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Chapter 5- An Elder's Flashback

When I woke up Wolfkit was pouncing on Blackcloud's tail. I got up and yawned. Wolfkit looked at me and said "Hey sleepyhead."

I mewed "Hey Wolfkit. What'cha doing?"

Wolfkit meowed "I'm playing warrior. I'm the ThunderClan warrior and Blackcloud's tail is a mean ShadowClan warrior. You wanna play?"

I smiled "Sure! I'll be the ShadowClan cat if you want me to."

Wolfkit mewed "Okay, so you're tresspassing on ThunderClan territory and I have to drive you away."

I growled "Hey you little ThunderClan cat, that's my squirrel and you know it!"

Wolfkit looked confused for a second and then got the message. He growled back "Well the squirrel was on ThunderClan territory, why don't you just go back to your own territory and catch a frog!"

I yowled "Why you little pipsqueak!" I jumped onto Wolfkit and raked my sheathed claws on his back. He wiggled out of my grip and kicked me softly with his hind legs.

He growled back to me "How dare you attack me on my own territory!" He takled me and I squealed a little bit. Blackcloud meowed "Okay Wolfkit that's enough. You're hurting your little sister."

Wolfkit got off of me and mewed "Sorry I hurt you Yellowkit."

I got up and Blackcloud washed my ruffled fur. When she was done I said "It's okay Wolfkit. But I have a better idea."

He looked at me confused "What?"

I meowed "Lets go to the elders and listen to a story!"

Wolfkit looked as excited as I felt. He jumped up and down "Yeah! Let's go!"

We walked out and went to the elders den. When I walked in Heathertail was grooming herself. Wolfkit came in behind me and sat down. I sat down and curled my tail neatly over my paws. Heathertail looked up with her one good eye and her other blind eye. She smiled and meowed "Well, hey there little ones! I heard about you two!"

She looked at me and said "You must be Yellowkit. You look like your mother, without the yellow belly." Then she looked at Wolfkit.

"Then that means that you're Wolfkit. You look just like your father. Oh I remember when your father and mother were just apprentices."

I looked up and said "You knew Lionfeather and Blackcloud when they were little?"

Heathertail purred "Oh yes, I remember just like it was yesterday."

Wolfkit and I both looked up excited to hear stuff about Lionfeather and Blackcloud when they were apprentices.

Heathertail started to talk "Well I always noticed Lionfeather chasing after Blackcloud. Blackcloud would be sitting alone and Lionfeather would come over to her with a piece of fresh-kill. He would sit next to her and they would share the fresh-kill and talk. He would always ask her if she wanted to go hunt with him or train with him. I knew that they seemed just right for each other. Then there were the bad times. Blackcloud would talk to another tom and Lionfeather would get jealous. It was funny to see him mad though, I have to admit. But in the end they got together as mates and that's where you two kits came from.

Wolfkit looked amazed "Wow! That's cool!"

Heathertail purred "Well thank you little one. Well you two go back to your mother"

I smiled at Heathertail and then Wolfkit and I left and went to our mother. When we got in we got our milk and then I curled up next to Blackcloud and Wolfkit and fell asleep almost immediately.

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