It had been a week since the scary and slightly awkward conversation, and poor Deidara's head was swarming with thoughts.

He really wasn't sure how to feel about the idea of "biting". Just a few days ago Sasori asked if he wanted to go out and get a "bite" to eat... the poor blond almost passed out.

Aside from that, the preparations for the two youngest pets birthday party was underway. After much discussion, dozens of deciding rock-paper-scissors games, and at last a simple coin flip, the two boys decided a beach day would be perfect.

No one could complain against their wishes, especially Kakuzu since the beach was a free public place. But they decided that for the rest of that nights events, dinner, cake, and presents would be served at the house after a day of fun in the sun.

Even with the exciting planning, Deidara was anything but excited. His nerves grew more and more as the days passed, and with only a week till his marking ceremony, it was starting to show.

His master Sasori was one of the first to notice the blonds uneasiness, the night after their talk, And again a few days ago when the blond woke up from a terrible nightmare. He told Sasori after calming down a bit that he had felt an intense sense of fear and pain all at once. Sasori of course reassured him that it was just a dream, but he knew that it still troubled Deidara a great deal.

A few days later though he hoped to distract him with the party plans. So far... no results. He invited Deidara to sit and play a card game with him, while holding a small conversation about his birthday party. At the moment though he was planning out his next move until the blond spoke up.

"Sasori-sama... is it alright if I go and take a nap? I'm just really tired right now." Deidara asked, from across the table.

Sasori looked up, seeing the exhausted look in the blonds eyes. His pet had suffered through another nightmare last night, more intense then the last.

"Of course Deidara." Sasori said, placing his cards down, and getting up to follow the blond, but he was stopped.

"No its ok Sasori-sama, you don't need to walk me, I know where our room is by now." The blond said, waving his hand.

Sasori was going to protest, but decided to grant his wish, and sat back down.

"Alright... let me know if you need anything ok? Or get one of the maids." Sasori called out watching him trudge upstairs.

Deidara glanced back faking a smile, and a sleepy look in his eye.

As soon as he was out of Sasori's sight, he turned towards the door to the backyard garden instead of up to his room.

As quietly as he could, he opened the door and closed it with a slight "squeak", before turning and running and hiding into the Mansions hedge maze.

He had been through the maze quite a few times now, finally perfecting the order of turns and twists till he ended up in the heart of the maze where a flower garden was blooming.

As he suspected a little bob of blue hair sat among the flowers.

As he approached the bun of blue hair, he was careful to be quiet, remembering the last time he interrupted Konan's concentration when trying to copy the flower pattern into one of her origami pieces.

He got close enough to where he wouldn't startle her, but far away to not interrupt her, then sat on his heels waiting for her to finish.

At the moment she was sitting among a bed of daffodils, and was sitting directly in front one of the tallest growing ones, starring at the yellow flower closely.

A piece of golden paper laid in her hands, with many intricate folds and crease lines.

He watched in awe as she folded this and shaped it. Then finally after a few minuets of patients the paper square bloomed.

With her careful fingers she tugged at the corners till the flower opened up and soon she had a perfect match in her hands. She smiled down at it before looking up at Deidara.

"Hey Dei" she said smiling before getting up and gently placing her newest creation into a basket that she kept covered in a sheet of plastic.

Inside she held a replica of almost every single plant and flower they had on the estate, and soon she'd have them all.

Deidara couldn't believe it at first, but it seemed like everyone in the house was some sort of artist, so why not?

"Hi Konan, did you enjoy your folding time?" he asked knowing she came out here everyday around the same time.

"Yes I did! Did you come here for another lesson?" she asked with smirk.

Deidara sighed annoyingly remembering the time she tried showing him how to fold a paper crane and miserably failing every time.

He laughed a little before looking down.

"No, actually I was wondering if I could talk to you?" Deidara asked keeping his line of vision towards the ground.

Konan seemed to get a bit worried before nodding and motioning towards one of the benches where they could sit.

Deidara played with his fingers nervously not sure how to phrase his question.

"So, um... I was wondering... could you tell me about your marking ceremony?" Deidara asked not really looking up.

Konan seemed surprised at the question before a gentle smile formed on her face.

"Oh Dei Dei, listen I know the idea can be really frightening, but you really don't need to worry about it."

"Yeah I know, I've been trying not to think about it, but I mean. Like what happens?" Deidara tried to re-phrase his question desperate for some answers.

"Well... I guess it couldn't help to share with you my experience..."

(flash back)

It was around 7 pm, and the family had just finished eating dinner and now were sitting near the fire place, but the small blue human girl was anything but comfortable.

Even though her master wasn't your average master, she still felt a great deal of need to obey and make her master was happy.

She stayed sitting on a cushion patiently, even though a chair had been presented to her.

On of the other pets, an unruly boy came over and plopped right down next to her.

"Nervous Konan-chan?" The albino boy by the name of "Hidan" asked rather loudly in her opinion. She suspected the boy to have been some sort of 'charity case'. He never showed any ounce of proper manners and didn't even seem to know the basic rules. Even though he had lived here far longer then her, she could tell that his master, Kakuzu-sama had done little to correct the behavior.

She was glad though, perhaps she could lead him and the other boy she hadn't really met yet but was told that he was total lunatic.

She kept her eyes averted to the ground though, not daring to peep a word without permission from her master to speak. But instead nodded her head ever so slightly.

Hidan scowled, failing once again to hold any sort of conversation with the girl who had been living with them for a while.

He suspected that she was simply intimidated by all the men and his good looks.

"Can't you speak?" Hidan asked annoyingly.

Konan looked up at him briefly as an answer.

After an annoyed sigh, Hidan scooted closer to the blue haired girl.

"Listen, I know that you were trained or whatever to be the 'ideal' pet, and so far your doing a great job cause' all Kuzu-sama ever talks about now is how I should be more like you... anyways I'm getting off topic. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad your part of our family now. But you need to loosen up!" And that ended Hidan's rare touching moment.

Hidan was going to continue his 'pep talk' but then Kakuzu walked in with Pein on his heels.

"Ok, sweetheart where going to get this over with... Hidan head upstairs." Kakuzu said.

He knew his pet wouldn't disobey his this time, since the ritual was so sacred.

Pein watched as the albino left, and the door closed indicating the ritual officially began.

Usually in old times, the pet was simply placed in a quiet room for several hours, where they were to stand and go over the pet rules again, again, and again.

Now in more modern days, things were organized a bit more comfortable, where a room was provided with a small bed, plenty of food, and restroom to the side for the pets convenience during their initiation and isolation time.

They didn't lock her in, or kept her isolated. Instead they usually stuck to the privacy part.

Kakuzu was asked to assist in the marking ceremony for Tobi, and today he was to assist with Konans.

It was simple really, usually the pet was asked to recite the 15 rules. During the recital of the rules, the crook of the pets necks were sanitized appropriately. If the pet was female with long hair, it was cut down to an inch below their ears The traditional attire consisted of a white tunic and nothing more, that would soon be stained with blood symbolizing their freedom to be gone.

But again with more modern times, they kept her dressed in a comfortable t-shirt and sweat pants.

"Ok Konan-chan were going to start," Pein said, placing 5 candles around the room, symbolic of the the five brothers. The candle in the middle of the room was the largest, it was representing the founder Akakate. He was the one to bring us a world with our beloved pets, so it only made sense that the biggest candle represent him, since it shed more light into our eyes.

Once they were all placed, a quick prayer was said, to each and every candle by Pein as he lit them one by one.

Konan grew more fidgety, knowing what was to come soon.

Pein muttered a few more prayers under his breath, while Kakuzu re-pinned Konan's hair up. Pein took a seat in a chair, and gave his pet a small smile before beckoning her over to him. Kakuzu helped Konan up on wobbly knees, and she was pushed forward towards the fiery haired vamp.

She sat on his lap comfortably and tried desperately to focus on the hand that was now rubbing her back reassuringly.

"Nervous?" Pein whispered, as he kept Konan calm while Kakuzu took a disinfectant and cleaned her neck thoroughly.

"No master.." Konan said with a small waver in her voice.

She felt weird in the position he had her in, sitting on his lap like a child and keeping her knees tucked up. She was facing him, with her legs apart slightly to sit more comfortably, and his arm around her gently.

"Please, just call me Pein. And if you must Pein-sama."

"...oh sorry..." she muttered, while he got closer slowly.

"There's no need to apologize...and with this I mark you Konan...As my honorable pet...Forever." he said, before he placed his mark, fast and quick.

(Back to present)

Deidara was amazed at how much preparation actually went into it.

" yeah that's what happened.." Konan said finishing her story.

Deidara couldn't believe it! She still didn't answer his question.

"But did it hurt?!" Deidara asked this time a bit more panicky.

Konan looked at his flustered appearance, before laughing innocently.

"Oh Dei, quit worrying! Honestly its nothing more than a mosquito bite. Then after that which is over in seconds, the permanent mark forms its self, and you don't even feel that." She said, nudging his shoulder, and making it clear he wasn't going to get any more answers then that.

Deidara sighed, before getting up.

"Thanks for the talk, I gotta get back before Sasori-sama realizes I'm not sleeping."

"You should never lie to your master Deidara. Even if they are lenient, that's something they don't tolerate." Konan said brushing her fingers in the "shame on you" gesture.

Dei stuck his tongue out before making his way out of the maze and up to the house.

"Watch out!" someone yelled, a Frisbee zoomed right over his head.

Deidara turned and realized Hidan was running up to him, with Itachi closely behind him.

"Sorry Dei, we didn't see you until after we threw it." Itachi said panting, trying to catch his breath.

"I thought you were napping" Hidan said.

"Its ok, and how did you know?" Dei asked

"We asked Sasori-sama where you were to see if you wanted to play, but he said you were upstairs taking a nap. Tobi was joining us, but before he said he was going upstairs to ask you to join... guess that explains what's taking him so long."Hidan said.

"Darn it.. I hope he didn't tell Sasori-sama." Dei muttered.

"So why are you out here?" Itachi asked.

"I-I was talking to Konan... I just needed some answers."Dei explained.

"Are you nervous about the marking ceremony?" Itachi asked, as if that wasn't the answer.

Deidara just nodded.

"I'm guessing Konan sugar coated the hole sha-bang."Hidan said.

Itachi gave him glare, before sighing. "Listen Dei, we know your nervous. We'll get together, the three of us tonight and we'll answer your questions, honestly. But for now I suggest you get inside the house. Tobi's probably alerted the whole house of your sudden abduction or something." Itachi said, picking up the Frisbee and returning to the game with Hidan.

Deidara felt a little bit better, knowing he'd get some answers tonight.

He headed inside the house, when he so unfortunately had to end up in front of the spontaneous Tobi who seemed very excited yet panicked.

"DEEEIIIII-CHHAAANNN!? What are you doing here? Cause' Tobi went looking for Deidara earlier, cause Tobi and Hidan and Itachi were going to play! But Sasori-sama said you where taking a nap! SOOOO Tobi went upstairs to go look for you! BUT Deidara-chan wasn't there and Tobi got scarred! Really really scarred! Tobi started to cry, so Tobi went immediately to go find Sasori-sama! And-"

"You what!" Deidara yelled.

Tobi stopped mid rant looking at the blond confusingly, before cupping his hands around his mouth and saying louder.


"Tobi! YOU IDIOT!"

Tobi seemed taken back by the insult. Deidara-chan seemed really mad at him.

"B-but, Tobi was only being a good boy.. he wanted-"

"NO, Tobi is NOT a good boy! Tobi just got me in a lot of trouble!" Deidara said enraged.

He was about to continue with his angry remark, before a hand grabbed the back of his collar.

"What's going on here?" Zetsu asked, looking down at Deidara who was now pale with fear, before looking up at his pet that was now shaking in silent sobs.

"Tobi sweetie?" Zetsu asked.

"TOBI'S A BAD BOY!" The little orange ninja turtle cried before running off full speed.

"Tobi come back!" "Shit..."

Deidara felt a wave of guilt wash over him, not realizing how much that would affect Tobi.

Zetsu turned him around to face him.

"What happened? Did you two have an argument?" " Are you fucking kidding me? Don't you know calling Tobi a "Bad boy" is SO fucking Taboo?!"

Deidara just felt even worse, not knowing how to answer the conjoined bipolar twin.

"I-I...I...I'm Sorry." Deidara said, as tears pricked the back of his eyes. He hated to disappoint anyone.

"Well shit! Deidara!" "Next time something happens, just come find us ok?" "Get over here brat."

Zetsu firmly, but gently led him to a corner with a small cushion near it. He pointed towards him then it.

"Sit please, you need some quiet time." "Just wait till Sasori hears about this."

Deidara didn't hesitate, be sat down and faced the corner, not really needing an explanation. He had never been punished by any of them, but right away he felt bad for hurting Tobi, and right away he felt the humiliation that accompanied the corner.

His blond locks fell over his shoulders loosely, hiding his face effectively, that was not flushed and his eyes were glossed over with tears.

He could tell Zetsu-sama left already in pursuit of his now physically distressed pet.

It had been about 10 minuets, and Deidara was fighting to keep his tears in, with a growing tightness in his chest. He heard mild sniffling, coming closer to him and quiet talking.

He glanced over his shoulder, to see Zetsu carrying Tobi in his arms up the stairs, while Sasori stood at the base of the stairs nodding and talking quietly.

He couldn't make out any words but he could tell just by the look in Sasori's eye's that he was in "Deep shit"

He faced the corner again quickly, letting his hair be his curtain, and letting them know that he obeyed, even obeying punishments.

He heard small steps coming up towards him. He knew Sasori was right behind him, and he could hear hear him take a seat on the floor.


He said, making the blond turn around slowly to face his master.

The poor blond kept his eyes down, and didn't bother to push his hair back.

"Deidara, you want to tell me what happened? And why you lied to me?" Sasori asked.

Deidara felt conflicted, if he told Sasori his reasoning, he might push the ceremony back, and they might take him away from here for not being marked yet.

He didn't want to lie to Sasori-sama, but he really didn't have a choice.

"I-I... was just feeling a little overwhelmed.." Ok not a lie, not a lie

"...From all the preparations... It's my first birthday away from home..."

Still not technically a lie...

"...I guess i'm just feeling home sick... and I didn't want to worry you...I was going to take a nap..."

Still not a lie?

"So... instead I decided some fresh air would do me some good..."

Air is good...

"So stepped out... I just over reacted.. I didn't meant to be mean to Tobi. I just didn't want to worry you or...get in trouble. I guess I just reacted before I spoke. I'm really sorry.."

That was believable right?

Sasori waited to make sure Deidara was done explaining. He really couldn't be mad at the blond, but he still needed to correct the behavior.

"I understand, Dei. But you were still disrespectful to Tobi. You were already punished with a time-out, so I'll leave it at that. Next time I won't be so lenient, understand?" Sasori asked, softening his glare.

Deidara nodded his head.

"Yes Sasori-sama. I'll go apologize to Tobi." Deidara said, getting up. But not before receiving a hug from Sasori.

Deidara didn't quite understand, he was being punished? Wasn't he?

Sasori patted his head, before releasing him from the hug and being faced with the blond.

"Everything is ok now, alright? I'm not angry. But yes you need to go apologize, then meet me in the dinning room."

Deidara nodded, before heading up the stairs.

To Be continued.