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Chapter 10: Failure

An hour later the four doctors were back in their office with the results of examining Jack's internal organs. As it turned out the boy's kidneys were failing

"So we can fix the kidneys if we remove all of the heating pads we have on him." Cameron offered.

"No we can't." Chase explained. "The damage the heat did to his kidneys can't be fix."

"Chase is right." Foremen jumped in. "His kidneys are barely working now. It's a miracle they haven't given out yet."

"Remove the heating pads and blankets." House ordered. "Replace them with cooling packs. I need to go to Cuddy for some new kidneys." With that they rose from their areas in the room and left.


Cameron, Foremen, and Chase entered Jack's room. Foremen and Cameron began replacing the heating pads with ice packs. Chase went over to North who, while waiting to hear from Cuddy if he could take Jack away, had taken up a seat in Jack's room. As Chase came up to him North looked up from his book, took off his reading glasses, and faced Chase.

"Mr. North," Chase began. "Your son has acute Kidney failure."

"How?" North asked Chase.

"We were treating him for hypothermia earlier, however going by his seizure and other symptoms we found that he seemed to be suffering from heat stroke."

"How did that cause the kidney failure?" North asked again.

"The vessels leading into the kidneys were overheating and normally the kidney wouldn't be affected, but your son was being treated with heating pads for so long that it has damaged them."

"Can it be fixed?" North asked, his accent getting heavier.

"He's going to need a new kidney." Chase answered. North let out a heavy sign. He couldn't take Jack away from the place now. Looking over at Jack, who had been sweating, North could feel his belly telling him that something would go wrong.

"How long?" North asked. "To fix?"

"Could take a while to find one that is a match, tests, surgery and recovery will take a long time." Chase answered.

"Thank you." North got up from his seat. "I need to call someone."

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