I frowned, looking at the clock. "First day of school," I murmured, dragging my feet to my closet. I slid open the doors, pulling out the purple hoodie I love so much. I tucked my long purple ears back into the hood, and pulled it up over them. I slicked my hair over the small red gem on my forehead, and whirled my tail around my waist.

"You ready for school?" my father asked from downstairs. I groaned.

"Why are you making me do this?" I shouted back. "Why are you making me go to school? Nobody likes people like me!"

"Well then, you better hope that there's a lot of nobody at that school cause you're going!" he shouted. I hate the shouting matches we get into. "And get your ass down here before you're late!" I picked up my backpack, throwing in some random school crap (and some Lavaridge town cookies) and ran down the stairs.

"Here I am. Happy now?" I said sarcastically.

"Don't hold your breath, cause that isn't gonna happen for a long time," he said. "Now hurry up and get on the boat to Castelia city. You don't wanna be late for Pokecadamy." He pulled out some coins, and tossed them to me. "Here's the boat fare." He pointed at the door, and then picked up his newspaper.

"Goodbye to you too dad!" I shouted, walking out the door. I slammed it shut, and starting walking towards the nearest thing that could be a dock. In Humilau city, where the houses float on planks, everything looks like a dock. I looked over and saw a boat, and on it was a strange looking ship captain. He threw down a board and reached his hand out.

"Pop Roxie, captain of this vessel. Nice to meet you," the man said. He helped me climb up on the boat. "I suppose you are…" he pulled out a sheet of paper, with a name scratched on it. "How do you say that?" he asked, rubbing his head. I sighed.

"You can call me Even." I said. "That's my nickname." I pointed at myself dramatically. He smiled strangely, and my eyes lit up. I pulled out the coins and put them in his hands. "Here's the boat fare. Sorry for making you take such a great trip," I murmured. He smiled, putting the money in my hands.

"Keep that, you might need it later at the Pokecademy," he said. "They have some neat stuff." I nodded, shoving it back in my pocket. "You know, my daughter went there when she wanted to become a gym leader. She's really great, you should battle her sometime," he said. I nervously slicked my neck where my ears were.

"I don't do Pokemon battles much," I said. "Never been a big fan of them." He looked at me confused. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. He walked over to the door and opened it up.

"You can sit over there, mkay?" he said, walking through the door. "It shouldn't be too bumpy." He closed the door and I heard the engines rev up, and seconds later we were flying through the ocean. I hiccupped. The water made me a little nauseous. Just a little. Thinking it might help to eat something (I was starving) I pulled out a Lava cookie and nibbled on it. I felt much better now. I sighed, leaning back in the chair, looking at the sun barely rising over the horizon. I shoved the cookie back in to a small bag with the others, and fell asleep.