Chapter Six

Chloe, Aubrey and Amy stopped running as they neared the radio station. They looked around them and saw no sign of the Barden Killer.

"I think we've lost him," Aubrey said before looking at Chloe. It broke her heart to see her best friend looking so distraught. She placed her hand on Chloe's shoulder at the redhead shrugged it away. "We could've saved her."

"It was too late," Aubrey said. "I'm sorry, Chloe. She was my friend. I-,"

"You barely liked her," Chloe spat. "She meant everything to me."

"Chloe we'll miss Beca," Amy said, sincerely. "She was a good person and she wouldn't want us standing out here in the open while there's a murderer on the loose."

"Yeah, we should go inside." Aubrey gestured to the radio station. "We'll be safer in there."

Chloe allowed them to guide her into the radio station and she quickly sat down in the first chair that she saw. Aubrey locked the door and peeked out the window to make sure the killer wasn't around before turning to face Chloe. She was about to speak to the redhead when she noticed Jesse lying in a corner, beaten and bloodied.

"Oh my god, Jesse?" She rushed over to him and he greeted her with a faint smile. "What happened?"

"Threw down with the Barden Killer," Jesse replied, wincing as he tried to sit up. "The Barden Killer won."

"Is there a first aid kit here?" Aubrey asked.

"Not sure... maybe." Jesse looked around the room. "Where's everyone else? Beca? Benji?" He frowned when no one responded. "Are they..."

"Yeah," Aubrey replied, quietly.

"How'd you guys let that happen?" Jesse asked, angrily.

Chloe stood up and glared down at the injured Treble. "How did we let that happen? Do you think I just handed my girlfriend over to a psychopath, you asshole?"

"We couldn't save them," Amy added. "It's no one's fault."

"If I were there, I would've been able to," Jesse said, seething from the fact that his two best friends were dead.

"But you weren't were you?" Chloe snapped. "You were sitting in here hiding while we were out there trying to find everyone so shut up you insensitive prick!"

Aubrey placed her hands on Chloe's shoulders to try and calm her. "Hey, we're all upset. It's just us now, though so we need to stick together, okay?"

Chloe nodded and wiped the tears that had escaped from her eyes.

Aubrey turned to look at Jesse. "Okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Jesse said.

"I'll go look for a first aid kit," Amy said before disappearing further into the station.

After several minutes, Amy had Jesse patched up and they were sitting silently. They weren't sure what they were waiting for; the police to find them first or the Barden Killer. Either way, they were growing restless.

"We can't just sit in here," Chloe said.

"She's right," Amy agreed. "I'm ready to fight back. I'm over this bastard trying to kill all of us."

"So what?" Aubrey asked. "We go after a crazy person wielding a knife?"

"There are four of us?" Chloe pointed out. "We can take him."

"Three and a half." Amy looked at Jesse who was still sitting in the corner. "I doubt he'll be much help."
Aubrey thought for a moment before nodding her head. "Okay, I'm in."

"Me too." Jesse stood up, wincing from the pain as he did so.

"Are we just going to go out there unarmed?" Aubrey asked.

"Start looking for weapons," Amy instructed. "There's got to be something here we can use against the killer."
They began to look around and after a few minutes, the only thing they found was a hammer.

"Well, a hammer is better than nothing," Chloe said, optimistically.

"Let's do this." Amy moved to the door, clutching the hammer as she opened it. "The Barden Killer is about to be pitch-slapped."

Thirty minutes later...

"Maybe he left," Aubrey said after thirty minutes of walking. "And seriously, where the hell are the police."

"Forget the police," Chloe said. "Why are we the only ones walking around campus? It's not that late."

"I guess everyone's partying while we're fighting for our lives," Amy said.

"Sounds pretty accurate," Jesse said.

The three heard a scream and quickly looked around. The scream was heard again and they took off in the direction it came from. As they ran, Bumper came into sight.

"What the hell!" Bumper yelled when he spotted them. He had a cut on his forehead and he was limping. "There are bodies everywhere and someone just tried to kill me! I didn't come back to Barden for this shit!"

"Oh yay, Bumper's still alive," Amy said, sarcastically.

"What are you three even doing?" Bumper asked.

"We're looking for the killer," Amy replied. "We're going to get him before he gets us."

"You can join us," Jesse said.

"Yeah, I'll sit this one out," Bumper said. "I'm not a fan of trying to pick a fight with deranged killers."

"That's fine." Aubrey began to walk and the others joined her. "We'll see you later... if you're not dead."

"Wait," Bumper sped up to join them. "I'll walk with you for a bit."

As they walked in silence, looking for the Barden Killer, Bumper decided to talk.

"This will make a good documentary," the ex-Treble said. "The story of how we all survived the Barden Killer. Maybe they'll even make a movie out of it."

Chloe rolled her eyes but didn't bother commenting on anything the idiotic man said.

"This isn't exactly something I'd want to glamorize," Aubrey stated.

"Oh, come on," Bumper said. "People will love to hear how your weird vomiting problem saved your life."

Aubrey frowned. "How'd you know that?"

Bumper scratched his head. "I saw it and just assumed that's what happened."

"Very accurate assumption," Aubrey said, looking at his suspiciously.

Chloe stopped walking and turned to look at Bumper. "Where have you been all night, Bumper?"

Bumped scoffed. "Are you guys accusing me of something? I was at that party for half of the night and I spent the other half fighting for my life."

"How'd you get that limp?" Chloe asked. "And that bump on your head?"

"The killer, you idiot," Bumped snapped. "I told you."
"Or was it caused when you were kicked down a flight of stairs?" Chloe asked.

"This is ridiculous," Bumper said. "I'm not the Barden Killer!" Bumper noticed Amy beginning to raise the hammer she was carrying and quickly pulled a gun out from where it was nestled in the back of his jeans. He pointed it at her as he took several steps back. "You're ruining my plan!"

Chloe, Aubrey, Amy and Jesse each took an instinctive step back.

"Don't move!" Bumper yelled.

"You killed them?" Jesse asked, shocked. "The Trebles were your friends. Why would you do that?"

"You're all a bunch of idiots," Bumper said. "You ruined our winning streak by losing to the Barden Bellas. I worked hard to win at the I.C.C.A every year and you let the Barden Bellas win?"

"That's what this is about?" Aubrey asked, appalled. "You killed everyone because the Trebles lost?"

"Weren't you working with John Mayer or whatever?" Chloe asked. "What do you care?"

"That fell through," Bumper stated.

"So what, you were just going to kill all of us and get famous from being the only survivor?"

"I had decided to let three of you live so that it wouldn't be suspicious that I survived but I guess I'll have to kill you now," Bumper said. "And Jesse, I'm sorry, bud, but you're dead. I need someone to pin this whole thing on."

Jesse's eyes went back and forth between the gun and Bumper. "You don't have to do this."

"I do!" Bumper yelled. "I'm not meant for mediocre living! I need to be famous!"

Chloe was seeing red at this point. "You killed Beca and all my friends so that you could be famous?"

Aubrey could see Chloe clenching her fists at her sides and was worried that the redhead would do something stupid.

"That was a little more personal," Bumper said. "Her set list was what let you guys win."

"You son of a bitch!" Chloe shouted.

Jesse moved forward to attack Bumper while his attention was on Chloe, but the ex-Treble was faster. Bumper shot Jesse in the chest and pointed the gun back at the remaining women.

"You killed him!" Aubrey yelled, shocked.

"Don't worry. You'll be joining him."

"You won't get away with this," Chloe said.

Bumper looked down at Jesse. "Of course I will. Jesse's the one that killed everyone. I already set it up so that it looks like he did it." He pointed the gun at each of the Bellas. "Now who wants to die first?" No one said anything and Bumper sighed. "I guess I'll have to choose." He looked at them until his eyes settled on Aubrey. "You."

"No," Chloe took a step forward. "I'll go first."

"Don't you dare shoot her," Aubrey warned as she pulled Chloe back to her.

Bumper looked at Amy. "Anything you want to add?"

"Could you maybe just shoot yourself?" Amy asked.

"And you just volunteered to be first," Bumper said. He frowned when he saw the three women look behind him. "I'm not falling for that. You pretend there's someone behind me and I looked and then you attack me. I'm not stupid."

"Actually you are."

Bumper turned around and was met with Beca's fist to the face causing him to drop his gun. The gun was quickly retrieved and Bumper was shot twice in the chest.

Beca took a few steps towards Chloe and her friends before dropping to her knees.

Chloe quickly ran over to her girlfriend. "I thought you were dead!" She hugged the brunette to her.

"Too tight, Chlo," Beca winced.

"Sorry." Chloe pulled away and kissed Beca.

Beca wiped the tears that began to spill from Chloe's eyes. "I'm okay. I just need a lot of stitches."

Chloe looked back at the other Bellas. "We need to get her to a hospital." Chloe helped her girlfriend up.

Aubrey noticed the frown on Amy's face. "What's wrong?"

"That was anti-climatic," Amy said. "I was expecting him to die in some bad ass way like in the movies."

"Well this isn't a movie," Aubrey pointed out. "And he could've always killed us instead."

"Anti-climatic is good," Amy decided as she went to go help Chloe with Beca.

Aubrey smiled at the petite brunette. "It's good to see you alive and kicking."

"Alive and punching, actually," Beca said flexing her fingers. "That really hurt."

Aubrey rolled her eyes at the bad joke and glanced to the spot where Bumper was... except he wasn't there. "Guys he's gone."

The other three Bellas looked where Aubrey was looking and saw that Bumper was in fact gone.

Aubrey glared at Amy. "Too anti-climatic?" She asked. "Well, there ya go. He's still alive."

"Where the hell did he go?" Chloe looked around.

"He couldn't have gone more than a couple of steps," Amy assured them.

Beca nodded towards the tree. "I think he's behind there," she whispered. It was the only logical place he could be.

"What should we do?" Aubrey asked.

Beca pulled away from Chloe and Amy so that she could make her way towards the tree.

Chloe grabbed Beca by the wrist. "No, don't."

"It's okay." Beca kissed Chloe on the forehead and moved slowly towards the tree. When she neared it, she raised the gun before looking behind the tree. Her shoulders dropped when she saw that he wasn't there. "He's not here."

"Behind you!" Chloe yelled.

Beca turned around and fired several bullets into Bumper's chest but they didn't slow him down.

"Double tap, double tap!" Amy yelled.

"What?" Beca yelled.

"The head!" Amy shouted.

Beca raised the gun and shot Bumper in the head twice.

Chloe frowned. "Isn't double tapping for zombies?"

"Do you want him to get up again?" Amy asked.

Beca dropped the gun and made her way back over to her friends just as sirens sounded nearby. "The police are here as punctual as ever."

The other three girls began to laugh.

"I told you," Amy said. "They're always late to the party."

The last of the Bellas began to walk towards where they saw the flashing police lights.

Chloe put an arm around Beca's waist as they walked. "I'm thinking we should start spring break early."

Aubrey nodded. "I'm in total agreement with that," she said as the police came rushing towards them.