Deidara ran down the quiet dark streets. In his arms he carried a brown paper bag, with a carton of milk and a loaf of bread. He knew that he had to hurry, his mother would be very upset with him for being this late.

His mother sent him to the market square to buy some groceries, after dinner, but he got distracted easily, and now it was an hour after sunset. Running down the road, he came up to a path through the woods. He had gone down it many times, but that was during the day, so going down it in the dark was a little nerve wracking, but it was the fastest path home.

He decided against his fear, leaving the safety of the civilized street. Quickening his pace he have ran have jogged home, eager to make it there faster.

Coming to a stop, he swore that he heard something just now. Turning his head in all directions, he listened very carefully, trying to find the cause of the noise. He heard some soft rustling from a near by bush. Deidara's knees wobbled a little, but bent down to pick up a stick. He approached the bush slowly extending the stick as far as he could. Once he was in arms length, he poked around a little. The rustling seemed to moving around, just then a small brown rabbit, with a patch of white hopped out.

Giving out a sigh of relief, he tossed the stick outside, and repositioned the bag in his arms. He turned around now satisfied that there was no danger. He continued walking happy that he was only a few minuets away from home. He slowed down deciding that he was already late, might as well take his time before his mother got a hold of him.

Suddenly another noise echoed in his ears from behind him, almost making him drop his parcels. Spinning on his heel, he was quick to investigate.

Sweat stuck to his brow, and a low shudder could be felt coursing through his body.

'calm down Deidara, your overreacting.. no more stalling, get home now.' He told himself.

Ready to leave, he turned around, but stayed frozen in his tracks. There was dark figure, standing only a few feet away from him.

He gasped at the unexpected surprise.

"H-hello, s-sir." Deidara whispered just barley loud enough. The figure in front of him did not budge, nor did it make any sign of movement.

"a-are you ok?" Deidara asked a little louder, perhaps the man was ill and confused about his wear-bouts?

But still the figure did not respond, instead he smiled. A full set of bleaching white teeth, formed a sickening smile. The figures teeth seemed longer, like K-nine on a dog. A set of dark, uncaring eyes, seemed to drill right through Deidara's mind.

"Are you lost? T-the m-market place i-is j-just down the r-road." Deidara explained motioning with his finger behind him.

Finally the dark figure spoke.

"heh.. foolish mortal... I am not in search of anything...but you." a deep sinister voice explained, almost motionlessly moving towards the four-teen year old.

"W-what?!" Deidara gasped, involuntarily moving back a bit.

"hehe... your... mine!" The dark figure launched himself. Deidara barley had time to react. Dropping the bag, he spun around and ran with all his might. But in an instant the figure had him in his grasp, muffling Deidara's cries with his mouth.

Deidara thrashed around, trying to get free from the hands that held him.

He tried to scream, but his cries were silenced. He felt his feet, leave contact with the ground, as he was suddenly thrusted upwards. Whoever it was in the middle of kidnapping, was soaring through the trees. Seeming to effortlessly move through the surrounding trees.

He thrashed around some more, terrified at the new height he was being moved at. He could tell he was moving farther away from his home. Seeing the small familiar flicker of candle light coming from the window to his home. He could see a small figure, with wavy blond hair stepping out of the small home, scanning for her sons return.

He could feel a thread to his heart being pulled. Tears overflowed his eyes.

'Mom...' Deidara thought before he lost consciousness.

[Several hours later]

" do you think he's alive?"


"of course he is Konan, don't be stupid."

'where am I?'

"Hidan, don't be mean...Konan he seems just fine, look his chest is moving."

'who's talking? Where am I?'

"He's been a sleep for an awfully long time, Tobi's scared."


"he's waking up! Quick get him some water"

Deidara's light blue orbs fluttered open, taking in his surrounding. He was in a room, that was cold and dark. The ceiling was dirty and looked all scratched. Looking around some more he could tell that it was pretty small room. Three of the walls were cement walls, with different colored stains, and cobwebs hanging everywhere. The forth wall was nothing my iron looking bars, like a jail.

Focusing more on the people surrounding him, he made out four other bodies next to him. On his right there was a girl, she had short lavender hair, pinned back in a bun. A flower made of paper, adorned it. She wore a long tan ripped up dress, the material looked like that of a potato sack, that probably made it past her knees. She didn't have any shoes, and her arms were covered in cuts and bruises.

She had a lovely fair face, and kind looking eyes. In her small hand she held a cup. Next to her, a boy keeled. He had silver white hair, with the most shockingly beautiful fuchsia eyes. A big dark bruise ran underneath his eye right along his cheek bone on the right side of his face. His skin was pale, and seemed to hold just as many cuts and bruises as the girl. He wore an outfit similar the the girls, only he fashioned a crudely sewn shirt and shorts.

On his left, a young boy, probably his age keeled as well. He had lightly tanner skin, he was very thin just like the other two, he had longer hair than the silver haired boy, that was pulled back with a piece of string. He had two scar looking things right underneath his eyes, and right above he had two blood red ruby colored eyes. His condition was no better than the other three. On his far left another boy, seemingly younger, sat crossed legged. He had a long white bandage wrapped around left eye on an angle. Only part of his nose, his mouth and right eye were uncovered. He wondered what kind of injury he could be hiding underneath all the wrappings. He had hair much like the red eyed boy, but his was much shorter, sticking up in different directions on top of his head.

"Can you hear me hun?" a soothing voice asked, the voice came from the girl sitting on his right, a look of concern could be seen in her eyes.

Deidara tilted his head, looking back at the girl, who slowly reached over, and placed her arm underneath his head. She gently lifted it, supporting his head with her arm.

"Here, have some water." she said, placing the cup to his lips.

Deidara propped himself up onto his elbows, taking a sip of water, finding it to be a great relief to his parched throat.

He finished the cup in a few minuets, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"t-thank you..." he whispered. Siting up some more, he got a better view of the beaten up jail cell. He could tell now that those stains were indeed blood stains. He could tell from the slight scent of rust.

"W-where a-am I?" Deidara asked.

The girl with the bluish hair gave him a sympathetic look, averting her eyes to look over to the ruby eyed boy.

"We've been taken away from our masters." the boy with the blood red eyes said.

"W-what?" Deidara asked, confused about what the boy was talking about.

The blood eyed boy spoke again.

"We got taken from our masters, by some rouge vampires. They brought us here to re-sell us. Don't worry I'm sure your master is looking for you right now."

Vampires? Masters? What? Who is he talking about.

"V-vampires w-what a-a-are you t-talking about" Deidara asked becoming a bit panicked remember his flight through the night.

The boy with the red eyes seemed a little speechless, trading glances with the girl across from him. The girl with the kind eyes, nodded a little.

"W-whats g-going on h-here? W-what are y-you talking a-about?" Deidara asked again becoming worried.

"Shh, don't worry we wont hurt you. Why don't we introduce our selves first then we will try to explain everything to you." she girl said placing a gentle hand on Deidara's.

Deidara was becoming very worried, at this moment, but managed to nod slightly.

"Well why don't I start off, my name is Itachi." the boy with red eyes spoke. Giving Deidara a small smile of reassurance.

"This is Tobi." Itachi explained, motioning with his had to the boy sitting next to him.

This Tobi person nodded, shuffling to hide behind Itachi some more.

"I'm Konan" the girl said, giving him a small squeeze to the hand, trying to provide some comfort.

"And I'm Hidan." the boy with silver hair announced rather sarcastically. "Whats your name Blondie" Hidan asked placing his hands behind his head, acting like he didn't care.

"Deidara, Iwa Deidara." Deidara whispered.

The four teens gasped, looking at Deidara like he had just explained the meaning to life.

"W-what? Wh-why are you s-starring at me." Deidara asked a little taken back by the groups reaction.

"Well Deidara its just that no pet is almost ever to keep their last name, your master must not know the rules." Itachi explained.

"W-what master?" Deidara asked once again very confused.

Once again all four gasped.

"So you don't have a master Deidara?" Konan asked. Deidara nodded, guessing that was the only reasonable answer.

"Oh...oh my.. you poor thing." Konan whimpered. "Itachi, dose that mean?"

Itachi the boy with the red shot eyes nodded, solemnly.

"yes, he is a fresh taker." Itachi explained.

Konan looked very sorry to hear the confusing news.

"F-fresh taker? W-what do you m-mean?" Deidara asked.

"Deidara, I know your frightened, but let us explain." Itachi said, in a hushed gentle voice.

Deidara nodded, feeling tears of fear tickle the back of his eyes.

"hmm, well Deidara I suppose you'll have to learn sooner or later. But... The life you knew, but few mere hours ago, is long gone.. You have been taken to a whole knew world, where reality is myth, and myth is reality. The world of..immortals."

Deidara gasped a little, not entirely sure what he meant.

"Deidara, unfortunately yes... you were kidnapped, but not by any kidnapper, but by a vampire."

"what?" Deidara asked.

"Dei, we know this is very confusing, but please try to understand." Konan said in her sweet voice again.

Again all Deidara could do is nod.

"The world you once lived in was the world of the living. But you have entered the world of the immortals, of Vampires. In this world, humans like us are taken from the human world, and used for experiments as well as for other... needs." Itachi explained, looking up to make sure he didn't lose Deidara.

"Deidara, don't feel alone. We all had belonged to the human world once long ago. I myself was taken many years ago, when I was very young. I was taken to another laboratory much like this one. Its where I got these eyes... where I got this.. gift."

"G-gift?" Deidara asked.

"yes years ago, when I was first taken I was placed under a very complicated surgery, where the pigments in my eyes can be manipulated by my level of fear. When I'm scarred, they turn red, giving me the ability to read things rapidly fast, giving me a defensive advantage. Its not all that useful, especially against the immortals, but it gave me a higher quality."

"h-higher q-quality.?whats that s-supposed to mean?" Deidara asked.

"Deidara, in this world were seen as low as dogs. The better the quality of the 'pet' the better price they can set on us. For example we all belong to someone already, but our masters are very wealthy and respected people, so naturally us being their pets place us high on the market. In other words, we were taken to be resold."

Deidara was shocked, so Itachi had been sold? Before?

As if reading his mind Itachi spoke.

"yes, I was sold to my master Kisame. Don't get me wrong Kisame-sama is very kind, and takes very good care of me. His brothers are the owners of them" Itachi explained motioning towards Konan, Tobi, and Hidan.

Konan nodded, giving him a small gentle smile again. Tobi nodded his head vigorously.

"yeah Deidara, All our masters are nice, even though Kuzu-sama has a hard swat." Hidan explained blushing a bit, involuntarily rubbing the side of his hip.

"He b-beats y-you?" Deidara asked frightened.

"Its not like that Dei, Kakuzu-sama is just less willing to put up with his misbehavior. Nothing more then necessary punishment." Konan smirked.

Hidan blushed furiously. "shut up Konan-chan Pein-sama has punished you plenty!" Hidan whined.

Konan and Hidan were locked in a stare down.

"Knock it off you two, your just scarring Deidara more!" Itachi scolded.

Konan and Hidan stopped their bickering, looking at a pale Deidara.

"sorry" Hidan mumbled.

"Really Deidara don't worry about it." Konan reassured.

"So Hidan, did they operate on y-you too?" Deidara asked, asking about Hidan's unnatural pink eyes.

Hidan turned his attention hearing his name.

"eh, well not really. Yeah I got some stuff done on me, but I don't have any abilities, there just to boost my all ready good looks." Hidan scoffed.

Konan jabbed him in the arm, making Hidan flinch.

Deidara grinned, it was true though, Hidan's eyes, and silver moon light hair were very inviting.

"oh, so Ka-Kakuse? Kakuzu? He is your master?" Deidara asked trying to figure it all out.

"huh? Oh yeah, he is nice and all, but he can be strict too. Hmmf." Hidan pouted, crossing his arms.

"oh. What about you.." Deidara motioned towards Konan.

She smiled then said.

"Oh well I was taken when I was around 5 maybe 4. Actually I was in the same lab as Tobi. My surgery didn't go so well, and well neither did his." Konan explained, motioning towards Tobi who was now leaning against Itachi, half way falling asleep.

"...they tried giving me a more delicate and gentle look. But something went wrong, and I was left with paper thin skin, and incredibly pale. When my master Pein-sama found me I was close to bleeding to death." Konan paused shuttering a bit, at the memory.

"He took me in, and healed me. And with time he found a cure to my skin problem, fixing it for good." she said smiling. Some of the light in her eyes left, looking over at Tobi once again, who was now well asleep.

" sigh. As for Tobi."... she trailed off sighing.

"...He wasn't always like this, he was brilliantly smart, and clever. They wanted to do some sort of facial enhancement, but something went terribly wrong. Scaring him."

"yeah, and messing with his brain." Hidan blurted out.

"Hidan!" Konan hissed. Hidan pouted again, adverting his eyes down.

"yes Deidara, Tobi lost his memory, and he's in a different state of mind, were not even sure if that's his real name. When Zetsu-sama saved him, he was intrigued. Finally finding someone who was out of the ordinary just like him.. You see Zetsu-sama, is like a conjoined twin, well a bipolar conjoined twin." Konan giggled a little.

"even though the 'dark' half can be a bit more.. tough love, the majority, of him is very kind. Just the kind of person that Tobi needs to take care of him." Konan said, making her way over, and helped Itachi place Tobi on a mattress to sleep.

"Yeah, were pretty lucky bro. We got the long end of the stick. Most immortals look at their pets as throw away concubines and nothing more, at least ours give us caviar and sushi." Hidan said, laying on his side.

"w-what?" Deidara cried. "h-he's raped y-you?!" Deidara sobbed, tears leaking from his eyes.

Hidan looked up regretting his remark. Itachi shot him a glare. Konan rushed to Deidara's side and wrapped her arms around his weeping body.

"Shh, Dei-dei.. I promise its nothing like that." Konan whispered.

"I'm going t-to b-be sold to s-some v-vampire f-freak w-who's going t-to hurt me!" Deidara cried.

"I promise you, that as soon as our masters find us, they'll take you with us. You wont be left here alone to be sold. I promise." Konan whispered.

"How l-long have you g-guys been h-here.?" Deidara asked.

"Three weeks." Itachi said, placing a hand on Deidara's arm. "The only reason they have waited this long before re-selling us is to try to hide any tracts. I would say in another week or so, they take us over to one of the pampering rooms, to clean us up. Make us more presentable, before the new auction. Sure we were taken from our original owners to try to make some money, all business and all, but the Immortals here wouldn't try to hurt us, in fact there going to do just the opposite, the better the merchandise, the better the profit." Itachi explained.

"Y-yes, but I wouldn't worry to much, re-selling pets is a tricky business, if there's any mistake, our masters will find us and save us." Konan added on.

"Could y-your m-masters h-help me get home?" Deidara asked.

Itachi gave him a sad look. He scooted close to Deidara, taking his arm and gently lifting is sleeve. On his upper left arm there was a small band-aid. Using his nimble fingers he snatched it off quick, causing Deidara to flinch. Sure enough a small puncture wound was visible.

"See, that? It means that they have taken a sample of your blood. Small but powerful. Where ever you go they'll be able to track you. If you were to go back to the mortal world, they'd find you. Not only would they..kill you.. but they would kill your family..." Itachi said, giving him a sad look.

Deidara only cried louder, knowing that he could never return home.

"Don't worry Dei, our masters, have a younger brother, just as kind as them." Konan explained.

"s-so?" Deidara asked.

"well you see when a vampire comes to a certain age, they need a pet to bestow their mark too. Kakuzu-sama is the eldest. Hidan was 12 when he got his mark."

Deidara turned to Hidan. Hidan looked up, still feeling bad for scarring Deidara. He turned around lifting up his shirt. On the small of his back, was a dark lavender cloud looking mark, with a stitching pattern going through it.

"D-did that h-hurt?" Deidara asked looking at the odd mark. Hidan turned back around, giving him a small smile shaking his head.

"No, didn't even feel it." Hidan reassured.

"How old are you now?" Deidara asked.

"15" Hidan answered.

"You've been with him that long?" Deidara asked.

"uh yeah. I was taken way before that though. When I was bought by Kuzu-sama, I was around 11. So ive lived at the mansion for a while now. Heh it was more peaceful before they came along." Hidan joked.

Konan scrunched her nose, giving him a dirty look.

"What about you three?" Deidara asked. Konan Turned around, pulling at the collar of her dress down, at the base of her neck there was a light yellow tattoo looking cherry-blossom. Itachi revealed the side of his neck showing a yin-and yang sign, in a brilliant red. Itachi got up lifting up, to go where Tobi was sleeping, lifting his shirt showing a swirly sign in the middle of his stomach.

"Tobi was the last of us three to get his mark. Zetsu-sama came into his time just a little more than a year ago. A few months after I got mine." Konan explained running her fingers through Deidara's semi-long hair.

"B-but what h-has that g-got to do w-with me?" Deidara asked.

"Well Sasori is coming around that time when he needs to find a pet of his own. If we take you with us, you wont have to worry about being sold to a mean master or anything, Sasori is very kind and nature spirited." Konan explained.

"He would take care of you Deidara." Itachi explained.

"I-I just want to go home.." Deidara cried with fresh tears in is eyes. Hiding his face in the arms.

"I'm sorry Dei, but you can never return home, you would place your families life as well as yours in danger." Itachi said.

"I think that's enough for now, why don't you get some sleep, its pretty late." Konan asked.

Deidara took a few minuets to take some deep breaths and calm himself. He looked over to the other four who were now in the same situation he was.

He shifted his weight, accepting a warm embrace from the blue haired girl.

Itachi rubbed circles on Deidara's back, even Hidan got close and took his hand in his.

After a while Itachi went over to the corner of the room. He carefully removed a loose brick, taking out a package of paper. Making his way back to Where Deidara and Konan where sitting, he unfolded the paper package, reviling three dozen or so pills.

"We swiped them from the immortals here. Its the only way we've gotten Tobi to fall asleep. He misses Zetsu-sama terribly... Here your going to need some as well, at least for tonight, you need your rest." Itachi said handing him two of the small white pills.

Placing them in Deidara's hand, he took a fresh glass of water that Hidan handed him, then handing it to Deidara.

"Everything will be alright, Dei.. This has happened before. We've been taken twice now. And before it took no longer then now to find us. I bet by the end of the week we'll be rescued." Konan whispered.

Deidara nodded, feeling quiet tired now, he had taken in so much information all at once. He brought the pills up to his mouth hesitantly. Swallowing them down with a drink of water.

After that Hidan scooted back to his own mattress, pulling the thin sheet over him, and turning around with his back facing them.

Itachi made his way back to his own bed as well. Konan keeled next to Deidara watching him lose consciousness.

"Everything will be alright..." Konan whispered one more time, making her way back to her own bed.


"Yes Konan?"

"They will come get us right? I shouldn't have lied to Dei, about us being kidnapped before. I just wanted to make him feel better..." Konan asked. "Is that dishonest?"

"No.. it was the right thing to do.. he needed a bit of hope.. Don't worry about it.. get some sleep." Itachi said.

"Ok, good night 'Tachi."

"Good night Konan"

To be continued.