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Chapter1- I am Born

Yellowbelly's POV:

When I was first born, all there was was darkness. It was black, just black, black, black. After what seemed an eternity the darkness started to go away. When I first opened my eyes I saw a beautiful cat. She had the shiniest black fur, she must be my mother I thought to myself. When I turned my head to the left I saw a dark gold tom laying next to me. He was suckling on the black she-cats belly. I figured I should do that as well. When I started nothing happened. Then a sweet, warm liquid filled my mouth. It was really good and I got a sensation that made me feel really strong. The she-cat bent her head down and licked the gold tom's head first and then she licked mine. Then the she-cat looked up and a big gold tom walked in.

The she-cat said to the tom "Their beautiful aren't they Lionfeather?."

The tom who must've been Lionfeather said "Yes they are Blackcloud." He must be my father I thought to myself.

Blackcloud said "The tom looks like you, his name will be Wolfkit."

Lionfeather said "That's a good name. What's the she-cats name? She looks kind of like you. Except for her gold colored underbelly."

Blackcloud said "I'll name her Yellowkit."

Lionfeather said "They're beautiful Blackcloud."

Lionfeather rested his muzzle on top of Blackclouds head for a little while. Then he said "Okay Blackcloud I have to go on the hunting patrol but I'll be back later I promise."

Blackcloud smiled and said "Okay Lionfeather. Be safe and bring me and the kits back a nice fat mouse!"

Lionfeather let out a mmrow of laughter and left the nursery. Blackcloud looked down at Wolfkit and licked his head and then she licked my head.

She said "You two get some sleep okay."

I closed my eyes and drifted off into sleep.

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