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Chapter 1: This is going to be fun.

Flynn's hideout…

Quorra entered the room. She had just discovered something unbelievable and if this was true it would mean that there's hope for them yet. Flynn was seated on a big white pillow in the middle of the room, meditating like he always did. "Flynn."

"Welcome back Quorra. I'm glad you're safe."

"So am I. I've brought news, good news."

"Good, that's good." Quorra walked over to her savor and took a seat.

"There are some new… rumors spreading about a rebel in Argon city. They call him the renegade, but the others believe that he's…" Quorra stopped in mid sentence and Flynn opened his eyes to look at her. "That he's what , Quorra."

"They think that he might be… Tron"

Flynn's eyes widened. "And you believe this?"

She hesitated but answered him. "I'm starting to, yes." Flynn's eyes showed a glimmer of hope. He jumped up, moving faster than she had seen him move in years. He quickly made his way to his room. Quorra having nowhere else to go decided to follow her creator. Once inside, Flynn opened a drawer on the far side of the room and started looking for something.

"Uh…Flynn, what are you doing?" Flynn pulled out a small black wooden box.

"Quorra, do you remember the story about the girl named Shadow?" Quorra thought for a moment.

"Oh yes, she's the one who gave her live to save her world…"

"…and in return became the planet itself." Flynn finished for her.

"She's also the one who messes with you." Quorra laughed and Flynn's smile dropped at the thought of his last encounter with the alien spirit. Even though she messed with him a lot, he did like shadow. She was just hard to control. Quorra on the other hand, has never met the infamous being, but she had always loved listening to Flynn's stories of her.

"You're hilarious, thanks for bringing it up. Anyway, if there's one person who can find and help Tron, it's Shannon (A.k.a. Shadow)."

Quorra was shocked. "You're going to call her?" With a depressive sigh he nodded.

"How?" Flynn grinned. "That's the beauty of it."

Flynn opened the box and took out its contents. Quorra stared at the object. It was an amulet. It had a beautiful silver and black chain and on the end was a beautiful crystal*. Quorra had read about these before but this one was different. It didn't have any particular color really, there were so many, some where even colors she had never seen before in her entire life. What intrigued her most was the image inside the crystal, millions of small lights all drifting in a dark void, in a spiral. It was actually quite beautiful.

Quorra was snapped out of her trance when Flynn spoke "It's called a galaxy."


"The thing inside the crystal." Quorra looked at it with mixed emotions of confusion and wonder.

"This is a galaxy? I thought it would be bigger."

"No man, that's just an image of our galaxy. It's not really in there." Flynn laughed.

"But it's moving!" she sounded almost distressed.

"That's because you're seeing it as it is now."

"Oh." She nodded in understanding.

"Now, how does this thing work again? Oh yes!" Flynn took the crystal and twisted it in its base. In seconds, as Flynn calls them, the whole room lit up in a blinding light, emitting from the crystal. Fortunately it disappeared just as fast as it came.

Quorra looked up to see if Flynn was alright, but in stead all she could see was small black dots. She rubbed her eyes and opened them again. The dots where now fading away. She was relieved to see Flynn was recovering too.

"So, what now?"

"We wait…"

On a far away planet, Terra-Gleasa…

A girl looking no older than seventeen was fighting off two monstrous creatures. This girl's name was Shannon, but most people called her Shadow, for lots of different reasons. And then again there was the saying of 'never judge a book by it's cover'. She is actually tree hundred and seventeen years old, not to mention that she was also the very planet she's standing on. But that's not what's important right now.

"Oh, so you don't like that, now do you! Then come and get me you overgrown slime buckets!"

One of the Beasts snarled and snapped at her, but she dodged and kicked it in the jaw, successfully throwing the other one with one of her dual blades, in the process. She made a back flip in order to avoid another attack from the first Beast. It snapped at her again. Using her telekinesis she retrieved her other blade from the other beast, jumped onto the monster's head, trusted her blades into its skull and started to run down its back, cutting it all the way down. All of this happened in a few seconds. The Beast shrieked in pain and rage, but fortunately couldn't find its feet, it was way too dizzy.

But the fight wasn't over yet. The beast she threw with her blade earlier was getting to its feet. Shannon growled, she wanted this to end now!

"Time to end this." She summoned her power that she had buried deep inside her. Small lights all around her body started to light up like they some times did at night. Her glowing aqua blue eyes turned neon green. She could feel the breath of the planet, her breath.

The beast charged at her with lightning speed. She threw her hands up and the vines of the trees around them came to life. They grabbed the enraged beast and restrained it. A terrifying cry was heard from above, but it didn't come from beast. Shannon looked to the sky seeing in infra-red vision (the planet's point of view), a black spot was visible.

As it quickly neared its target it became clear that the creature was an uninfected black dragon. The beast cried in terror, seeing with its soulless eyes its imminent doom. The beast made a futile attempt to escape, but it was too late. The dragon swooped down on its pray, snatched the beast of the ground and flew off. It made a cry of thanks.


Shannon returned to normal, smiling at her triumph. She looked at her progress. There was the one Beast that she took down earlier, the other one that's being carried of by a black dragon and then there was the one that's too dizzy to fight on. Looks like my job is done.

"Mmm, I give it a five out of ten? What do you think?" She asked her unseen companion.

A small sound came from her utility belt. She looked down to see her little scaly friend pop out of her bag. It was a small dragon best known as a Royal leaf dragon for the simple fact that they where only a little bigger than a leaf, had green scales and their wings looked like leaves. He made a few small chirping/growling noises in reply.

"Yeah, I think so too." That's when she felt a familiar cold burning sensation in her arm. She didn't even bother to look. She knew that her 'birthmark' was glowing in a brilliant white. Her eyes, once again, changed color, but this time it was a cloudy white. She gazed at all the demotions checking each one before finding the one she was looking for.

"Looks like Flynny needs some help. Want to go and visit an old friend?" her eyes returned back to normal. The leaf dragon made a squeak of joy. And Shannon grinned…

"This is going to be fun…"

-The Grid, Argon city…

Shannon stood on the side of a large hill, right on the outskirts of the once mighty city of Argon. She watched how Tesler's guards, or Reds as she liked to call them, patrolled the streets, looking for any potential victims for the next grid games.

"So what's first?" She heard Flynn's aging voice through the intercom of the ear piece.

Shannon in a crouching position, spots a Grid train in the distance, heading towards the coliseum. Eyes never leaving the train, she responded.

"I find out about all of Tron's whereabouts, along with any information on where he might be, but first…"

She gave a quick glance at the deadly cliff directly in front of her, a mischievous grin spreading over her face. Now, if you knew her and were her 'victim' you'd start running for your life and dignity, but if you weren't you'd go and get a camera, cause if there was one thing Shannon always had, it was that she always had a trick up her sleeve.

"…I'm gonna have some fun." She took a few steps back. "Oh crud."

In a split-second Shannon rocketed forward…

The Ground was rushing up at them at a few hundred miles an hour. Flynn's screams of terror could be heard on the other side of the intercom.

And all Shannon could do was laugh and push her arms tighter against her body in order to fall faster. In her head, it was payback for the long and boring debriefing on her mission. Plus, it's fun. She did like Quorra though, she was cool.

Unfortunately and much to her dismay she finally reached the ground. She enjoyed her last few seconds of free falling before wiping out her two stark black wings* in order to escape from her not-so-immanent doom. And Flynn, well…


"Why yes. Thanks for noticing."

"I'm serious man! You could have died!

"Sorry, been there, done that."

Only some irritated mumbling was heard containing something along the lines of 'never ask already dead teenage aliens for help' and some thing about flying.

As Flynn continued with his mumbling she started drifting off into her thoughts.

She had so many names, names like Shannon Berman, the strange seventeen year old Orphan, found in the woods, suffering from amnesia or A'kea, the last of the rarest and most powerful creatures in the universe. Even though all of them sounded like completely different people they always belonged to only one person.

But of all of them, none is more feared or respected than Shadow, a naturally born assassin* and the last hope for Terra-Gleasa, a planet that was pulled into war, a fight for survival, she gave her live to save it and as a result ended up becoming it herself.

She didn't like thinking of the power that she had stored inside of her.

The fact that she was actually a planet, a single soul in control of two bodies used to bother her, but not any more. Accepting it was the biggest step that she had to take to start with her new life.

Not much time had passed in the real world these last few hundred years so she still saw her friends, but unfortunately time traveling takes a lot of energy and she can't do it more than once a month back and forth, unless she wants her second death wish. If she could she would've seen them everyday.

Why Flynn always liked to call her by her Assassin name every time she messed with him however, was a mystery. Her unnecessary thoughts came to a halt when another yelp was heard from Flynn. She soon realized that she had sped up.

"Shadow, not so fast!"

She rolled her eyes. "You wine too much."

The train was now in full view. She slightly closed her wings resulting in her quickly diving towards the train. Extending her wings to their full five feet wingspan, Shannon flawlessly landed on the roof. There was a strange cracking sound as her wings retracted back into her back.

"Now that wasn't that bad, was it?"

"Whatever man, just put on your suit"

"Fine, A.I.* access code 7594 grid suit."

"Affirmative, access code accepted." A female voice responded

Her usual, leather jacket, black jeans, white top and black combat boots tuned into a black suit with neon blue circuitry. Not too much light, perfect for stealth.

She carefully studied the suit. Noticing that the suit included a black parka along with her dual blades and other weapons.

"Nice upgrades to the suit Flynn, I especially like my weapons."

Shannon decided to tie her pitch black hair that reached all the way down to her waist, into a pony tail, so that it wouldn't get in the way.

She also put on the hood of her parka in order to conceal her identity.

"No problem."

Unfortunately, the conversation didn't last long when Shadow's enhanced hearing picked something up. She closed her eyes, letting her instincts take over. An evil smile crept over her face. There was at least two guards and by the sound of it their coming right at her. The second one is not far behind the other. First one was a rooky and was already nervous, but dedicated.


She reopened her eyes revealing her beautiful glowing aqua blue eyes. They almost looked wolf like.

"…, something to beat up."

A muffled 'watch this' came from the ear piece before the tiny micro camera detached itself in order to see the fight better. She mentally rolled her eyes but understood. There's really nothing cooler than watching a natural assassin doing the thing they know best.

The first Red came at Shadow with lighting speed, light disk aiming for her head, but she ducked resulting in him falling behind her. The other one soon follows in suit, this time aiming at her chest. Big mistake.

In one fluid motion, she grabbed his arm, elbowed him in the face and then struck him in the hart, in seconds little pieces of data were spreading all across the roof.

Shannon smiled briefly at her victory before tuning to the other one. He hasn't even bothered to get up. He was clearly in shock.

The user grinned. "Boo."

In one not-so-fluid motion the program was back on his feet, running for his life.

Her evil smile returned. Oh, how she loved messing with people.

"You can now successfully say that you broke his hart."

Shannon chuckled at Flynn's comment, but her smile disappeared when she saw the rest of the grid train turning over.


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1* ) An Aurora crystal can be used as a beacon, a device to make the invisible visible or to make the wearer invisible. They can only be made by a shadow.

2*) The wolves on Terra-Gleasa are called Raptor wolves and has wings. (You will find out about the rest later.

3*) She messes with him a LOT.

4*) A naturally born assassin is a creature that is born knowing all the things an Assassin knows and learns. They are excellent killers and very good at stealth. Shannon is the last one of her species.

5*) A.I . is Shannon's supercomputer that's disguised as a bracelet

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