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Chapter 12

Emma's POV

"Ok, almost done! Just have to get this bit here, yep." Carrie's voice was muffled as she fussed to put bits of my hair in bobby pins, half of which were in her mouth.

I sighed. "Are you almost done yet? It might be a wasted effort. He probably doesn't even like me still after last night." She laughed loudly, spilling bobby pins all over the floor. She cursed under her breath as she bent to pick them up. "Oh, girl! It would take a lot more than you ditching him once for my brother to stop liking you. He is completely smitten," she said matter-of-factly. I grinned. "Really?" She rolled her eyes. "Of course Emma. And why wouldn't he be? You're gorgeous, smart, and funny. I haven't told him about any of your funky habits yet, so he'll be hooked until that point." I laughed, turning to smack the first part of her I could reach. Instead, I got bits of my hair pulled for my efforts.

"Ah!" She gasped dramatically. "Now look what you did, Emmy! You completely mussed your hair!" I giggled wickedly. "Sorry, Care-Bear. I will behave now." I sat up straight, acting like a good girl. She went back to fixing my hair.

"Carrie?" I asked softly after a moment, looking down at my hands. "Yeah?" she answered, still distracted with my hair. "I can't stop thinking about him," I said, still quiet. She smirked, almost spitting out a pin again. "That's normal, silly! I bet he's thinking about you at this very moment!" "Really?" I asked, moving my head suddenly, earning me another yank. "Dammit, girl! I swear if you move one more time…" she warned. I giggled. "Sorry, I just keep getting a bit excited." She huffed. "I realize this, but keep still!"

We both fell silent again for a few moments. Carrie sighed. "I don't understand why you are so worried, Em. Tom absolutely adores you, I'd never lie." I frowned, confused. "I think I quite believe you," I said, still not understanding completely. "Then why do you sound so unsure?" she asked, also confused. "Because I'm not sure we're talking about the same person…" I said, trailing off.


Her hands stopped messing with my hair. "You weren't talking about Tom?" she asked slowly. I shook my head, looking at my hands again. She sighed again. "Girl, what am I to do with you? You've got to stop thinking about that guy from the party! It won't do you any good. Plus, you'll never find him again, so what is the point?" I shrugged. "I know, you're right, but I just can't get him out of my head. I don't know why." She nodded. "I understand, Em. But seriously, even if you did find him, what would you do? You liked the person he was underneath the mask, you've no idea what he is really like. He could be some horrible person, or maybe he's got a gigantic mole on
his face or something," she said, giggling at the end. I laughed with her.

I trailed off, thinking. What would I do if I ever found him? Seeing as that is near impossible anyway, Carrie is right, I need to just put him out of my head.

"You're finished," she announced proudly. She led me to a huge mirror that Tom had in his spare bedroom (what is it with Fletcher's and their huge mirrors?). I looked pretty, yet simple:

Dark blue jeans with a burgundy jumper and white lacy cami underneath. Carrie had once again fixed my hair to not look so wild. It waved softly down my back, out of my face, which was extremely unusual for me.

"Thanks lovely," I replied happily. She beamed at me. "You look wonderful. Now, I must be off, but I'll be back soon," she said abruptly. I turned so quickly to look at her I cracked my neck. "Ow! Ugh. Wait, where are you going? You're just leaving me here?" I asked incredulously. She waved her hand in a it's no big deal gesture. "It's just Tom's house. He should be home any minute…" she trailed off, backing up as she talked. She swiftly grabbed her jacket, scarf, and gloves that were hanging on the door and walked out of the room. "Carrie Fletcher! What are you up to?" I asked knowingly. She turned to look at me, a suspiciously innocent look on her face. "Whatever do you mean?" she asked me sweetly. I narrowed my eyes. "Spill it. What do you know?" She shook her head, her eyes getting bigger the harder she tried to keep her secret. "Nothing. Nothing at all," she said, all the while backing up even more towards the front door. "Carrie!" I exclaimed, trying my hardest to not laugh. She grinned at me, and I saw so much happiness in that smile. "You'll see." She winked and quickly turned around, opening the front door and walking right into Tom. So much for those psychic sibling powers of hers.

"Oh!" she said, suddenly flustered. "Erm, well bye! I'll be back later!" she said swiftly, and closed the door and left before either of us could object or say anything back.

Tom looked at me slowly, the cutest confused look on his face. "Er, any idea at all where she went?" he asked, finally making his way gradually into his house. I watched him put his bags by the kitchen counter on the floor. I shrugged. "No idea. She said she'd be back soon but gave me nothing more than that." The silence dragged on for what seemed like hours, and a new atmosphere hit me all of a sudden: we were alone. Completely alone.

The tension and awkwardness felt like they were going to hit me in the face it was so potent. We were both looking off in separate directions, having no idea what to say or do first. But as I started to get over the awkwardness (or accustomed to it, I guess), I started to become aware of my sudden urge and desire to be closer to him. I knew the only way to do that was to start opening up to him and make the awkward tension go away. But seeing as I am the most awkward person ever, I knew it was not an easy task.

"So, er, how was your meeting?" I hoped it was a good question, and not one that he would just reply with "Oh, it was good," or something like that. His face lit up, relief that most apparent emotion. "It was great, thanks! It was on Radio 4, with John Rasher. I quite like him. He always gives us a good laugh…." He continued on, telling me about his day, and how last night had gone after he had lost me…

I slapped my forehead. "I'm so sorry, Tom! I'm so sorry I kind of ditched you, and got super drunk and fell asleep on your sofa and that you had to carry me to your bed and I didn't get to meet your mates!" I took a deep breath, having said all of this in one breath very quickly. He laughed. "Calm down, it's alright. It was a pretty awesome party, so I figured you got caught in the mix of it. I know you haven't been to anything quite like that, so I wasn't bothered. Too much," he added at the end with a grin. "And as for being drunk, seriously, who hasn't been? Who knows how many times I've been in a state exactly like that, and also much worse other times, all of which there was no one to carry me to their bad, which I did not have to do by the way. I just wanted to," he finished softly, his chocolate eyes boring into mine.

He absolutely took my breath away. And he wasn't just a fantasy. He was real, right in front of me.

"Thank you," I mumbled, looking at the floor. "Thanks for the clothes as well," I said a bit more loudly, looking up to grin at him. He returned the smile, but his mouth was shaking at the ends. I could tell because I looked at his mouth very often. And I knew this was something that happened when he was nervous.

He came closer towards me. "I er, wanted to ask you something," he said quietly, still keeping eye contact with me though. "Yes?" I breathed. My whole body was shaking, I was so nervous. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

"Well I, er, well, I, uh. God, I'm horrible at this, sorry," he said, wiping his face with one of his hands. He ruffled his long hair and looked at me again, more confident this time. "Would you like to go on a date with me?" I sucked in my breath quickly, causing me to cough violently. Tom patted my back gently, waiting for my fit to cede, an amused but not impolite smile on his face. I could feel my cheeks burning. I looked up at him shyly, a delightful smile creeping onto my face.

"I'd love to, Tom."

"YES!" A triumphant voice was heard rejoicing outside of the door, followed by hushes and thumps. Tom and I looked at each other, bewildered before understanding at the same time who it could only be.

We both ran to the door, and Tom opened it to find Carrie running down the street, cackling wildly.