Chapter Four

Beca was holding Chloe's hand as they made their way through one of the dorm buildings. Beca was sure she'd lose feeling in her hand soon with how tightly Chloe was holding it but she chose to say nothing because she knew her girlfriend was scared. Hell, she was scared too. Who wouldn't be with a deranged killer on campus?

"They're not here," Beca finally said after they had walked around the entirety of the building.

Chloe looked panicked by this announcement. "Do we have to go back outside?"

Beca turned to look at her girlfriend, placing a gentle kiss on her lips before staring into her eyes. "Hey, I won't let anything happen to you. You're safe with me, okay?"

Chloe nodded and the two made their way back down to the front door of the building. Beca's phone vibrated in her hand and she looked at the message she had received. "It's from Amy. They found Lily and Donald. She wants us to meet them at the gym."

"Okay, let's go get them and then meet up with the others," Chloe said.

"I'm thinking maybe that costume we saw was just a guy playing a prank," Beca said.

"Maybe," Chloe said. "but I'm not taking any chances so let's be careful."

Aubrey and Stacie walked back towards Aubrey's car after searching around campus for Lilly and Donald.

"I vote on us driving the hell out of here," Stacie said.

"Stacie!" Aubrey chided her.

"What? We could go to the police station." Stacie looked around, feeling uncomfortable being outside knowing there was a killer roaming about. "This is just too much for me. Aren't you scared?"

"Of course I'm scared but I'm not running off to safety and leaving my friends here."

"We're not running off to safety. We're running to get safety," Stacie corrected. The brunette stopped walking once they neared Aubrey's car and she saw that the door was open. "Did you leave that open?"

Aubrey shook her head. "I even locked it."

"Shit!" Stacie exclaimed. "Shit, shit, shit-,"

"Okay, okay!" Aubrey cut her of. "Calm down."

"Calm down?" Stacie laughed dryly. "The killer is in the car. We're stranded."

"He's not in the car," Aubrey said. "It's a trick. Let's just run to it and get out of here."

"What if he knew that's what we would think and he actually is in the car?"

Aubrey let out a frustrated breath. That did make sense. "I don't know."

"You don't know? The great Aubrey Posen doesn't know? We're going to die! Do something!"

"Oh my god, Stacie just shut up!"

"Don't tell me to-." Stacie gasped in pain and Aubrey turned her head to see that the brunette had been run through with a knife.

Aubrey looked behind Stacie and saw the Barden Killer pulling the knife out of her. She quickly turned and ran towards her car but the killer got her by her hair, stopping her from reaching her destination.

The Barden Killer pushed Aubrey to the ground causing her to drop her cell phone. The cloaked figure waved the knife at her as if they were wagging their finger.

Aubrey began to scoot back away from the killer. "Why are you doing this?"

The answer she was met with was the killer plunging the knife down towards her. Aubrey quickly rolled out of the way and got to her feet. The killer was quick, though, slashing at her causing the blade to slice her arm. They then punched her across the face making her stumble back a bit.

Aubrey began to breathe heavier and she clutched her stomach as she felt herself getting ready to vomit. The killer paused and tilted their head as they watched her hyperventilate. When the killer realized that she was about to throw up, they took several steps back.

Aubrey projectile vomited and it was apparently too much for the killer, who took off running. As soon as her nerves had calmed, Aubrey made her way over to Stacie to check her pulse. Realizing that the girl was dead, the blonde made her way back to her car, starting it up and taking off towards where Beca and Chloe were supposed to be.

Chloe and Beca had been in the gym for about five minutes and Amy still hadn't arrived with the others.

"Try calling her again," Chloe said.

"She didn't answer the first ten times; I doubt she'll answer now," Beca said with irritation. Seeing Chloe's face, she quickly regretted her attitude. "I'm sorry, Chlo." She pulled the girl to her for a hug. "I'm just high-strung."

"It's okay. Serial killers bring out the worst in people," Chloe joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Beca smiled briefly at her girlfriend's attempt to ease her worry. "What if she's not here because-,"

"This is Amy we're talking about," Chloe stated. "The killer is in for trouble if he crosses her path."

The door to the gym opened and the girls were surprised to see Benji.

"What are you doing here?" Beca asked.

"I, uh, followed you here," Benji answered. "I saw you leaving the dorm and called after you but I guess you guys didn't hear me. I've been waiting outside but when you didn't come out after a couple of minutes, I got worried. Jesse texted me and told me to meet up with you guys because you think the Barden Killer is here."

Beca stepped forward so that Chloe was behind her. "You have a red stain on your shirt."

Benji looked down at his shirt and laughed. "Yeah, I spilled my drink." He took a step further inside but stopped any further movement when Beca ordered him to. "What's wrong?"

"I don't understand why you're doing this," Beca said.

Benji frowned. "Doing what?"

"Killing everyone!" Beca yelled.

Benji shook his head. "I haven't hurt anyone."

"So I'm just supposed to believe you magically appeared at the radio station? And you were the only person from an a cappella group that wasn't at the party tonight."

"I told you why I was at the radio station," Benji said. "And I had work to do so I didn't go to the party. That doesn't make me a killer." Benji walked further into the gym.

"Benji do not move!" Beca yelled. "Just... stand there." The brunette needed to figure this out. "Chloe what do you think?"

Chloe bit her bottom lip. She wasn't sure what to make of the situation either.

Aubrey jumped out of her car when she saw Amy walking out of the seniors' dorm building. "Hey, are you okay?"

"The Barden Killer got Denise," Amy said, frantically. "And I haven't been able to find anyone."

"Stacie's dead too," Aubrey said, sadly. "God, I was almost next. You need to call the police. I lost my phone."

"Mine's gone too," Amy said.

"Damn it." Aubrey ran a hand through her hair.

"Hey!" Cynthia Rose ran up to her friends. "Ashley and Jessica... they're... it happened really fast. I didn't even have a chance to help them."

"Stacie and Denise, too," Amy said. "Do you have a phone?"

Cynthia Rose held up her cell phone and Aubrey quickly took it.

"I'm calling Chloe," Aubrey said.

"What about the police?" Amy said.

"After," Aubrey said as she placed the phone to her ear.

"You know what?" Benji began. "It's okay. I get that you're both a little hesitant about trusting me. A lot is happening right now. I'm just going to step outside and wait for Jesse."

Chloe's phone rang and she saw Cynthia Rose's name appear on the screen. "Cynthia Rose?"

"It's Aubrey," the blonde corrected. "Where are you? Is Beca with you? Are you hurt?"

"We're fine. We're at the gym... with Benji. We're not sure if we should trust him. What do you think?"

"Unless he has the ability to run across campus faster than I could drive, then it's not Benji. We'll meet you at the gym. Just stay there, okay? Call Cynthia Rose's phone if you need me. Amy and I lost our phones."

"Wait, ask Amy if she texted us to meet her here," Chloe said.

"She says she didn't," Aubrey answered after a second. "Shit, Chloe. The killer is probably on their way to you. Get out of there, okay?"

"Okay," Chloe said before ending the call. "Benji, wait."

Benji stopped in between the doorway but didn't turn around.

"What are you doing?" Beca asked her girlfriend.

"Aubrey said it's not Benji," Chloe said. "The killer was across campus. She said Benji couldn't make it here that fast on foot."

"So maybe he wasn't on foot," Beca said.

"Or maybe he's not the killer," Chloe shot back. "Benji?" She frowned as the boy stayed lingering in the doorway.

Benji turned around slowly with his hands to his neck. Blood was seeping through his fingers from a slash wound across his throat.

Beca and Chloe stood with wide eyes as they watched Benji fall to the floor, revealing the Barden Killer who was now standing in the doorway.