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The Journal

"Dad! Wait!" Oh no. He's already gone. Well, I guess I could read the journal, right? Nobody ever told me to never read any journals that are around the house, so I guess it's okay. Right? Right. I lift open the dark purple cover to the first page. Here goes nothing.

March 1st, 2004

Yeah, Boxy's getting on my nerves. This is like the 50th time we've sent him back to the Ghost Zone! How does he even get out anyways? He's the most pathetic of ALL the ghosts and yet, he gets out the most frequently! What's up with that? Danny's exhausted, he's been Phantom all day. I hope he gets some sleep tonight. Even a little bit. Oh no, my mom's wanting me to try on another pink dress. She says it'll make me look more "lady like". Why can't they accept me for who I am! Oops. I'm ranting. Bye.


Wait a minute. This made absolutely NO sense! Danny has been Phantom all day? Nu-uh. That can't be right. Typo maybe?

"ARRRGGGG!" You think reading my mom's journal would help me understand her past, not cause more questions!

"Darry are you alright in there?" My Mom said. Footsteps got louder as she approaches the living room. Think Darry, think! She can't see you reading her journal, hide it! I scramble to find a hiding place. Seconds before she walks in I stuff it behind one of the blue couch pillows.

"I'm alright, Mom. Just frustrated 'cause I can't figure out this Heritage project." I replied.

"Heritage Project? I know you have an ancestor named John Fenton Nightingale. (A/N: That's why this Chapter is dedicated to you VGF.) That's all though."

"Thanks, Mom." She walked off.

I need more time to figure this out. What secrets does this journal hold? And what does my family have to do with Danny Phantom?

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