Light of Day

02. Fire

Pairing: SasuSaku


When she was young, she remembered her mother telling her to not play with fire.

"They may look warm and inviting, but you'll get burned if you get too near to it," her mother used to warn her whenever she was caught taking her father's matchsticks out to the backyard in an attempt to create the spark.

She should have listened to her mother.

At that moment, she was trapped in a ring of fire, with no means of escape. She watched as the flames licked the wooden walls, charring it black as it grew larger by the second.

Her green eyes scanned the room tiredly. She could try to run towards the window at the opposite side of the room and escape from there. But with her serious injury on her stomach and her almost out of chakra, she knew she would die should she attempt to jump from that height.

Her back against the wall, she slid to a sitting position on the floor, wincing as pain coursed through her body.

She was bleeding profusely, she knew, but there was no way she could do any sort of emergency treatment to staunch the bleeding with such low levels of chakra.

As her vision began to blur, she saw the door on her right opened and snapped her head towards that direction.

Her eyes widened as she took in the familiar figure at the door.

The man by the door took his time to look around the room, the flames he created now licking the ceiling, before looking down on her pathetic form against the wall.

She ducked her head, the pale pink hair covering her face, silently wishing that he would just leave her there. After all, it was because of him that she was in this state.

No, a voice whispered from the deep recesses of her mind. I'm at fault.

I was the one who pushed too far.

I did this.


His voice sent chills down her spine and the dark, cold aura radiating from his being did not help.

She slowly raised her eyes to meet his.

Her green eyes clashed with his blood red one.

"You must not play with fire."



I don't really like how this turned out but oh well. That's what happens when I write at one in the morning.

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