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SSJ 3 Kyuubi Gohan: I honestly didn't feel like it was necessary in my story. I'm going eliminate a lot of the scenes that team rocket is in, it just gets old to have to write about them all the time.

Lightningblade49: I appreciate your continuous imput throughout my story, for that I say thanks. As for your comments about Pidgeotto being the peacemaker that was exactly what I was going for. To many times in these pokemon rewrites people forget to develop the pokemon which I think is stupid. Oh and in response to dealing with Team Rocket as much as I hate writing them I have roles for them to play later on in the story so I don't feel like cutting them off right now.

Uranium25: Ash will eventually have the ability to understand pokemon, that much is certain. As for sooner rather than later I can't guarantee that. I plan on their being some hints towards Ash's ability to use Aura during his travels in this region, but he won't start to explore it until he reaches Jhoto.

Gen. Jok3r: You bring up some very good points that I would like to address. Ash will have tough times, this isn't going to be one of those Ash is god types of fics. If he wants to be the best he's going to have to train like it and there will be plenty of obstacles along the way. As for your point about catching pokemon native to a region, I couldn't agree more. Ash will not be finding random gible's in Kanto its stupid. The cranidos fossil was something I did simply because who knows what region prehistoric pokemon chilled in. The only pokemon from another region during Ash's travels in Kanto that I am even considering is Riolu. I can't promise you anything on the legendaries, but the story most definitely won't revolve around them.

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The spearow and pidgey could be heard chirping amongst the trees, as the pallet town trio neared Cerulean City. Alex raised his arms above his head as he yawned, "It's a great day to just enjoy the sunshine."

"You got that right the weathers perfect," said Leaf as she felt the soothing gentle breeze frolic across her skin.

Alex looked over Ash's shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of the map that the raven haired trainer was currently examining. "Are we getting close?"

"Yeah it shouldn't be too much longer, we should reach Cerulean in just under an hour." Replied Ash as he put away his map of the Kanto region.

In Ash's opinion the 3-day trip from Mt. Moon to Cerulean City couldn't have gone any better. He was able to train his pokemon every day, and the results were notable. The aspiring pokemon master was able to teach Drogo scary face, as well as work on raising all of his base stats. Kai and Skylar were put through three days of rigorous fundamentals in attempt to gain applicable experience.

When it came down to Aria and Luna's training Ash determined it best to train them separate from the rest of the group. The reason behind this was the simple fact that they were not quite on par with the others. After finding out that the two female pokemon were at similar levels he pronounced them temporary training partners.

As expected Aria was improving dramatically and was starting to show glimpses that foreshadowed a bright future. Ash was beginning to speculate that Aria's birth parents must have been something special, because she was a natural. The dragoness was showing Ash clear-cut signs of a potential that was both enigmatic and bottomless. It was his job to bring this mysterious potential out in order to achieve his goal for her. Which was to train her into the greatest Dragonite that had ever lived. Ash knew that the task might be crazy, but in his mind he didn't have a choice. Aria was very special to Ash, and he wanted nothing but the very best for her.

The surprise came from Luna, who was beginning to catch on quickly. The first day was rough as she got accustomed to Ash's busy training schedule. But, by the third day she was able to do everything at the same pace as the rest of the pokemon. The raven haired trainer couldn't help but be mildly inspired. All of the research that he had done on her species had led him to believe that Luna was going to be a steadfast pacifist. But, he quickly learned not to judge a book by its cover because his clefable had the determination and aggression of a seasoned warrior. And Ash was bent on teaching Luna how to apply that determination and aggression into a coordinated battle

"Hey guys look over there!" bellowed Leaf as she caught the first glimpse of the famous Cerulean City and all of its glory.

"Pika pi!" cheered Kai as he too saw the beautiful city.

Alex smirked, "You guys feeling badge number two right about now?"

The boy with the Pikachu on his shoulder simply stared out at the capacious city with a piercing pair of driven eyes. 'Cerulean City, home to the cascade badge.'

"So this is Cerulean City?" muttered Ash to no one in particular, as he and his friends tried to find their way to the pokemon center. The raven haired trainer had heard stories about how gorgeous Cerulean was, but this was overkill.

The city itself seemed to give off an absolute aura of tranquility that could not be ignored. He could see where the city got its name from, as the group walked by numerous indigenous azure ponds that were scattered throughout the city.

The buildings looked like they were built by Arceus himself, everything just seemed to fit together perfectly. But, what made Cerulean so enjoyable wasn't its appearance, but rather the soothing sound of flowing water coming from the northern sea.

"Pretty nice place isn't it," said Alex as he took in the scenery. "Too bad were not here for a vacation."

Leaf sighed, "Well, I don't see what's wrong with enjoying ourselves a little bit."

Ash was slowly beginning to trail the group as he thought about their reason for being here. 'The Cerulean City gym leader uses water pokemon, therefore Kai would be the most logical choice. But, that wouldn't be fair to my other pokemon. Drogo and Kai have already participated in their first gym battle. I promised Aria that she could battle, so that leaves me with Luna or Skylar….'

The raven haired trainers thought was interrupted by the blustering sound of sirens. He looked up to find a building with a sign labeled 'machine shop' surrounded by police, as well as multiple random bystanders.

"I wonder what's going on?" asked Leaf as the trio approached the scene.

Ash turned his attention to one of the citizen onlookers in order to gather some information, "Excuse me sir, but do you know what happened here?"

"Some burglars broke into that store last night," answered the stranger bleakly.

"Hmmm…burglars," said Ash to himself as he continued to observe the crime scene.

Ash's examination of the scene came to an end when he heeded the sound of a familiar voice, "What do you know about burglars?"

The aspiring pokemon master pivoted only to find Officer Jenny scowling at him intently. "You three look very suspicious to me," stated Officer Jenny as she looked the three travel companions over carefully.

Ash sweat dropped, "Aren't you that motorcycle officer from Viridian City...the one that drives like a lunatic."

The female officers face instantly burnished, "You must be talking about my sister-in-law stationed in Viridian!" Her giddy expression didn't last long as her facial features contorted back to a look of austerity, "If you know my sister-in-law than that must mean that you had some dealings with the police."

Ash gulped, "We-ll you see.."

Jenny interrupted, "Now maybe you just stopped her to ask for directions, or maybe you were turning in somebody's lost wallet."

The raven haired boy sighed, "Actu-"

"Or maybe you're a burglar that broke out of jail!" Jenny pulled out a pair of handcuffs and raised them above her head. She then proceeded to partake in a series of strange poses that Ash assumed to be rehearsed.

The raven haired boy frantically waved his arms back in fourth as he tried to explain himself to the overly intense female officer. "No mam! You've got it all wrong I've never even been to jail!"

"Yeah, yeah that's what they all say," said Jenny as she began to twirl the hand-cuffs around in circles using her right index finger.

Leaf decided that now was probably a good time to intervene in the conversation, "Honestly, Officer Jenny this is one giant misunderstanding. We just saw the crowd and decided to walk over to find out what was going on."

Jenny showed no signs of softening up. Her pupils burned like that of an inferno as she gazed into Leafs innocent eyes, before saying, "In case you didn't know little girl the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime."

Ash scratched the back of his head, as he pulled out his pokedex' in irritation. "Maybe this will clear things up," stated the raven haired boy as he turned on his pokedex' and showed her his identification. Alex and Leaf did the same.

Jenny sweat dropped in embarrassment, "Well that's more than enough evidence for me…..sorry for being suspicious."

The pallet town trio accepted her apology before Ash asked her one final question, "What exactly did these burglars steal?"

Officer Jenny scratched her chin in what Ash understood to be confusion, "You see, that's the strange thing about it they didn't take any money, just a massive vacuum and a giant hose."

"But what would anyone want that stuff for?" asked a flagrantly curious Alex.

Officer Jenny folded her arms before answering, "I'm sure I don't know young man, but I do know that I don't have time to play guessing games with you. I've got a job to do and it's time for you three to move along."

"Damn… I really thought we were screwed that time," mumbled Alex before taking a bite out of a greasy hamburger.

"Good thing Ash showed her his pokedex otherwise we might be spending the night in prison!" exclaimed a thankful Leaf as she scarfed down a plate full of french-fries.

"Yeah Ash, wait to think on your toes back there," said Alex while trying to get the raven haired trainers attention.

Ash was in his own little world, giving zero regard to his surroundings as he reflected upon the previous events with an invisible lens of curiosity. That sure was strange….. A massive vacuum and a giant hose, but why would anyone steal that? And more importantly who?...Crap! crap! I can't let things like this distract me. I've got a gym battle to prepare for!"

The aspiring pokemon master stood up from the cafeteria booth abruptly, completely forgetting that there was anyone else at the table.

"What's the big idea dog, you barely ate any of your food!" exclaimed a surprised Alex as he watched Ash hastily exit the pokemon center's cafeteria without saying a word. "Can you believe that guy, what do you thinks got him so worked up?"

Leaf shrugged, "Who knows? If there is one thing I've learned about Ash it is that he can always surprise you."

Alex scratched the back of his head, "Ever wonder if we made the right choice in traveling with him?"

"As of right now I couldn't be any happier with how our journey has begun. So, I would say we made the right choice...Why?" responded Leaf after taking a few seconds to formulate a proper answer.

Alex rubbed his stomach after finishing his burger, "No reason, I guess the thought just popped into my head."

"um…ok," He sure does freak me out sometimes.. "Well do you think we should go look for him?" asked Leaf

Alex gave Leaf a dopey grin before answering her question, "Naaaaaahhh I'm sure he's fine, but I could go for a nap before we take on the gym leader."

"Come on out guys!" exclaimed Ash, as he released his team from their pokeball's. Looming from a flash of radiant red light was Aria, Skylar, Drogo, and Luna. The four allies announced their arrival with various authoritative shouts.





The raven haired trainer made sure beforehand that no one else was behind the pokemon center. The last thing he wanted was for some kid to stumble across his pokemon and spread rumors across the Kanto region covering what species he owned.

Ash decided to let his pokemon interact before he addressed them. Over the course of the last couple of weeks he had picked up on the importance of letting his pokemon mingle. Ash figured that he would go insane if he didn't have people of his own species to talk to on a regular basis. So why should things be different for pokemon?

Shortly after their release Kai leaped to the ground from Ash's shoulder and joined his fellow pokemon comrades.

(Pokespeech begins) "Yo rodent! You better not screw up today," admonished Drogo, as he crossed his arms and leaned up against the side of the pokemon center, "You know I won't."

Kai scoffed incredulously before retaliating, "Hah you wish Dumbass, todays battle involves water!"

Drogo rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Please, like a little bit of water is going to stop me!"

"Shut up! You two are always arguing like little hatchlings. Why not set a good example for once?! Before the unthinkable happens and your doltishness rubs off on Aria and Luna," Lectured the fiery Skylar.

"Yes Mam!" saluted Drogo and Kai, in attempt to becalm the infuriated flying-type.

Aria picked her head up innocently, responding to the sound of her name, "Huh, what's up Auntie Skylar?"

Ash's Pidgeotto fluttered over to Aria's side before answering her, "Nothing sweetheart just trying to prove a point to uncle Kai and uncle Drogo."

"What point?" Asked Luna in a tone similar to that of Aria's

"That they should quit bickering like idiots before I knock them both out," replied Skylar as she glared at the two troublemakers menacingly.

"She's terrifying," whispered Drogo in the direction of Kai.

"You could say that again," replied the flustered electric-type. (Pokespeech ends)

Their conversation ended with an interruption from their trainer, "Excuse me guys, but I have something I want to talk to you about."

Ash waited until he had all of their attention before continuing, "It's about today's gym battle, after thinking things over I've decided that I'll be using Skylar and Aria."


Kai: "You've got to be freaking kidding me!"

Drogo: "Damnit!"

Luna: "Awwwww…."

Skylar: "Hell Yeah!"

Aria: "Yay, I won't let you down Daddy!"

(Pokespeech ends)

After getting directions from a random stranger, Ash and Kai found themselves out front of the Cerulean gym. The building was a little bit larger than Brock's gym back in Pewter, but held the same core dome shaped structure. The differences were in design, obviously. Ash couldn't help but be slightly turned off though by the outlandish exterior. The building was striped from top to bottom, alternating the vibrant colors hot pink and gold. But, what made the building 'extremely' unusual was the massive steel plated cut-out of a dewgong that sat just above the front door.

Although the gym's appearance was bizarre, Ash still felt the same combination of excitement and apprehension that he experienced before walking inside of the Pewter gym. The only difference was that this time he wasn't sharing the moment with Alex and Leaf. The raven haired boy had decided back at the pokemon center that it would be much easier if he just headed to the gym without them. That way they wouldn't have to wait for the gym leader to get their pokemon healed twice. He understood that there was a good chance his friends would be upset that he left them behind, but Ash didn't care, they would have to get over it.

Once Ash and Kai were finished taking in the tasteless outer appearance of the gym, they proceeded to let themselves in.


Ash and Kai jumped back in surprise, apparently not expecting to walk into a walloping crowd of people seated stadium style around an Olympic sized pool. "What the hell is going on, I thought this was a gym," mumbled Ash to no one in particular as he turned his gaze to the focal point of the show.

At the far end of the pool, about forty feet above ground level on a high dive, stood three of the most beautiful girls Ash had ever seen. With a spotlight pointed directly at them, it was easy to make out the entirety of their angelic features. Ash guessed that they were probably only a couple years older than him. All three were even in height, and when it came to their body shape let's just say Arceus must have spent a little extra time at the drawing board. Their flawless facial characteristics were similar yet unique to each other, as you would expect from sisters that are close in age. In Ash's opinion the blonde on the left was 'slightly' prettier than her blunette and pink haired sisters that stood to her right. But, then again that was just his opinion. He assumed that it was probably a hot topic of debate for every boy under the age of fifteen within city limits.

As our hero gawked at them, the three goddess-like sisters waved to the crowd blissfully getting a ruckus reaction that could rival a battle at the indigo plateau in crowd noise.

Once the people quieted down the girls got their show under way with a daring leap. With perfect symmetry they elegantly plummeted towards the water, all the while partaking in numerous flips and spins. The routine ended with a silent splash, causing the crowd to erupt like a volcano. Ash had to admit, it was entertaining. But, despite the fact that he enjoyed the enthralling display of beauty and athleticism he had to wonder, 'was he at the right place?'

"I just don't understand this is supposed to be a gym," complained Ash to his Pikachu as he made his way down a short winding staircase in search of an employee.

Kai merely sighed, not really paying his trainer any attention. He was still upset that he wasn't going to get to fry any good for nothing water-types.

"Huh!?" exclaimed the raven haired boy as he reached the base of the stairs which unraveled into a long corridor walled with glass. Behind the transparent paneling existed gallons upon gallons of water, actualizing one of the most impressive aquariums Ash had ever laid eyes on.

Amongst the artificial aqua based habitat swam what Ash estimated to be thousands of various fish. The aspiring pokemon master was absolutely fixated, he just couldn't take his eyes off of the diverse environment in which these lesser beings interacted. (A/N: And when I say fish, I mean fish. If you go back and watch the episode there are actually fish in the aquarium, 'not pokemon')

"I have no idea what to think anymore Kai," said Ash as he pressed both his hands against the glass, "How could this be a pokemon gym?"

The moment the young trainer finished his sentence he heard the sound of a feminine voice, "That was totally awesome!"

"I know that was so great," replied another voice just as dainty.

"Daisy the dive you did was super!" acknowledged the first voice giddily.

This time a third voice that was slightly more laid back answered, "All that practice really paid off."

"Totally!" exclaimed the second voice.

In reaction to the last comment the three effeminate voices discharged a collection of rambunctious laughter. Ash wasn't quite sure what was funny about their conversation, but he figured that he might as well check out what was going on.

After following the giggles to their source he found himself face to face with the three enchanting teens from the show.

"Excuse me," said Ash with conviction. Our hero figured that if he was going to ask anyone about the gym it might as well be the three beauties.

"I'm sorry but if you want an interview you have to 'like' talk to our manager," reciprocated the pink haired sister with a snarky tone to her voice.

"No it's not that," answered Ash.

"We don't do autographs," retorted the pinkette once again.

'Bitch', "I don't want one, I just want to know if this is a pokemon gym," said Ash in a pleasant tone hiding his true feelings.

This time the blunette answered and she was a little less snotty, "It sure is."

Ash bent back and let out a sigh of relief, "Well do you have any idea where I could find the gym leader?"

"You're looking at them," answered the pinkette indifferently.

"The three of us are the gym leaders here," said the blonde haired girl, speaking to Ash for the first time.

"Were the sensational sisters!" proclaimed the pink haired sister.

The blunette smirked before announcing, "And were world famous!"

Ash's jaw was practically touching the ground. "You've got to be kidding me! The three of you are the gym leaders!"

"Um yeah, what's so surprising about that?" asked the blonde intrusively.

Ash's cheeks turned a slight shade of pink as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "You girls are just really pretty for gym leaders that's all."

The blonde and blunette simply ignored the comment, but the pinkette's cheeks turned a rosy crimson as she looked Ash over. 'He's kind of cute, and could only be maybe two years younger than me.'

Her reaction didn't go unnoticed by Ash, but the girl's attitude from earlier was enough to extinguish any interest he may have had prior to their meeting. At this point he just wanted a gym battle, "Well any way I challenge all of you!" vociferated Ash as he pointed at them with a taunting finger.

The three girls looked at each other and released a conjoint sigh, before the blonde answered, all the while raising her arms above her head in a way that clearly read disinterest. "Ummm… We don't feel much like battling anymore."

Ash and Kai sweat dropped, "What do you mean, you don't feel like battling anymore?"

"We just got destroyed by some kid from this nowhere place called Pallet town," answered the blunette.

"Yeah it was like totally embarrassing," retorted the blonde.

'Well this sucks, Gary must have got here first' thought Ash as he soaked in the horrible news. As he sorted out his jumbled emotions the boy noticed that the pink haired girl continued to stare at him, her cheeks ablaze. When he brought his eyes to hers she looked away, clearly trying not to get caught.

Ash simply ignored it, too disappointed in the results of their encounter to do anything about it. His thoughts were interrupted though by the sound of the blonde's alluring voice, "I know what you want."

Several thoughts collided in Ash's mind at an alarming pace as he reflected upon what she had just said. 'You, or a gym battle, that's all I'm really interested in right now.'

"Seal!" yowled the blonde, as she clapped both of her hands together precipitously. Coming forth from a pool to their right that Ash somehow failed to notice beforehand was a strange white pokemon. It was somewhat small in stature and was clearly mammalian. The little guy lied on two furry flippers and its tail separated into what looked like two more. It had a small horn protruding from its forehead and two identical ivory white tusks that crept from its mouth.

The seal elongated its tongue, responding to the blondes command. Ash's brown eyes all but leaped out of their sockets, as he took notice of the small blue tear shaped trinket that sat idly on the pokemon's wet appendage. 'The cascade badge'

The blonde haired beauty reached out and picked up the ornament, before holding it inches away from Ash's face. The young boy didn't know what was more appealing at the time the badge, or the girl.

"The cascade badge, this is what you want right?" asked the lovely blonde.

Ash stared at the badge intensely, picturing golden rays emulating from both the girl and the badge.

"Come on take it, seriously it's yours, all you got to do is reach out and grab it."

Ash felt like he was being bewitched, as his entire being wanted to just take the badge and be done with it. But, that wasn't his style. Ash Ketchum didn't take the easy way out, he was either going to earn the badge, or receive no badge at all.

"I'm sorry but I'd rather earn it myself," said the aspiring pokemon master.

"Come on take it, a badge is a badge," persuaded the blunette as she weaseled her way back into the conversation.

"I can't it would be against everything I stand for," retorted Ash with much more density to his voice this time.

"Oh we-" The blonde was cut-off by the bellowing sound of a young girl, "Hold it right there!"

"Who the hell are you!" blurted Ash, as a young girl that he estimated was about a year older than him, exploded onto the scene from who the hell knows where. She stood a little bit taller than Ash and had fiery red hair twisted up into a pony tail that sat effortlessly to the side. She wore a short yellow tank top that showed a little bit of her stomach, and a tight pair of jean shorts. The newcomer had two red strap suspenders connected to her jeans that looped symmetrically around both of her shoulders, as well as a pair of yellow sneakers.

Ash learned quickly that the girl had an outrageous temper, as she ignored him and immediately got in the blondes face. "If you don't want to battle him Daisy, then I will!"

The raven haired boy didn't give Daisy an opportunity to answer, "What is going on, who are you!?"

The girl raised a strong fist as she answered, "My name is Misty, and I am the fourth sensation sister!"

The pink haired sister butted into the conversation with another snarky remark, "Actually there are only three sensational sisters, and one runt."

The redhead, now known as Misty, growled back in anger obviously not a fan of the pink haired beauties remark.

"So little sister it's a surprise to see you back so soon," answered Daisy in a curious tone.

"That little girl with a big mouth that said she wouldn't come back until she was a great pokemon trainer, wasn't that you?" said the blunette, clearly mocking Misty.

Misty looked down at the ground somberly, "Uh.. I guess I did say something like that when I left."

Ash scratched the back of his head sheepishly, before bringing his attention to Kai. "These girls are crazy, but who knows maybe this new girl will give us the battle we want."

"Cha…." sighed Kai, who was still pissed off that he wouldn't be in the battle either way.

"Misty, you left here pretending you wanted to become a great pokemon trainer because you couldn't compare to us. Because we are obviously more talented and beautiful than you are," gloated the pink haired sister.

'uh oh' thought Ash to himself as he sensed an emotional outburst.

"That wasn't the reason!" shrieked Misty at the top of her lungs.

"Well than I guess you came back because you didn't make it as a pokemon trainer," chided Daisy as she shrugged both of her shoulders in disinterest.

"Actually I just happened be in town and came by to check on the gym, I've been hearing disturbing rumors that you three idiots have been giving out free badges!" countered Misty, "and it seems these rumors are true."

The redhead than proceeded to turn her menacing scowl in the direction of Ash, "And since it's obvious that you three are incapable of running this gym I will take on this challenger!"

Giving her a more detailed look over it became clear to Ash that the violent Misty was actually quite pretty. He would even say that if she tried harder she may end up being the most attractive of them all. Too bad he was going to have to decimate her, "Alright than Misty, my name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet town and I challenge you to a gym battle," spoke Ash calmly.

Misty smirked, "Nice to meet you Ash, I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into."

Meanwhile, Alex and Leaf were currently resting on one of the extremely comfortable couches in the Pokemon center lounge.

"Ash sure has been gone a long time," said Alex as he anxiously waited for his friend to return. He couldn't wait to take on the gym leader. All this sitting around was starting to get under his skin.

"I guarantee you that he is already there," replied an exasperated Leaf.

"Who am I kidding you're probably right, that prick doesn't think of anyone other than himself," retorted Alex.

Leaf gasped at Alex's smug remark, "Woah there cowboy, no reason to get mad at him, wherever he is I'm sure he has a good reason for being there."

"I'm not mad at him. I'm mad at myself for not coming up with the idea first," grumbled Alex as he crossed his arms and pouted, acting his age.

"You're impossible," replied Leaf somewhat annoyed.

"Oh shut up, you know you feel the same way," countered Alex.

"Screw you, no I don't!" Leaf snapped back.

Alex took a deep breath before continuing, "Whatever, let's go find the gym homie I'm trying to go off."

"Do you even know where the gym is retard," said Leaf with a grimace.

"I thought you did," uttered Alex with a blank expression.

"Ash is the one with the map. We'll have to ask someone for directions," sighed Leaf, as she bent over and placed her hands under her chin.

"Well what are we waiting for sista, we best be steppin!" exclaimed Alex as he stood up from the sofa and extended a hand out to Leaf with the intention of helping her up.

Leaf took his hand with a smile, appreciating the gesture before answering, "Why do you talk like you're black occasionally?"

Alex helped her up as he looked at her with an incredulous expression, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Back at the Cerulean gym we find our hero standing in the trainer's box, a mere seconds away from his gym battle with the vicious Misty.

The battlefield was the same massive pool that the three 'older' sensational sisters held their water show in. Ash and Misty stood on two floating platforms on opposite sides. The raven haired trainer was extremely curious to how they remained so stable. The rest of the battle field was rather simple, spread out throughout the rest of the pool were more identical platforms which were necessary for pokemon that could only move on land.

"Two on two, first one to have both of their pokemon knocked unconscious loses!" bellowed Misty from across the water field.

"Sounds good, I'm ready when you are!" exclaimed Ash, as he felt his adrenaline begin to kick in.

Misty smirked as she pulled her first pokeball out from her right pocket before enlarging it, "I was born ready!"

At this point Ash was virtually on fire, he unclipped Aria's pokeball from his belt before following Misty's lead and enlarging it.

The fiery red head cocked her arm back like she was getting ready to throw the first pitch of the World Series. Before hurling the red and white sphere into the middle of the pool she shouted, "Starmie I choose you!" rupturing from a flash of lambent red light was a large purple star-fish like pokemon. Starmie's appearance was simple yet complex, as it had several pointy limbs that protruded from its exquisite gold plated ruby core. "Hyaaaaah," shrieked the bizarre star-fish, as it entrancingly moved throughout the water, clearly ready to engage in battle.

Ash recognized Starmie as one of the several water-types that could be found across the Kanto region. But, although he was familiar with the pokemon, that didn't change the fact that he still wanted to have Dexter check it out, "Starmie-The mysterious pokemon, its central core glows with the seven colors of the rainbow. Some people value the core as a gem. Starmie swims through the water by spinning its star-shaped body as if it were a propeller on a ship."

With that bit of information the aspiring pokemon master had no doubt in his mind that Aria was the right choice. He proceeded to put his pokedex' away before lofting Aria's pokeball onto one of the other platforms as he spoke, "Aria, make me proud."

Materializing from her pokeball was the lustrous dragon-type, who immediately captured the attention of all four cerulean sisters.

Misty: 'Is that what I think it is!'

Daisy: "Oh my…."

Violet (aka blunette): "Now that's a surprise."

Lily (aka pinkette): 'He sure is something.'

The majestic serpentine pokemon looked back at her trainer, who simply gave her a subtle nod of assurance. That was all the young Dratini needed to be prepared for combat, "Tini!"

"Aria start things off with dragon rage!" shouted Ash, as he flipped his cap backwards.

The young dragon-type took a deep breath, before unleashing a strong stream of orange and purple flame in the direction of Starmie. The technique made a similar sound to that of a blow torch as it whipped across the water filled arena.

"Submerge!" countered Misty. The star-fish pokemon quickly plunged itself into the depths of the pool, narrowly avoiding Aria's attack.

"Follow it and draw it out with twister!" Dratini dove into the water immediately leaving a tiny splash in her wake.

After about thirty seconds of silence a tiny whirlpool started to form within the water. A few seconds later an angry Starmie was being expelled from the pool landing roughly on one of the platforms.

"Thunder wave!" bellowed Ash, knowing full well that if Aria could paralyze Starmie she would have a clear advantage. Aria appeared from the water delicately, before releasing a curious trickle of blue electricity.

"Stop that thunder wave with water gun!" shouted Misty intensely. The 'mysterious pokemon' intercepted Aria's attack with a powerful current of water that it conjured up from its topmost appendage.

The two attacks met head on. But, Starmie's water gun didn't extinguish Aria's thunderwave, instead the weak dribble of electricity climbed across the water effortlessly causing Misty to react. 'Shit' "Starmie block it with rapid spin!" The water type operated instantly, using its propeller like movements to somehow successfully blow away the electricity.

"That was pretty smart Misty, you're a lot better than I thought you were going to be!" wailed an impressed Ash across the stadium.

"I could say the same thing about you!" retorted Misty with a smirk.

"Wow Misty is 'like' totally awesome!" exclaimed Violet in support of her passionate little sister.

Daisy scratched the back of her head sheepishly, "Yeah maybe we should apologize to her; what do you think Lily?"

Lily simply gave a disinterested grunt all of her attention was currently on Ash. Her eyes shimmered radiantly as she looked upon the young trainer, 'Oh my god he's like totally amazing.'

"Starmie get in close with rapid spin, then use swift!" commanded the redhead. Following its orders Starmie started to spin at an alarming pace, before shooting itself in Aria's direction. Ash tried to react but Starmie was to fast, as it started to shower his Dratini with numerous miniscule materialized stars.

"Tini!" cried out Aria, as she was bombarded by the attack. When the assault was finished the dragoness still stood strong, but it was obvious to Ash that she was in pain.

"Hang in there Aria," encouraged Ash as he took a quick second to think over his next move, "Latch on with wrap!"

At Ash's command Aria flung herself at Starmie and abruptly latched onto the water-type as it continuously propelled itself throughout the air.

The raven haired trainer let a small smile creep to his face, "Now use thunderwave, and chain it with dragon rage!"

Aria released the powerful combination, one after the other, as she hollered, "tini! tini!"

Starmie cried out in pain as it felt the full force of the Dratini's onslaught. After a large point blank explosion Aria and Starmie were both sent hurling into the water.

The two trainers waited anxiously while both of their pokemon were still under water. After what was about a 30 second wait Starmie and Aria surfaced, both panting heavily. Ash analyzed Aria's condition carefully. He concluded that she was on her last leg, barely conscious. 'That point blank Dragon rage must have taken a lot out of her. Sometimes I forget how young she is.'

Misty did the same, 'Starmie doesn't have much left, maybe one more attack.'

Both trainers looked each other in the eye before shouting their next commands simultaneously.

Ash: "Dragon rage now!"

Misty: "Starmie use water gun!"

Both Starmie and Aria looked deep within themselves, before releasing all of the energy that they could muster. Both attacks met in the center of the pool colliding at a frightening pace, an explosion was unavoidable. The aftermath launched Starmie and Aria out of the battle field they both crashed hard into the gyms parallel walls, instantly knocking both of them unconscious.

Ash: "Aria!"

Misty: "Starmie!"

Shouted the two young trainers concurrently, with worry evident in both of their voices. Realizing at the same time that they were both still on the floating platforms and would have to swim in order to get to their pokemon, they retrieved their pokeballs and returned them immediately.

Ash clenched his dragon-types pokeball, "Rest now Aria. I'm so proud of you," whispered the raven haired trainer before clipping her pokeball back to his belt.

Misty interacted with her Starmies pokeball in a similar manor before shrinking it and putting it back in her pocket.

"Well Ash the first rounds a draw!" exclaimed Misty as she pointed at him from across the battle field, "It looks like this next one is for the win!"

"I guess so!" answered Ash with an authoritative clamor.

"This is 'like' so intense!" blurted Violet

"I know these two are totally amazing, I hope Misty can pull through!" shrieked an excited Daisy.

"Go Ash!" cheered an obsessed Lily

Daisy and Violet glared their sister menacingly which caused the pink haired sister to stagger back holding both her hands to her mouth. 'Maybe I should just shut up.'

Misty was the first to make her move as she tossed her second pokeball out into the water. This time appearing from the red and white sphere was a short round bipedal pokemon. It was blue in color and had a strange spiral pattern that looked like it was scribbled on to its chest. The creature also appeared to be wearing white gloves, and its eyes sat curiously on top of its head.

'So she chooses a Poliwhirl' thought Ash to himself as he took out his pokedex' "Poliwhirl-The tadpole pokemon-Capable of living in or out of water. When out of water, it sweats to keep its body slimy. When under attack, it uses its belly spiral to put the foe to sleep. It then makes its escape."

After returning Dexter to his back pocket Ash unclipped Skylar's pokeball from his belt. 'I'm counting on you girl' The raven haired trainer chucked his flying types pokeball straight up into the air making sure that she was released comfortably away from the water. (A/N: I decided that a flash back of Skylar's evolution wasn't necessary. All you need to know is that she evolved during training somewhere between Pewter and Mt. Moon)

"Jot!" cried the regal Skylar as she emerged from her pokeball with intensity. The normal/flying-type flapped her wings with power instantly creating a forceful current of cocky wind that smacked Misty's Poliwhirl in the face. Ash immediately understood that his pidgeotto wasn't playing around.

'That Pidgeotto has quite the attitude.' Misty thought to herself, as she prepared to order the first attack, "Poliwhirl knock it out of the air with Watergun!"

The tadpole pokemon unleashed a cogent stream of water in the direction of Skylar in attempt to do its masters bidding.

"Quick attack to dodge!" commanded Ash. Skylar darted out of the way of the water gun effortlessly, "Now blow it away with whirlwind!"

Skylar used her wings to create a miniature tornado. Then she sent it flying towards her opponent who frantically dove under water to dodge.

"Resurface and use water gun, don't stop until you knock it down!" Poliwhirl continued to release watergun after watergun and just like before Skylar dodged them easily.

'This is getting me nowhere. His Pidgeotto isn't even getting tired' thought Misty as she proceeded to come up with a new plan, "Poliwhirl rain dance!"

The water-type raised its hands up into the air, summoning an immense rain cloud that hovered just below the ceiling and extended only as far as the battlefield itself. Much to Ash's displeasure he soon found himself soaking wet, and even more importantly, Skylar was having a much harder time as she now had to fly against the rain.

'I have to end this quickly otherwise Skylar is going to tire out,' thought Ash to himself, as he tried to come up with a plan that could work. 'That's it!' "Skylar use twister to get it out of the water, chain with quick attack!"

Ash's pidgeotto reacted swiftly, not giving Misty and Poliwhirl a chance to react. She immediately conjured up another miniature tornado except this time she aimed it at the water.

Much like when Aria used the attack during her battle with Starmie, the twister created a colossal whirlpool that evacuated Poliwhirl from the water. Once the tad pole pokemon was in sight Skylar plummeted through the air at a formidable rate, and drove her sharp beak into the water-types stomach causing it to shout out in pain.

With the deadly combination of Skylar's twister and quick attack Poliwhirl never even had a chance. The poor guy was knocked out instantly.

Misty took a deep breath to calm herself, before returning Poliwhirl to his pokeball. Ash's reaction was much different, obviously. The raven haired boy and his pidgeotto celebrated together in a heartwarming manor as he gave his flying type a big hug, "You were great out their Skylar, I couldn't have asked for a better performance. Thank you so much!"

After the celebrating and sulking of both Ash and Misty was over, they exited the battlefield and joined Daisy, Violet, and Lily who congratulated them both on a hard fought battle.

Right after Ash was presented with the cascade badge, the four girls and the raven haired boy heard an extremely loud explosion coming from just outside the gym.

All four of them hurried outside to find an exhausted Alex and Leaf, who quickly explained that it was team rocket that stole the giant vacuum and hose from the machine shop. Apparently they were planning on blowing a hole into the side of the gym, so that they could use the stolen vacuum to suck up all of the pokemon inside.

Luckily they happened to show up at the gym just in the nick of time. The explosion that Ash and the four sisters heard was none other than team rocket being blasted off by the two young trainers from Pallet town.

Once they were finished telling their story Ash proceeded to explain to them that he had just won the cascade badge. And that he was now planning on going to the pokemon center with Misty so that they could heal their pokemon

Ash, accompanied by Misty, left Alex and Leaf at the gym so that they could battle Daisy and Violet for the cascade badge. The blonde and blunette were translucently inspired by Ash and Misty's battle and agreed to take on both challengers.

On their way to the pokemon center Ash and Misty exchanged in simple small talk, until the topic somehow shifted into Misty asking Ash to join him on the rest of his journey throughout Kanto.

Ash couldn't say no to a girl as pretty as Misty. So that day the pallet town trio gained one more travel companion, a fiery red head named Misty who's dream was to become the greatest water pokemon trainer that ever lived.

To be continued…

Ash's Pokemon

Drogo (Charmeleon): Level 23

Skylar (Pidgeotto): Level 22

Kai (Pikachu): Level 24

Aria (Dratini): Level 17

Luna (Clefable): Level 18

A/N: I know I said I wasn't going to have Misty join Ash, but…..I changed my mind. I think it could be fun to have her around.

Question from the author: Ash's next capture will be bulbasaur. So I'm looking for a good nick name. Leave your suggestions in the review section if you want to possibly have a say in it.

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