Author's Note: Okay so this is my first fan fiction so apologies if it is not great, I am trying to do my best. Also, it doesn't really get to ItachixAerith right away, It might be a few chapters but the beginning is mostly about Hikaru. If you want to criticize me on how I don't make them act like themselves, please tell me and I will do my utmost best to make them better. Thanks and Enjoy:)

"Momma look! It likes me!" a giggly Hikaru said while petting a baby fox. Looking down at her 7 years old son, Aerith just smiled softly. He looks just like his father... "Come along, Hikaru. We need to bring back these herbs to the village's hospital soon."

"Okay but can we keep him?" Hikaru asked with pleading eyes.

"You know we can't sweetheart. His mother is probably looking for him. You wouldn't want her to be worried now would you?"

"No, I wouldn't. Goodbye Fenrir."

"You named him Fenrir?" Aerith looked confuse then laughed lightly. "Such a big name for such a small thing."But we really need to go, no time for dilly dallying Hikaru."

"Yes mother" Hikaru said while he held her hand then looked back and watched the fox's mother go to her cub.


"Yes Lady Tsunade!" Shizune said while rushing into her office.

"There's been report about unknown ninjas lurking in the forest outside the village. We need scouts to go and survey them to see if they pose a threat."

"Yes ma'am! Right away."

"Oh, Shizune?

"Yes milady?"

"Could you get Kakashi to call Aerith?"

Shizune looked slightly confused but then realization came through and smiled. "Yes Lady Tsunade." She said walking out of the office.

Lady Tsunade sighed while looking at all the paper work she still had to do. 'That'll get them talking' she smirked.

Aerith was cleaning an empty hospital room when Kakashi appeared at the window.

"Oh! Kakashi, you gave me quite a fright! What can I do for you?"She asked curiously going back to work. 'We haven't talked in a while now but then again I have rejected him every time he wanted to go out. Probably just thought I was someone else' she thought sadly stopping for a moment.

"Sorry about that but Lady Tsunade needs you right away." Kakashi said while jumping inside the room. 'Just as beautiful and caring as always, helping out at the hospital. He sighed inwardly. 'How could he let her go? He didn't even know she was pregnant!'

"Alright. I'll be right there. Thank you for telling me." She said giving him a small smile. She was finishing putting on the new sheets on the bed when she realized he was still there. 'Don't make this aqward. Don't make this aqward'. "Hm? Did you need anything else?"

"Well if you don't mind I'll like to walk you there. I feel like we haven't seen each other in a long time." He said casually leaning against the wall near the window. He didn't want her to think he was too pushy...

Aerith looked up. 'He sounded like he just wants to be friends but I won't be a very good companion' "That sounds very nice Kakashi, but If Lady Tsunade needs me right away I better get there fast."She had a sympathetic look in her eyes but Kakashi understood. She was just about to leave the room when he said something she hadn't heard him say in a long time.

"Oh. Then maybe you'll care to join me for dinner tomorrow?" Yeah, so much for not being pushy.

Aerith turned and looked straight into his eye. She swore she almost saw a pleading look flash through it. 'Maybe it's time to move on, plus this is his 40th attempt on getting me to go out with him. Why not?' She smiled. "I would like that."

Kakashi had a big smile under his masked and was now blushing. 'She said yes!' "Well I'll see you tomorrow at your place. 8 okay?"

"Right! See you then" she exclaimed while giving him a sweet smile. She was contemplating if she should hug him but decided against it and walking out the door waving goodbye.

Aerith was right about to knock on the Hokage's door but hesitated. She only called for Aerith if it was very important and secretive. The last time Aerith went to her office. She didn't see her son for 2 months, something she couldn't bear do again. Gathering all the courage and loyalty to her village, she knocked on the door and waited for the

"Come in"

She opened the door slowly and walked in. She saw The Fifth Hokage sitting at her desk with piles of scrolls and books that needed to be worked on. "You asked for me, Lady Tsunade?" Aerith said trying to sound cheerful. She walked to stand in front of her desk.

"Yes. I know you don't like being gone for long but this is the point of being in ANBU. I have a mission for you"

That was all Aerith needed to hear

It was starting to get dark in the forest and all you could hear was the occasional cricket and rustling of birds and late night crawlers going about. Then out of a bush, a young boy comes out with a basket of hidden treats. "Fenrir. Fenrir!" he whispered in a low, sweet voice. Then he came to the same place where he had been not long ago and saw the fore mention.

"Fenrir! I knew you'd be here boy. Look I got you some food!" He opened up the basket and took out the small package in side. He opened it up and set it on the ground. It was meat from his supper his mother had made just before she had left to who knows where saying she'll be back in a bit. He sighed. His mother would always go on these unexpected trips to places she didn't tell him. Saying it was just to visit old friends that were sick and that he couldn't come because he needed to train to be a great ninja.

"Looks like it's just me and you, boy" he sadly said as he sat down on a large rock. He was about take off his shoes when Fenrir's ears perked up and he sniffed the air.

"What is it Fenrir? Do you smell someone?" Hikaru was getting a bit frightened but then remember that he's going to be a ninja and needs to be brave. "We can take them on! Where are they boy? Go find them!" An excited Hikaru said.

Little did he know that there were 2 pairs of eyes looking down at him from on top of a tree.