a few days earlier...

we open to the professors office where Emmy delivers to him a letter.

Emmy: Professor, do you know omeone named Angela Ledore?

Layton: Angela? Yes, of course. Where did you hear that name?

Emmy: It was on the letter.

Layton: A letter?

Luke: Let me Porfessor.

Luke then got the letter and began to open it.

Layton: Angela? After all these years?

Luke: Here you are.

Layton the got the opened letter and began to read it.

Layton: Very strange...

Luke: WHat is it, professor?

Emmy: Professor?

Layton: The Mask of CHaos...

Angela's voice: Dearest Hershel, I trust this leter finds you well. I have read wonderful things about your work, Hershel... or rather, Professor Layton! Its difficult to believe it has been nearly 18 years. I'm sure this letter comes as quite a surprise, bit I must ask for your help. We have experienced a series of terrifying incidents here in Monte d'Or. I must be cursed by the Mask of Chaos, for it is now threatening to destroy our city. I hope you can forgive me after all these years. I don't know who else I can turn to. I cannot give you the full details now. However, if you can spare the time, I shall tell you upon your arrival. We are in desperate need of your help, Hershel. I've enclosed the address for the Ledore estate. I hope to see you soon. Angela Ledore.

Luke: The Mask of Chaos? What is that?

Emmy: Donald Rutledge wrote about it in his book, Ancient Histories. According to legend, the mask bestows great power upon whoever wears it.

Layton: Yes, the allure of omnipotence is as old as mankind itself.

Luke: So this mask is popular in archeology? And what does it mean to be cursed by it?

Layton: Angela wasn't very forthcoming in her letter.

Emmy: What is your relationship with Angela, Professor? Is she one of Professor Layton's lost loves?

Layton: Hardly. I've known Angela since my school days. Our relationship was...complicated.

Luke: Well, a true gentleman could never refuse a request to help an old friend.

Layton: I suppose you're correct. We leave for Monte d'Or in a couple of days. I need to make a phone call.

later on Jexi's ship, his phone was ringing.

Jexi: Hello? Professor. Nice to hear from you again. You need me to get the heroes together for an investigation in Monte d'Or? No problem. Do you mind if I invite a few more friends? Good. I'll see you there.

back to the present...

Jeremie: That is interesting. But it still doesn't explain how these people were turned to stone.

Link: We need to find out how long this has been going on.

Ranma: We also need to know why this Masked Gentleman is doing these awful things.

Tails: We should probably head to the Ledore estate to find out more.

They soon began their investigation. They made their way to the right of town to begin til they heard a voice.

Guy: I got bears. I got trucks, dolls, robots- everything! You want it? Guy's got it!

Chopper: What an intersting little robot? How much?

Guy: For you, nothing, if you can solve my puzzle.

Puzzle 005: Robot Factory

Chopper: Okay. Arms go in sideways, legs go in right side up, head points to the left and the torso is upside down.

He put the parts in the machine and out came a well built robot.

Guy: Nice job, deer boy. Your prize is this little mechanical wonder.

Chopper: Thanks.

They then continued down the street and arrived at the Ledore estate to see a familiar face.

Flux: Hello Hershel.

Jexi: Flux! Why are you here?

Flux: I was invited by Angela like the rest of you.

Marucho: How did you get invited?

Layton: It is understandable. He and I did grow up in the same town.

Flux: Its true. He and I come from the town of Stansbury. Now while I'm here, I promise not to harm you.

Aelita: How can we trust you after everything you tried to do to us?

Flux: I guess you can't, can you? I am just full of surprises.

They then made their way to the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal a white haired woman wearing a red dress.

Layton: Lovely to see you, Angela. You look lovlier than ever.

Angela: Thank you for coming Hershel and you as well Amadeus.

Flux: I'm surprised you would even ask for my help. Now shal we go inside and talk about this Mask of Chaos?

Angela: Yes. Of course. Please, come in.

They entered the estate.

Angela: I'm actually disappointed in you, Professor. The Hershel Layton I know would never neglect to introduce his friends.

The heroes then began to introduce themselves to Angela.

Angela: Your friends look interesting.

Flux: So how is Henry?

Angela: He's doing very well, thank you. You two haven't changed a bit. Aside from Hershel finally getting a haircut and you having a villainous reputation.

Layton: Yes. That. So we experienced quite an exciting event on our way into town.

Angela: Yes, the Masked Gentleman is turning the town upside down. He appeared a little more then a month ago. He transformed a group of people into horses and brought painting ot life. This madman is a menace. Please, you must stop him.

Flux: Are you sure he has the mask? Cause after all, that mask was lost... with Randall.

Luffy: Who's Randall?

Layton: Randall was our best friend. He was the one who found the mask in the first place.

Angela: You didn't tell them?

Layton: I was hoping for... Honestly, I don't know what I was hoping for, Angela.

Orihime: So what happened to Randall?

Flux: Randall found the mask, and the rest was all our fault.

Angela: You mustn't blame yourselves. Since the accident, Henry has gone into those ruins many times searching for him. Henry found the mask instead along with a great deal of treasure.

Flux: Really? Thank you for your time, but I must be going.

Flux then left the group.

Angela: He still searches for Randall time after time. I can't say I blame him. I often catch myself thinking of Randall, even after all these years.

Layton: And your pendent?

Angela: I love it so. Even though it has aged a bit. Anyway, Hershel, I'm sorry about how I treated you all these years.

Layton: I never held anything against you. It is my greatest regret that my recklessness and poor judgment cost my best friend his life. It haunts me, even to this day. I think we'll retire for the day. We'll come back to you tomorrow.

Angela: Thank you. I reserved all of you a room for you at the Dromedary. It's west of the city monument. You can't miss it.

Layton: Thank you. That was very kind of you.

They soon left the Ledore estate and decided to investigate further.

Renji: What do we do now?

Emmy: When I was investigating, I noticed one the stores selling very extravagant costumes. I think it may have to do with the gentleman.

Pit: Well let's just see.

They traveled to the west side of town nd intot he store.

M. Lapushka: How may I help you?

Fabia: We were wondering if you could answer a few questions about the Masked Gentleman.

M. Lapushka: Oh, you like styles with a classic flair? Well, there's not much to say. He appeared about a month ago. Nobody even knows who he is. He craves attention, clearly. His extravagant acts speak for themselves. If you're all on some sort of investigation, I have something that may help with your logic skills.

She then handed them a minature store.

Tails: Looks like fun. Thank you.

They left the store and proceeded toward the hotel. Outside they spotted a ringmaster and some rabbits.

Tyrone: These fluffballs are a curse upon my house.

Luke: What a cute little bunnies.

Tyrone: You would find these bunnies cute? Truly a shame. Fluffballs! Get out of my sight!

Usopp: Your getting rid of them? Why?

Tyrone: You see, a circus is like a play. Everyone plays their part.

Amy: You can't just toss them out into the streets. What if we taught them tricks they could perform for the circus?

Tyrone: You children think you can teach these fluffy rodents tricks?

Luke: Of course. I can talk to animals. They say they don't to leave their friends in the circus.

Tyrone: Okay. If you can teach these little rabbits tricks, I'll let them back into the circus. Deal?

Chopper: Deal.

The two rabbits then followed the heroes. They then went into the hotel and to their room.

Luke: Quite an eventful first day here in Monte d'Or. Do you guys really think the Mask of Chaos holds some magical power?

Layton: Can't say for certain Luke. I think it would be best to explain all of this from the beginning. When I was still in school.

meanwhile in the room next door, where the rest of the heroes stayed.

Yumi: WHat a day.

Jake: Yeah. And that guy in the mask. Just who is he?

Vector: I think the best way to know about this would be to experience the event that started it. Randall finding that mask But its not like we have a time machine.

Link: Maybe we have something similar.

Link then pulled out an ocarina.

Link: If I play a special song on this ocarina, we can go back to the past.

Jexi: Okay, but remember, do not change anything or we could accidently change the future.

Kon: Count me out. I just want some sleep.

Link: Here we go.

He played the song and the heroes minus Kon vanished from the room.

meanwhile back on Flux's ship...

Flux: I can't believe Henry found that mask. I went back to those caves too, but did I find it? No.

Damien: Big bro, why are you so obsessed with that mask.

Flux: Its not about the mask, its about who found it.

Ian: How did all of this happen anyway?

Flux: I may as well explain starting with that day. When I still lived with my father in Stansbury. You may wanna sit down cause it may take a while. And I will start in the next chapter. For now, so long.