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It was early morning when Aerith awoke. She had a small breakfast and then headed on her way. What way? Where was she going? Truth is, Aerith didn't know either. Finding the Akatsuki hideout would prove to be difficult, seeing as how they don't want it too be found.

Aerith had already passed the Land of Fire's border and was now in the Land of Rivers country. She decided to head to a nearby village called Katabami Kinzan. Heard something about Curry of life? Might try it out. Besides, she was running low on supply and plus, she could't walk around in her uniform.

Stepping through the calm forest, Aerith couldn't help but miss home. Home and Hikaru. 'I wonder if he's been eating well. Who kisses him goodnight? What about my friends at home? Kakashi is undoubtedly training Naruto and Sakura.

Lost in her thought, Aerith narrowly missed a kunai aimed at her shoulder.

Guess she didn't really miss it. Examining the slight cut on her left shoulder, Aerith almost began to panic.

The young women pulled out a kunai of her own and scanned the area. She could sense familiar and strong chakra. The village is very near, maybe if she runs..

Too late as a bandaged sword nearly decapitated her head. Aerith jumped in time, recognizing her attacker.

"Kisame Hoshigaki," she spat, assuming her defense stance. He was one of Hikaru's kidnappers. Aerith did not expect to fight him, he was one of the tough ones.
This wasn't going to end good for her. Luckily, the fishman wouldn't be able to realize it was her.

"Hm, I was looking for a fight and you seem to have it for me," he smirked. " I can afford to waste some time."

He really didn't recognize her. Nether him nor Itachi know she's an ANBU. She remembered the first time she met him as a child. He was kind to her but being a sword master, he scared the crap of her. Not anymore.

Unsheathing her katana, Aerith knew this fight didn't lean on her favor. With all the feelings she's experienced these past days, Aerith swung her sword at his chest.

Kisame easily dodged her attack, he didn't even seem worried. "Maybe this won't be as fun as I thought. Come on, you obviously got a bone to pick with me!"

Without thinking, the masked girl charged at him with continuous swings of her katana. Kisame moved with ease, each swing not even close to hitting him.

Aerith had a plan. She always did, but all her senses vanished at his sight. It ruined her chance of winning, not that she had one.

She has to win. She has to know where Hikaru is.

{Can't write fight scenes for my life}

Aerith tumble backwards, her mask flying off.

It was a loss for her from the beginning. She laid still on her back, her mask clanking to ground somewhere close by. Her head was bleeding somewhere, the pain numb. Her left arm guard cracked to tiny pieces. Somewhere along their fight, her black ribbon fell, releasing her brown, tangled waves.


She waited for his response. He knew about Hikaru, she figured. He knew about Itachi and I. What will he do now? She wasn't going to wait.

Aerith carefully moved her arms to while trying to get up. But she was stopped by a strong, yet gentle force on her shoulder.

"You've had enough, this fight lasted longer than necessary," came a feminine voice.

Looking to her left, Aerith saw someone she was actually glad to see, though not as much anymore.

"What! You knew who she was ?" Kisame asked. He almost killed her! Then he might have beem killed.. What the hell? Aerith knew how to fight? Scratch that. She's an ANBU member ?!

"Of course. I'll remember her voice anywhere. We were trying to find her," Konan said. The older women helped Aerith up.

..They were trying to find her.. All this time..

"What. I-I don't understand..ughh," Aerith would've fell face forward to the ground if it weren't for Konan's support. "Agg, you took Hikaru ! Give him back you bastard (gasp! Aerith!).. you better not have hurt him or I swear.."

'Did she call me a bastard?' He's never seen her like this, it intrigued him. He stood there in a relaxed position, his sword laying on his shoulder. Although she managed to get some scratches in, he was still in good condition.

"Hm, nice to see you too Aerith," he faked sincerity. What would happen if he pushed her buttons more.. "How have you been?"

Aerith gritted her teeth. This monster had the nerve! "Where's Hikaru!?" She half yelled, she stumbled out of Konan's grasp. All those nights, she wondered where she was heading. What if she couldn't find him? Why did they capture him? It all hit her. They were out to find her, while she was out to find them!

All those thieves and rouge ninjas she had to fight. Everything that she went through.


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