Chapter Five

Beca grabbed Chloe by the wrist and pulled her towards the back exit. She cursed when the door didn't budge. Of course it would be locked. She turned back around and saw the masked figure still standing at the entry way. "I'm going to distract him and you're going to run," Beca whispered to her girlfriend.

"What? No," Chloe quickly disagreed. "I'm not leaving you to take on that crazy fuck."

Beca kept her eyes on the masked man who was now waving at her with his knife. "Please, Chloe. I need you to make it out of here safely, okay?"

"And what about you?" Chloe asked, angrily. "You don't think I want to see you make it out of here?"

"I'm just going to distract him," Beca said. "I can run fast."

"And I'm stronger," Chloe shot back. "There's two of us and one of him. We could try to take him."

"Yeah, two of us and one of him with a knife," Beca pointed out. "I think he wins."

Beca didn't have time to argue with Chloe. The Barden Killer was now walking towards them. "Fine. We get out of here together."

As the Barden Killer began to run towards them, Chloe and Beca ran up the bleachers. Beca felt a hand on her leg and she was pulled down, hitting her head in the process. "Shit," she kicked her back leg out, connecting with the killer's stomach. She watched in relief as he tumbled down the bleachers until he laid unconscious at the bottom.

Beca began to step down the bleachers towards him, but Chloe stopped her. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to find out who it is," Beca said with determination.

"Have you never seen a slasher movie?" Chloe asked.

"Actually, I haven't," Beca said.

"Right, of course. I forgot I was talking to the hater of films. The second you go over there, the killer is going to kill you. We're not falling for it. We're running straight for that door," she gestured to the front entrance.

Beca nodded. "Okay, let's go."

The two slowly walked down the bleachers, keeping an eye on the unconscious killer. Once they were on the floor, they took off running for the door.

Once they were outside, they saw Aubrey, Amy and Cynthia Rose running towards them.

"You're bleeding." Chloe looked at Aubrey's arm that had been wrapped with a piece of a torn shirt.

"It could be a lot worse all things considered," Aubrey said as she pulled Chloe into a hug. "I've been so worried." She pulled away from Chloe so that she could give Beca a quick hug.

"Benji's dead," Chloe said. "The killer is unconscious in the gym."

Beca frowned when she noticed the low number of Bellas that were in her presence. "Where's everyone else? Where's Jesse?"

Amy shook her head. "We're the only Bellas left. I haven't seen Jesse. That could mean several things. He's dead, he's hurt somewhere, maybe he got away... or," Amy gestured towards the gym. "maybe he's lying unconscious in there."

Beca was taken aback by the accusation. "You think Jesse's the Barden Killer?"

"We haven't seen him since we split up," Cynthia Rose said. "It's a possibility."

"He was the one that saved me back at the station, remember?" Beca asked. "It can't be him."

"Well he's unconscious you say?" Amy asked. "Let's go find out."

"What? Hell no!" Cynthia Rose yelled as she began to back away from them. "Let's get out of here."

Amy had already opened the gym door and was standing in the entryway peering inside. "Um, guys... the Barden Killer's not in here."

"What?" Beca opened the door wider and looked inside. She spotted the open backdoor and quickly turned around. "He went out the backdoor. We need to get out of here."

"To the car." Cynthia Rose took off towards the car.

"Wait!" Amy yelled but the scared Bella wasn't listening. "Aubrey where are the keys?"

Aubrey cringed. "I left them in the car. I wasn't thinking."

The car started up as Cynthia Rose got closer to it. She quickly stopped running when she saw the killer in the driver's seat.

"Run!" Aubrey yelled to the Bella.

Cynthia turned around to run but she didn't make it far as the car hit her, causing her to fly over the hood and roll over the back of the trunk.

"He's going to run her over!" Chloe said as the car began to reverse.

"She wasn't the first to die. My statistics were so off," Amy said.

Everyone looked at the blonde in disbelief.

"I'm sorry! I say insensitive things when I'm scared!" Amy ran a hand through her hair. "It's like when Aubrey bored eats."

Aubrey scoffed. "I don't bored eat."

"Guys," Beca said, getting their attention.

They looked back at the car and saw the killer exiting it. They watched as he showed them the key and then tossed it as far away as possible.

"What's the plan?" Amy asked. "I'm thinking we should just charge the sick bastard and beat the hell out of him."

"I vote for not doing that," Aubrey said.

"We need to run," Chloe said as the killer neared them.

The remaining Bellas took off running not exactly sure where they were going.

"Have the police been called?" Beca asked as they ran.

"I called them after I call Chloe." Aubrey glanced behind her and saw that the killer was gaining speed on them.

"Don't expect the police to get here until we're either all dead or we do their job for them and kill that bastard," Amy stated, still really wishing she had taken cardio more seriously.

"He's right behind us," Chloe tried to pick up speed but the flats she was wearing weren't helping much.

As they continued to run, Chloe ended up tripping and hitting the ground.

The others heard her fall and immediately stopped running to check on her.

"Shit!" Aubrey yelled when she saw how close the killer was.

"Aubrey grab her and get the hell out of here!" Beca yelled as she charged for the Barden Killer who was hovering over the terrified redhead.

Beca used all her weight to tackle the masked killer to the ground but he quickly recovered and the two began to roll around on the ground as Beca tried to avoid the knife.

"Beca!" Chloe moved to assist her but Aubrey grabbed her by the wrist.

"Go!" Beca yelled just before she was impaled with the knife through her shoulder.

"No, Beca!" Chloe yelled as the killer stabbed her girlfriend again, this time in the stomach.

"We need to go! I'm sorry." Aubrey pulled Chloe and the redhead finally took off running with tear filled eyes.