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"I need a revolution

My body needs a change

In search for a resolution

The whole me needs to rearrange"

Phoebe James was a normal girl. She went to a normal High School and was a normal senior. She had normal friends and normal interests. She lived in a normal small town outside New Jersey called Autumn Hills.

Though, there was one thing Phoebe James didn't have. A normal family. She was adopted you see. Brought to The States from Sweden before she could even talk. She didn't speak a word if swedish, but she was tall, had bright eyes and hair and all of those typical northern features and that was proof enough. Phoebe had never cared for her biological family. When people asked she just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. She didn't know, and she certainly didn't care. They left her, so they wasn't her problem anymore.

"Hey Phoe, wait up!" Phoebe groaned when she heard Laura's voice behind her. That irritating creature had annoyed her for days, believing they were friends. Phoebe only had one friend and that was not the girl who was running through the corridor, screaming her name. She sighed and shut her locker closed, taking off her skateboard from her backpack, in her attempt to escape. Laura's voice trailed off as Phoebe went through the hall, took a sharp right turn and crashed into their geography teacher, Ms Port (single since the day she was born, bad breath).

This day, Phoebe thought to herself, is one of the worst ever. And it's not over yet.

After being forced to stay at the school until her parents arrived for a meeting with the principal about her "rule-breaking issues", she had an extremely awkward ride home in the family's old Toyota, sitting in the backseat, arms crossed. She broke the silence with a heavy sigh, making her mother glance back at her, only to give her another of those disappointed looks.

"Come on, I rode a skateboard, you don't have to act like I murdered someone." Phoebe saw both of her adoptive parents flinch at her comment. Her mother looked away and her father clenched his hands around the steering wheel even harder. She sighed once again and looked out the window. It was already dark outside, and small raindrops was falling from the sky, splashing on the car window. Phoebe hated the rain. She hated water in general. Bathing was out of the question, she always showered, and that, she did quite often. She hated being dirty and unclean. A flash lighted up the sky for a moment and made Phoebe look up. One more thing to add to her hate-list, thunder. The rumble that followed was not favored either. Her hands closed themselves around her ears to keep the sound down. Her dad chuckled softly at her fear electricity, even though he knew that she was sensetive to sounds, more than others.

"Can you drive a bit faster, John? I want to get home before that storms comes this way." John James looked at his wife and nodded, pressing his foot on the gas pedal, making the car go faster. Another lightning flashed across the sky, this one even larger, making the ground shake as it hit the earth. Phoebe let out a whimper, and curled up into a little ball in the backseat, making it dirty with her sneakers.

When the car stopped in the white, old garage of the James house, Phoebe grabbed her backpack, opened the door, and marsched into the house, pissed as she was. She slammed her bedroom door behind her and threw her pack on the bed. She sat down at the chair in front of her computer (An old, not really working grey thing, since her parents refused to buy her a new one.) and tried to turn it on. As she thought, nothing. She groaned and cursed the damn thunder. She rose from her chair, and threw herself on her bed, forgetting her backpack and skateboard already lying there. She groaned of pained as the sharp edges digged into her stomach.

Okay, now it's not getting any worse.

"My king. We've found her." Thor looked up from his hands. Loki turned his gaze towards the courier and took a shaky breath. The God of Thunder rose from his throne and walked down the steps towards the asgardian. His brother followed him quietly, fists clenched and stern face. They both stopped in front of the messenger, who stod up and handed over a roll of paper, sealed with the mark of Heimdall. He then slowly backed of, one hand lay as a fist over his chest. Loki placed himself next to his brother, and waited. Thor opened the letter as Loki closed his eyes and let out a silent sigh.

"He's found her..." Thor crumbled the paper into a ball and shoved into Loki's hands and strode out of the castle, heading for the Bifrost, with Loki hurrying after the king.

"Thor, maybe you should think this over, I mean, heading to Earth-"

"Are you questioning your king, Loki?" Thor interupted Loki and glanced over his shoulder. Loki shut his mouth and followed the king in silence.

"Soooo, tell me what you what you want, what you really, really want. Soooo, tell me what you want wha-"

Phoebe groaned as she almost crushed the alarmclock under her fist. She groaned and rubbed her temple as she opened her eyes.

"Stupid mornings..." She muttered as she sat up at the edge of her bed. She ran a hand through her messy hair. The blonde rose, and scratched her back, yawning. Phoebe hated mornings. Almost as much as thunder and water.

"Young lady, you are not skipping breakfast again." Phoebe slammed the door shut in her mom's face and grabbed her board, riding along the sidewalk. She instantly pulled her hood up, since the rain was still pouring down. Phoebe put on her headphones, music already streaming out of them. A heavy sigh slipped out of her mouth as she shoved her hands in the pockets of her baggy jeans. As Autumn Hills High School got in her eyesight she sighed, preparing for another day in hell.

"Hey, come on Phoe, it's not that bad." Phoebe glanced at Chester and let out a sigh. She closed her locker and picked up her bag from the floor, throwing it over her shoulder.

"God, I hope you're right." Chester grinned and they started walking along the hallway to the lesson. The corridor was crowded with people. Stupid people, in her opinion. They all tried so hard to fit in, to be popular. Pitful.

"You can always find your real parents and live with them." She laughed and shook her head.

"I don't want to rely on people who gave me away in the first place." She answered. Chester frowned and looked at her.

"I will never understand you, Phoebe James." Phoebe opened her mouth to answer, but felt a hand close around her wrist. She gasped at the sudden contact, and turned around to meet the one who had touched her, only to stare at a wide chest, covered in leather and metal. She looked up and met a pair of blue eyes. They were... Uncomfortably familiar. She felt Chester flinch at her side, but she was to busy finding out who this were. His blonde hair was shoulder-long, and he had stubble on his cheek, like he was growing a beard. This guy was tall, far more tall than Phoebe. He was dressed in clothes that would normally make Phoebe wonder if he was a nerd, freak, or just plain dorky. But this was real. This was real armour that adorned his muscular body. She didn't care if staring was rude at this moment. This guy was plain beautiful. And the fact that she was sure she's seen him before sent shivers down her spine. A cocky smile slowly spread across his face.

Why is he smiling?

A loud cough made her look away from his face. She noticed that the corridor was empty, only she and the blonde guy left. And.. someone else? She knew someone else was here. And she was right.

Another tall man stepped out of the shadows, and this one (If possible) was more beautiful than the first one. Did these guys come from the Hotness country? This man (She was kinda sure he wasn't human) strode in as graceful as if he wasn't touching the floor, only hovering over it. He was skinny, not as muscular as the blonde, but she could guess that some muscles was hiding underneath those green and golden clothes. His fists were clenched, as if he was furious. His black hair was the darkest shade of black Phoebe had ever seen. And those eyes, those green, emerald eyes. It made her think of her own, only these being slightly darker. His whole apperance made a single word pop up in her head:


"I said we would find her, brother." The blondes voice snapped her out of the trance and she looked back up at him. His grin was still there, slightly annoying Phoebe.

When is this guy going to let go of my wrist?

"I'm still not sure if this is the right thing to do, Thor." The black haired guy said, clenching his jaw.

Thor. Why is-

Phoebe's face paled as she remembered the little Northen mythology she was ever taught.

No, no that is impossible.

"Loki, we don't have time to think about it. We need to take her back to Asgard as soon as possible."

Loki? Asgard? Gods, no, no please...

Phoebe heard herself hyperventilate as she looked from Loki to Thor. Both of them turned and looked down at her. Loki started walking towards them.

"Thor she's going to-"

I'm going to-

And that's when she fainted.

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