Dean Winchester had his legs laid out across one of the seats in the Hogwarts Express. It was his fifth year and Sammy's second. His younger brother had gone into a separate compartment with some of his friends leaving Dean alone. He didn't mind, his own friends would turn up soon. Dean closed his eyes and started humming Metallica. He cracked one eye open when he heard the compartment door slide open. A small boy he noticed from his year and house (Gryffindor) poked his head through the gap.

"Would you mind if I sit?" The boy asked nervously.

Dean was about to turn the boy away when he noticed the black bruise under his eye.

"Sure. Make yourself comfortable." Dean said.

The boy quickly slipped through the gap and took his seat.

Dean decided to take a proper look at him. He was wearing a white shirt, black trousers and a long brown trench coat which was way too big for him. The sleeves were to long so he had to keep rolling them back up his pale arms. Dean looked up and had to pause. The boy had the most stunning electric blue eyes and spikey black bed hair. Dean found himself staring, his mouth hanging open slightly.

"You're Dean. Dean Winchester right?" The boy said, snapping Dean from his trance.

"Yeah. Nice to meet you." Dean said, holding out his hand.

The boy shook it carefully.

"I know you from the Quidditch team. You truly are an amazing Seeker." The shy boy complimented.

"Thanks. You're…Castiel right? I swear you're on some genius team with my little brother Sammy." Dean said, trying to remember.

"Yes. I'm good friends with Sam." Castiel replied.

"So you gonna tell me how you got that bruise?" Dean asked.

Castiel nervously raised a hand and placed it to the sore skin. He winched at the pain.

"You did treat that right?" Dean said, noticing the swelling.

"I haven't had time. My older brother Lucifer and his friend Crowley cornered me on the platform." Castiel explained.

Dean swung his legs of the seat so he was now facing Castiel. He picked up his coke, which was still cold, and placed it gently against the bruise. He looked into those blue eyes and found himself drowning.

"Thank you Dean." Castiel said.

"No problem Cas. I can call you that right?" Dean replied.

Cas grinned and nodded.

Once again the door slid open. This time Dean's friends Garth and Chuck were standing there.

"What are you doing with him Dean?" Chuck asked.

"He wanted to sit here so I let him." Dean shrugged casually.

"Well we're here now so he can go." Garth added.

"Thank you Dean. Will I see you around?" Cas said, getting up.

"Hang on you're not going anywhere." Dean said firmly, pulling Cas back down by his trench coat.

"Oh come on Dean, this kid is a loser." Garth sighed.

Dean suddenly felt defensive of Castiel. Before he knew what was happening he was up on his feet and his fist in Garth's face. Chuck glared at Dean before pulling Garth away.

"Thank you Dean. No one has ever done that for me before." Cas said, slightly dumbstruck.

"It's what friends are for…if you want me to be your friend?" Dean said nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I would be happy to be your friend." Cas replied, his eyes sparkling.

The two new friends chatted for a while. Cas learnt that Dean lived with his younger brother Sammy and his father figure Bobby in the countryside. His father, John Winchester, travelled a lot. His mother had been a Witch until she died in a house fire.

Dean learnt Cas came from a large family, all who were Witch's and Wizards. Cas was the youngest sibling and had never met his parents. The two oldest brothers, Michael and Gabriel raised everyone. His brothers were Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, Zachariah, Uriel, Raphael and Balthazar. His sisters were Anna and Naomi. It hurt Dean to find out Gabriel and Balthazar were the only nice siblings. Lucifer, Zachariah, Raphael and Naomi always picked on Cas. Michael, Urial and Anna were too busy to care.

Dean had just finished telling a story of when he had released a bunch of fireworks in a field with Sam. They sat in silence for a while, Cas looking out of the window while Dean admired the boy before him. He felt a need to protect Cas. Suddenly Cas stretched out and yawned.

"Sleepy head." Dean teased.

"I didn't sleep much last night. I'm always nervous about the train journey. Normally I end up sitting with Lucifer and Crowley." Cas grumbled.

"Why don't you get some sleep now?" Dean offered.

Cas smiled and lay down. After a while he started fidgeting uncomfortably. Dean rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Budge up." He said, patting Cas' side.

Cas sat up right and watched in wonder as Dean sat down beside him. He then pulled Cas back down and let him lean against his shoulder.

"That better?" Dean whispered.


When Dean was sure Cas had fallen asleep, and no one was in the corridor, he started to run his fingers through the black hair. He sighed, realising he was falling in love with the stupid trench coat wearing blue eyed boy. Castiel then shifted beside him so he was now cuddling Dean, burying his head in Dean's shoulder.

"I'll just make sure I wake up before you." Dean murmured.

He then slouched slightly in the seat and rested his head on Cas'. Castiel smelled so sweet and he quickly fell asleep.

"Dean…Dean…wake up Dean." A voice was saying.

Dean opened his eyes and jumped to see blue eyes so close. He blushed as he noticed that Cas had one hand on his left shoulder and another hand on his leg.

"Hey Cas." Dean groaned, sitting back up straight.

"The train stopped. I think we're here. We better put our robes on." Cas explained.

Cas shoved of his trench coat and pulled a robe over top. Luckily he didn't need to change his trousers or shoes.

"I can't be bothered. I like my jeans." Dean said.

He shoved his blue jacket into a case and pulled on the black robes.

"We better get going." Dean said, patting Cas on the back.