That was one heck of a day, and its only 2pm

"Shane stop! You're going to make us crash!" Mitchie Torres exclaimed to her boyfriend Shane Gray.

Shane rolled his eyes and continued paddling around the lake in a canoe.

"We're not gonna crash Mitch. Just trust me." He responded. Mitchie sighed in relief. That was until she saw a huge bolder, and they were headed straight for it!

"Shane look out!" She exclaimed as the side of the canoe scraped along the towering bolder. Both teens ducked so they wouldn't get hit.

"Do you think that we can make it back to camp?" Shane asked.

"We might, it that wasn't there." Mitchie answered, pointing to the bottom. Water was quickly seeping in, murky water already up to their ankles.

"I guess its not a good thing that were in the middle of the woods." Shane said, looking around.

"Ya think!?" Mitchie exclaimed, hitting him upside the head.

Shane was going to respond when his side of the canoe tipped, sending them both tumbling into the water.

Mitchie surfaced first then Shane, whipping the water from their eyes.

"Great! My contacts fell out!" Was the first thing Mitchie heard from her boyfriend.

"You'll live!" She exclaimed.

"But I can't see!"

Mitchie swam ahead to a broken off side of the canoe, Shane right behind her.

"Get on Mitchie. " Shane said, gently pushing her on.

"But what about you?" Mitchie asked as Shane balanced half of his body on the piece of broken canoe.

"Don't worry, I'll be okay." He whispered, lightly kissing her cheek.

Shane lied his head on his crossed arms, dozing off. Mitchie lied her head near his, just listing to the sounds around her.

Sometime later Mitchie could no longer hear Shane's breathing.

"Shane? You okay?" Mitchie asked, shaking him slightly.

Shane didn't even move.

"Shane!" Mitchie exclaimed, shaking him harder, now getting scared.

"Shane, don't leave me." Mitchie said, almost crying.

"Mitch, it's the middle of summer, we're in a lake and I'm not dead!" Shane stated, now fully awake.

"Sorry it's just that I didn't hear you breathing and I got scared." Mitchie said, taking his hands in her own.

"Well I'm fine, I was just sleeping." Shane said, smiling lightly. Mitchie kissed his rosy lips before getting back into the water.

"What are you doing?" Shane asked.

"I'm gonna go find the shoreline red cheeks." Mitchie said, before starting to swim.

Her comment only caused Shane to blush more. After a few seconds he started swimming after her.

Not much later the dock came into view. Mitchie climbed on first, then Shane. He grabbed her hand, but Shane, being Shane, tripped over a loose bored and fell back into the lake.

"Shane, don't let go!" Mitchie exclaimed.

"I'll never let go." He said. Shane pushed himself back on the dock, with help from Mitchie of course.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep after I shower." Mitchie stated, stifling a yawn.

"Me too, its been a rough day." Shane said, he too yawning.

Upon getting to camp the two lovers parted ways. The day had been full of accidents, "Titanic" moments and water, it had just been one heck of a day. Atleast for it only being 2 pm it had.

I wrote this the other day, i don't know it just came to me! Im sorry to those stories i wont be able to review,my phone service got cut off! Well, i hope you enjoy it! I do have a few full length story ideas, I'll tell you guys when i have more time! Enjoy!