For a while now I've been thinking of a Guardians and House crossover and since no one has written one then maybe I should give it a shot. I own nothing but the plot.

Prologue: Blood

Pain woke him up. Everything came back slowly. Jack opened his eyes to the night sky and sat up brushing the snow off of him. Looking around he wondered where he was. Buildings stood by him in a way that told Jack he was in an ally. Getting to his feet Jack nearly fell over as the world spined. What happened? Where was his staff? And why did he hurt so much?

Then it came back to him.

He had been flying over New Jersey thinking about what North and the other Guardians had told him. That every several hundred or so years that everyone could see them believer or not. Jack had been flying thinking about putting it to the test and causing some pandemonium. That was when he was attacked by one of the Nightmares. Jack's memory got fuzzy after that. The Nightmare's had taken a few good hits at him. Then he finally froze it, but it still got one last hit at him. His staff flew out of his hand and both he and the Nightmare took a fall. That was how he ended up there and what happened to his staff. Reaching towards his stomach he felt his hand touch something wet. Bringing his hand to his eyes he saw blood.

His blood.

He was bleeding all over. It had soaked his hoodie. Jack needed help and now. Bunny nor North were close by to help and Tooth was busy as well was Sandy. He would have to get help on his own. Moving out of the alley and into the street Jack tried not to pass out. A sudden honk from a car he had steeped in front of woke him up again.

"Move out of the way!" They yelled. It was a police officer finishing his rounds and wasn't going to let some kid slow him down. He shouted again for the kid to move before getting out.

"What's the matter with you?" He asked before seeing a bloody Jack. Calling for medical help over the radio he got back to the kid who had just collapsed from blood loss.

"Hang on kid!" Jack heard. He wasn't sure how much more hanging on he could do. What happened next came in a blur.

A ride in an ambulance.

People standing over him.

A needle moving through his skin closing up the wounds.

And then the heat.

They were putting heating blankets and pads on him. He would have protested or struggled but the medicine they were giving him had Jack slipping away into dreams.