Summary: Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Johanna, Finnick, and Annie all live in the same apartment building. They are offered a safe house when a terrorist burns the building to the ground. They will be stuck there until the apartments are rebuilt.

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Chapter 1

Katniss's POV

I stare at the building, which- until this morning- was my home. I grabbed a spare pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt before I ran out of the burning building. That's all I have.

Peeta's POV

I can't believe it's burned. I've lived there since I was a little boy. All I have left is a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and my worn out sneakers. I can't believe everything else is . . . gone.

Gale's POV

This sucks. I should've grabbed some money off of my desk before I left. Now I just have jeans and sandals. I feel the fury building up inside of me.

Johanna's POV

This is fucking shit. I am so pissed off at these dumbass terrorists. Would it have killed them to bomb a different apartment building?! All I have now is freaking pajamas and slippers!

Finnick's POV

I wish it had occurred to me to grab something- anything- before I left. I just have my damn boxers and sweatpants. Why was I so fucking stupid?

Annie's POV

I feel my sanity slipping. Jason is dead. I saw my baby brother engulfed in the flames. He was only twenty one. I'm losing my mind.

Johanna's POV

Everyone here is in hysterics. One brunette is braiding and un-braiding her hair over and over and over again. An attractive man with tan skin and bronze hair is fiddling with a rope. A blond man in sweatpants is biting his fingernails. Another woman is on the phone, claiming again and again that "Jason is dead!" Maybe Jason's a pet, maybe a roommate that didn't make it out, maybe a husband. I have no idea.

A balding man approaches me with some cash. "Miss, we're bringing everyone to a house where they can live in until the apartment is rebuilt. It is stocked with food and furniture but we are giving everyone two-hundred dollars for new clothes until you either find a job or get your next paycheck. Only eighteen people made it out so we have three houses, each with six beds."

"You're giving us two-hundred dollars for clothes!? How the hell am I supposed to work with that, dumbass!?" I snap at him.

"It's all we have. I'm sorry," he quickly retreats.

I chuckle. "You're afraid of me? Good."

Finnick's POV

"Okay, so this house is for-" he looks at his paper, "Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne, Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair, and Annie Cresta."

I walk up to the house with five other people. The man continues, "This house has three bedrooms, so each of you will have a roommate-"

"Oh, joy," a woman with pale skin, big brown eyes, and dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut- she's really quite pretty- says sarcastically.

"As I was saying," the man looks annoyed, "All the bedrooms are on the second floor. There is a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Enjoy your new home."

We all walk in and hurry up to the second floor. "I'll take this room," the girl with the pixie cut says.

"Me too," a girl with a braid falling down her shoulder leans against the wall.

A blond man and a guy with dark brown hair take the next room. I look at the woman remaining. She has wavy, light brown hair and sad eyes. She beautiful, but not in the traditional way. "I guess we get the last room."

She smiles sadly. "Yeah, I guess so."

"How about we all go downstairs and get to know each other?" the blond man suggests and we all agree.

I sit on a couch in the living room next to my roommate and pixie cut girl. "I'm Peeta," the blond man tells us.

"I'm Gale," the other man says.

"Katniss," the girl with the braid says.

"I'm Annie," my roommate tells everyone.

"Finnick," I smile my signature, crooked smile.

"I'm Johanna," pixie cut girl puts her feet up on the table.

"Um, okay," Peeta says. "Now let's say our jobs. I'm a baker. I work at the bakery downtown."

"That's so cool," Katniss beams. "I used to take my sister there all the time! I'm a music teacher, by the way. I teach at Los Angeles Elementary."

"I'm a bartender," Gale tells us.

"I guess I'm a bit like a sculptor," Johanna smiles. "I make wood carvings and sell them. I think they're pretty good."

"I'm a swimwear model," I cross my legs.

Johanna looks at me. "You're a swimwear model!?"

"Yeah, I am. So what?" I ask her.

She smiles. "I just think that's hilarious."

"What about you, Annie?" Peeta asks.

"I'm unemployed. I was a swim coach in college but now, my brother brought home most of the money. He was my roommate and he didn't make it out." She chokes and covers her mouth.

"Annie, I'm so sorry," I put my arm around her. "If you want, you could get a job where I work. I do about half my shoots at the pool-" Johanna hardly stifles a laugh. "And I could help you get a job as a swim coach there."

"Really?" she looks up at me. "That would be great. Thanks."

"Who wants to go shopping with me tomorrow?" Johanna asks and everyone raises their hand. "Awesome! But it's getting late, we should probably go to sleep."

Katniss's POV

I sit at the dining room table, eating a pastry. Johanna talked on the phone with her boyfriend until 3 a.m. and I am beyond tired.

"I love Sundays," Johanna exclaims. "Because I don't have to work! Are you guys ready to go?"

We all nod and she says, "Good because I want to get out of these fucking pajamas! Let's go!"

We follow her out the door and get into Finnick's truck. Johanna sits in the front seat and I get stuck between Peeta and Gale.

"Where are we going?" Finnick asks Johanna.

"Marshalls," Johanna tells him.

"Great," Finnick says.

We're an odd looking group. Johanna is wearing footy pajamas. Finnick and Gale are shirtless. Peeta is wearing sweats and a sweatshirt. Annie's in a nightgown. In fact, I'm the only person who's dressed relatively normal in my jeans and T-shirt.

By the end of our shopping trip everyone is dressed like a normal person. Johanna is wearing red jean-shorts and a white skull tank top with a net-like thing in the back. Annie is dressed in blue jeans and long sleeved black shirt. Finnick is wearing shorts and a muscle-shirt. Peeta and Gale are in jeans and a T-shirt. I'm wearing the same thing I was earlier.

"I guess we should head home," I say. "We have a long day tomorrow."

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