Hey everyone! This is just a story that I wanted to get down, and I think I'm just going to wing it. Since I know you're not here to listen to me, I'll just say that I don't own Transformers or any of the characters are associated with it. Now, on to the story! Oh, and this is told from Elita One's point of view, and she looks pretty much like she did in G1. And this is set in the Prime Verse, now onward!

For me, crash landing on a strange planet and being attacked by Decepticons is normal. Now being assisted by fellow Autobots that I've hadn't seen in years is a little out of the ordinary, but helpful nothingness.

How I was even able to land on this planet without getting offlined was a mystery, for my ship had been fired upon once I had entered the atmosphere. But again, seeing Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead again was great.

And that's how I ended up hiding behind a large rock, avoiding blaster fire from Decepticons. Arcee was next to me, firing rapidly at a cherry red Decepticon with blue flames. She ducked behind the rock, scowling as the return fire sailed over our helms. "I wish the circumstances were different, but it's good to see you again," I said as I peered around the rock. Blaster fire shot past my faceplates, and I returned to my hiding place.

"Same thoughts here," Arcee replied, smiling slightly.

"Stop conversing and pay attention!" an annoyed Ratchet shouted to us from his spot behind a group of trees. Bulkhead was with him, looking like he wanted to smash the cons attacking us to pieces.

"Whatever you say Hatchet," Bumblebee called back as he slid next to Arcee and I. "Hey Elita!" he greeted.

"Good to see you too Bee," I said and fired at some of the 'cons.

"We're going to need some help, if only-," the sound of my firing drowned out the rest of Arcee's words.

"What now?" I asked as I continued firing.

"I said we need help!" she repeated. She activated her comm. link, "Calling base, Raf, see if you can contact-"

"Get down!" I interrupted and pushed her down as a Decepticon fired from the side. I leaped forward and took him down with my arm blades before he was able to do anything else, but had to get back behind the rock as more fire overtook me.

Arcee shot me a glare as she got into a kneeling position, "That was a little much, don't you think?" I shrugged as Bumblebee laughed.

I saw Ratchet look around his shelter, and he called to us, "I see an opening, but I don't think I'll be able to make it."

I smiled, and Arcee caught my look, "Don't even think about it, it would be a miracle if you made it five yards."

My smile grew, "Aw, what happened to that adventurous Arcee I know? Come on, it'll be easy, just cover me."

She sighed, "You know I hate you, right?"

"So you keep telling me," I paused as the blaster fire ceased, "Okay, go Arcee! Bumblebee, follow me!"

I readied my blasters, and before talking myself out of it I dove out from the rock, somersaulted into a kneeling position, and hit the red 'con square in the face plates with blaster fire.

He stumbled back, waving his buzz saw in the air, and letting out a string of curses.

"Wow, been wanting to that for ages," Arcee said as she shot the advancing 'cons, Vehicons, I think they're called. I nodded and started running forward, exchanging my blasters for blades.

The approaching Vehicon skidded to a stop as I leaped into the air and flipped over him. Don't want to waste time with smaller threats, I thought as I dodged all sorts of attacks in a full out sprint. The red con seemed to be commanding the small army, and if I could take him out, the battle's good as done.

Bumblebee and Arcee were right behind me, taking out 'cons faster than I could blink, while Ratchet and Bulkhead fought the 'cons that were trying to re-group. The red con, who I dubbed, Flamey, recovered from his shot to the face plates, and practically screamed, "How dare you mess up my paint job! That'll take days to buff out!"

Wait, I take it back, I'll call him Shiny Flamey.

He pulled out what I recognized as a shock prod, and started twirling it to create a shield of electricity. I increased my pace, I'd have to have a lot of speed to jump over that. I heard Arcee call out to me to stop, but I wasn't going to give up now. Shiny Flamey's, (Okay, I have to congratulate myself on that one) mouth curled up into a smile, for it looked like I was going to run straight into the prod's deadly electricity, but quickly turned into scowl as my feet left the ground.

I tucked in my legs to do a flip, and I sailed over Shiny Flamey's head. He lifted the prod a little higher, but I was already on my way to the ground. I landed on one foot, and used the leftover momentum to bring my other one around and slam it into the back of Shiny Flamey's helm. He let out a yelp of pain and hit the ground, out cold.

I had to smile, "Still got it."

Arcee zoomed out of the battle in her alt-mode, and transformed back as she neared me. "That was crazy! But, I got to hand it to you, that was impressive."

"Thank you very much, now if you excuse me, I have a battle to fight," I said and was about to enter the mass of chaos, when Arcee reached out to say something. Before she could get the words out something stabbed me in the back, and currents of electricity ran through my frame.

I collapsed to the ground and heard Arcee shout through her comm. link. My optics fluttered shut, and her voice filled my audio receptors, "We have trouble, Elita's down! Yes she's here, we weren't able to reach you though. Just get here!"

I heard what sounded vaguely like a space bridge, and felt a pair of arms gently lift me. I managed to open my optics just enough to see Shiny Flamey speeding away in his alt-mode. Okay, that's a pretty sweet ride, I thought, and then completely lost consciousness.

"Are you sure she'll be okay Ratchet?" a deep voice said.

"Well I won't be able to tell you unless you give a little bit of time to concentrate Optimus! Don't make me get out the wrench," I heard Ratchet threaten.

I tried opening my optics, but a bright light suddenly engulfed them, "Ugh, Ratchet, I need sight."

"See, she's completely fine."

I hesitantly cracked open an optic, and saw two worried faces leaning over me. Well, Optimus looked worried. Wait, Optimus?

I bolted to a sitting position, and immediately regretted it when my helm felt like it had been hit by a big rig. "Ohhhh, I hurt," I moaned and lowered my head.

"It's okay Elita, I'm here," I looked up to see my sparkmate himself smiling slightly, kneeling by the medical berth I was lying on.

"Gave us quite a scare back there," Bulkhead spoke up from behind Optimus. A small being sat on his shoulder, peering at me curiously. "One of the Vehicons was able to grab Knockout's shock prod and get you in the back. Good thing Arcee took him out before he could do more damage."

"Knockout? Oh, do you mean Shiny Flamey?" I asked as I leaned against Optimus. It felt good to be near him again.

"Shiny Flamey? Oh I got to use that one!" the small being, who I guessed as a femme from her voice, laughed. "But you should have seen it! I was able to sneak out into the battle and-"

"You did what!" Ratchet shouted as turned to face her.

"Oh, I shouldn't have said that. But anyway, you went all ninja and totally took out Knockout! You were like a pink blur! But then you got shocked by that Vehicon, but Arcee took him out in a snap. And then she called for help, and that's when Optimus came him! Man, you should have seen how angry he was, he immediately got rid of five Vehicons just to get over to you, and picked you up all heroically and made it back through the Groundbridge. It. Was. AWESOME!"

"Except for the part where you got electrocuted," Bumblebee added from the side of the large building we were in.

Arcee, who was standing next to him, continued, "Yeah, and Knockout got away too."

"Well hunting him down sounds like fun," I said as Optimus helped me to my feet.

"Elita, you really shouldn't be getting up right now," Ratchet warned, waving around his trusty wrench.

"And why was Optimus so angry? Are you two together or something?" the being asked.

"Miko!" Bulkhead groaned.

I smiled, "Something like that." In one quick motion I got up on my tip toes, wrapped my arms around Optimus, and kissed him.

He took a step back in shock, then immediately kissed back, taking me in his arms. I closed my optics, I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

We were like that for a few moments, then Miko shouted, "Eww, teenagers in here!

So let me know what you think! Honestly feels a little rushed to me. But don't be afraid to review, and constructive critism is welcomed! I'm pretty sure I need it.