to go to bed because it was past my bed time. It was a strange dream. I dreamt that a police man came to my house trying to identify a person who died in a car accident. I sat in his car and told him everything I knew.

"What's that," I asked the officer. "Oh those are just some books I was going to get rid of them. You can have them if you like," he responded. I loved to read and kept them. It was late but he was talking to another officer. The book was about the Slenderman.

And in the background I saw him. I looked up from my book and in the fog of the forest stood the Slenderman himself. But before anything could happen I woke up in the middle of the night.I was listening to see of anyone was awake,but the house stood silent. I laid back down and looked out my window which faced the backyard. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night because I was too busy staring at the tall, shadowy figure that was standing outside.