Void Child presents "Starcraft: The Musical"

"I'll Make a Marine Out of You" - A parody of Mulan's "I'll Make a Man out of You" © Disney

(Takes place some time after the Magistrate agrees to forge ties with Mengsk and the Sons of Korhal. Some colonists are being trained for war.)

Let's get down to business
To defeat the Zerg
Did they send me ice cubes
When I asked for 'bergs?
You're a dirty bunch
Of drooling apes
But when this
Rebellion's due
I will have made Marines
Out of you.

Cold and tough as mountains
But a fire within
Once you find your rifle
And you may just win
You're a peaceful, pale
Backwater lot
And your skin is soft as goo
Somehow I'll make Marines
Out of you!

I'm never gonna get some rest

Zerg're gonna eat right through me

Boy was I fool for never working out!

I'm just tryna do my best

Everyone's gonna outdo me

Tired of being called a drunken, lazy lout!

(Be Marines)
We must be swift as a racing vulture
(Be Marines)
With all the force of a firebat roast
(Be Marines)
With all the strength of a siege tank's cannon
Mysterious as a hidden, deadly ghost!

Time is racing toward us
Till the Zerg arrive
Run and grab a bunker
And you might survive!
You're unsuited for
This bloody war
So pack up, run off
How could I make Marines
Out of you?

(Be Marines)
We must be swift as a racing vulture
(Be Marines)
With all the force of a firebat roast
(Be Marines)
With all the strength of a siege tank's cannon
Mysterious as a hidden, deadly ghost!

"The Zerg Prepare" - A parody of Lion King's "Be Prepared" © Disney

(Takes place directly before Zerg mission 8, right after the Overmind has awoken.)

I know you've a lack of willpower
You disregard, yet always abide.
But right now, in our darkest hour...
My words are the turn of the tide.

Our whole world is lifeless and barren
Your int'llect has taken its toll.
But we are talking Protoss and Terran!
Listen up and envision our goal.

So prepare to complete a great cycle!
Be prepared for a challenging feat!
Our race's salvation
After this invasion

Can you go a bit faster?

Just listen to master.
I know it sounds florid
And no small bit horrid
When my plans are finally complete!
And let not one Protoss be spared
Be prepared!

Daggoth: Yeah, be prepared! Yeah, we'll be prepared...for what?
Overmind: For the invasion of Aiur!
Daggoth: Who's Aiur?
Overmind: No, you fool, the Protoss homeworld... And we're leaving Zerus.
Zasz: Great idea! Who needs a homeworld?
Cerebrates: No world, no world, la-lala-la-laa-laa!
Overmind: IDIOTS! We will have a world!
Daggoth: Hey, but you said, uh...
Overmind: Aiur will be our world! Stick with me...and you can kill as much as you please!
Cerebrates: Yaay! All right! All hail the Master!
Zerg Swarm: All hail the Master! All hail the Master!

It's great that we're under the control
Of a master with wisdom and form!

Of course, aside from praise and extol
You must give your life for the Swarm.
The future just glitters with wonder
Be patient, though, don't hold your breath.
You will be perfect, not one blunder.

So prepare for the turn of the eon!
Be prepared for a marvelous scam!
Milennia planning
And tireless scanning
Forgotten, forsaken
But don't be mistaken

I'll no longer be hated
But praised, commedated
And seen as the god that I am!
Now go to the war I've declared
Be prepared!

Zerg Swarm:
Yes, we'll go to the war we've declared
Be prepared!

"Shakuras Nights" - A parody of Aladdin's "Arabian Nights" © Disney

(Takes place during the end of Protoss mission 8, after the stasis cell is destroyed and Zeratul arrives.)

I expected you to attempt to retrieve your hero. You will learn that the will of the Conclave is absolute. Make peace with Adun.

Stay thy hand, Judicator. The stewards of Tassadar shall not fail while the Dark Templar live. Call off your guards and stand aside, and you may yet live to see another moonrise.

What? Who are you?!

Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway earth
Where the soaring kakarus roam
Where they cut off your hair
At your moment of birth
It's primitive, but hey, it's home!

When the dark, dusty dunes
Are but lit by the moons
And the stars in the Void are right
Come on down
Stop on by
Hop a dropship and fly
To our eternal Shakuras night!

Oh, Shakuras nights!
Over here, there's no days!
Under this black sky
You'd most likely die
In various ways!

Oh, Shakuras nights!
'Neath twin Shakuras moons!
Home of the outcasts
Outsiders die fast
To patrolling dragoons.

I will not be addressed by one so devoid of the Khala's light.

A/N: And there's more where that came from. I'll update as soon as I can, and am open to song suggestions.