"Please, Please don't do this to me!"


I woke up covered in sweat. Jack quickly rose and saw me distraught and hugged me tighter grasping my hair.

"Don't worry Evie, It's not him, he's not here any more, It's me Jack." he said kissing my neck. A shiver ran down my spine.

It was 8 am and nobody was awake yet.

"Jack, I love you."

"I love you too"

"Please don't leave me"

"I never would, I'm in love with you and you're the only one for me"

I snuggled back into his neck. I want to be like this for the rest of my existence.

A few hours passed until Finn came in to wish me morning and to check on me.

We all got up ( Well not me i had to be carried out of bed and onto the sofa because my stomach hurt that bad.)

"Right, shall i get you down to the Clinic then?" Finn asked.

"Yeah, but can i get ready first plus i have to learn how to walk with my stomach like this."

"Yeah, they'd probably think that I'm the one to give you them bruises" Jack Said.

He helped me up as i tried not to cry with the excruciating pain. He then got me in the bathroom as he got my stuff Mizzie sent over.

There was Some foundation, Concealer, Powder, Mascara and lip gloss in the make-up bag. Then Pants, A bra, Cute jeans and A baggy Queen shirt.

I managed to completely cover my bruises and make myself look pretty presentable. Then hobbled off into the living room as jack said,

"Beautiful as always"

I blushed as Finn hurried over to help me out the door. Jack followed.

We got into Finn's Dark Blue BMW because Jack wanted to sit in the back with me and cuddle.

Soon we made it to the Clinic and Got into the waiting room.

The wait seemed ages. I said that i didn't want to report the rape because it would just make my mental state even worse plus, it probably wouldn't get sorted. The boys said they thought i was crazy but they respect my wishes. We waited about 20 minutes in a waiting room with loads of prostitutes and all sorts then we finally got called in.

"Eve Mourey" The kind looking nurse said shouting me in with a smile.

"Here we go" I said nervously crushing the boys hands.

I stepped in the nurses office whilst Jack and Finn waited outside.

"So how may i help you Miss?" The nurse asked.

"Well I had... Unprotected sex the other night and I'm here for a check up"

"Ah, well that is a very very risky game" She said.

"So first I'm going to give you 40 condoms okay?"

"Um all right" I said whilst she passed them over.

"Now if you lay on here whilst i check you" She smiled.

The check was Uncomfortable and embarrassing and felt like it was everlasting. When she'd done she said.

"Alrighty, I'll do all our checks and you just sit here and wait." She smiled leaving the room.

It took her about 20 minutes and then she walked back in and said,

"Alright, Well We did a HIV check that's all clear, We did a Chlamydia check and that's all clear but you have to do a pregnancy test in a few weeks. And you have a lot of internal bleeding and i'd just use these antibiotics and that should be cleared up." She smiled handing me tablets with a complicated name.


"Thanks for your time" I beamed.

Then i left the room as Jack and Finn both stood up as they caught sight of me.

"All clear" I smiled as Jack and Finn looked relieved.

"But i do have a lot of internal bleeding so i have to take these" They both looked quite relieved.

We got home and i put on a smile to hide my pain. I felt so dirty and wrong.