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Derek was in his bed tossing and turning. After the banquet to honor his father's partner, Derek was having dreams about losing his father in Chicago all over again. Derek would fall into a sort of slumber, and the images of his father being shot would flash through his mind.

Derek was roused from his fit full sleep, by a loud banging on the door. Derek muttered, "I don't know who the fuck that is, but I swear to god I will shoot you."

Derek threw on a pair of sweat pants, and grabbed a t shirt. He padded downstairs, and yelled "Hold your horses."

Derek looked through the peephole, at a mass of curly blonde hair.

Derek quickly opened the door, and pulled Penelope to him, and pushed his door shut.

Derek didn't say a word he just let her cry in his arms. He knew when she was ready to talk she would.

Penelope sobbed and said, "Stupid."

Derek tilted Penelope's chin and said, "What baby girl?"

Penelope muttered, "I am so stupid."

"Angel baby why would you call yourself stupid?"

Penelope choked back a sob and said, "I kissed Kevin."

Derek confused said, "Okaaayy?"

Penelope stops crying long enough to say, "I kissed him and asked him if he wanted to grab a drink. He made some excuse and got the hell out of the building."

Penelope sighed and said, "It is official I am going to die alone."

Penelope started sobbing again and continued, "I am going to end up old, alone, and miserable."

Derek traced loving circles on Penelope's back, and held her even tighter. He took a deep breath and said, "Sweetie you are not going to end up alone."

Penelope whined, "Yes I am. God I am so stupid."

A frustrated Derek Morgan said, "No you are not, stop saying that. Lynch is stupid. If that man can't see how beautiful, smart, funny, absolutely brilliant, and beautiful-"

Penelope cut Derek off and said, "Derek you said beautiful twice."

Derek wiggled his eye brows and said, "Baby girl it bears repeating."

Penelope tossed her hands in the air and said, "Well it doesn't do me any good if you think those things."

In a quizzical tone said, "Why?"

Penelope with tears welling up in her eyes said, "Because, you could never want me. Look at me I am literally a hot mess."

Derek explained, "Baby you are not. You got your feelings hurt by a complete and total jackass.

Penelope looked down and bit her lip. Shyly she said, "You want to know the worst part."

Derek placed his hands on her shoulders and said, "You can tell me anything."

Penelope took a deep breath and said, "Kevin drunk dialed me last night and asked me if I would have sex with him, and I am putting what he said nicely."

Derek scoffed and said, "He called you for a booty call?"

Penelope rolled her eyes and said, "Well….Yes."

Through gritted teeth Derek asked, "What did you tell him."

Penelope furrowed her brow and said, "I told him to go to hell."

Derek let a huge sigh of relief and said, "Good. Asshole doesn't deserve you.""

"Derek I should have just gone." Penelope hung her head in sadness.

Derek grounded it out, "No you shouldn't have."

"Why not, Kevin is the best I am ever going to get."

"That is bullshit.

"No it is not Derek. "

Penelope turned her head away from Derek's intense gaze.

Derek tried to turn her chin so she would face him, but she wouldn't budge.

Derek took a deep breath and thought to himself, "Now or never. Just say it."

Derek tenderly said, "Penelope, look at me."

Penelope refused.

Derek forcefully said, "Damn it baby girl look at me, now!"

Penelope slowly turned her head but her eyes were still intensely staring at Derek's hardwood floors..

Derek in a whispered tone said, "Penelope please just look in my eyes."

"Penelope looked up into Derek's eyes. She saw them go from staring daggers, to softening.

"Penelope Garcia. I love you."

"Derek I know you love me."

Derek teased and said, "Hard head I love you.

Penelope sighed and said, "Yeah I know."

"Damn it woman you are making this harder than necessary. I love you.

A confused Penelope asked, "You what?"

Derek cupped Penelope face and lovingly said, "I am head over heels, in love with you."

Penelope gritted out, "Derek I swear if you are saying this because you feel sorry-"

Derek grits his teeth and said, "Stop it. I don't feel sorry for you."

Penelope raised her eyebrows and said, "So you are really in love with me?

Emphatically Derek said, "Damn straight."

Penelope bouncing said, "Derek Morgan I love you so much. Kevin should have drunk dialed me sooner."

An exasperated Derek said, "I am sorry I didn't make you mine sooner. Then we wouldn't even be talking about that dumb ass."

Penelope tugged the front of Derek's shirt, and Derek pulled her closer in his arms. He leaned down and gave Penelope a sweet kiss on the lips. Their eyes met, and they began kissing with a white hot passion.

Derek slid his tongue into Penelope's mouth. Derek thought, "Damn I am already addicted."

Penelope whimpered into Derek's mouth. She knew she was hooked, and she couldn't have been happier.

Derek and Penelope pulled apart.

Penelope was seeing stars literally. She sighed in pleasure and said, "A-freakin-mazing

Derek chuckled and said, "I plan on kissing you like that for the rest of my life."

"Awww hot stuff do you really mean it?"

Derek crossed his hands over his chest and said, "With my whole heart."

Penelope's phone rang and it broke up the sweet moment the newly founded couple where having.

Penelope looked at her caller id and it said Lynch.

Penelope rolled her eyes and pressed ignore. She would have turned her cell phone off but she couldn't. They could get a call about a case at any time.

Derek grinned and placed his lips on Penelope's neck and inhaled the sweet smell of her hair. He always loved the way she smelled.

Penelope smiled and cupped Derek's cheeks and brought her forehead to his, and said in a whispered tone, "Derek Morgan I love you."

Then in a more forceful tone she said, "Now kiss me."

Derek did just that.

After what seemed like hours, finally they came up for air.

Penelope's chest was heaving up and down, and Derek let out a quiet whistle.

Penelope blushed.

Derek nipped at her ear, and said, "Mama you are so beautiful."

Penelope declared, " And you are a statuesque god."

Derek said sweetly, "And you are my goddess.

Derek gave her a loud smack on the lips.

Penelope giggled.

Then she looked at her watch and saw how late it was getting. She groaned and said, "Baby it is late, and we might get-

"Woman you are staying here with me tonight. We can curl up and watch a movie til we fall asleep."

Penelope giggled again and said, "That sounds like a plan."

Penelope's phone rang once more. She looked to see who it was and it said Lynch again. Penelope hit the ignore button on her phone again.

Derek set his jaw and said, "Baby if he calls back let me talk to him. I can get him to stop calling you."

"Derek I am a grown up, I can handle it."

"Woman, as your man it is my job to protect you. Alright hard head.

"Mkay baby."

The fact that Derek referred to himself as her man, he could do whatever he wanted to as far as Penelope was concerned.

Derek stood up and helped Penelope to her feet. He held her hand and led her upstairs.

Derek asked, "Baby are you okay with staying in the same bed or do you want the guest bedroom?"

Penelope seductively said, "Derek I need to warn you. You get me in that bed and I won't apologize for what I might do."

Derek gave a throaty laugh and said, "I would never want you to apologize. So I guess that is a yes, we can share the same bed."

Once in Derek's bedroom, Derek reached in his closet and handed Penelope a blue training FBI t shirt, and matching blue sweat pants.

Derek grabbed the same for himself. Penelope got dressed in his bathroom, and he changed in his bedroom.

Penelope called out from behind the bathroom door and said, "Are you decent."

"Yep, you?"


At the same time they both said, "Damn."

They both laughed.

Then Derek said "Baby you look so cute in my clothes.

Penelope shook her head and chuckled, "Derek I feel silly, but if you think I look cute I will take the compliment."

Derek turned his attention back to the large flat screen mounted on his wall.

"Alright I got a movie pulled up.

Penelope hopped on the bed next to Derek, they snuggled up and he pressed play. Not five minutes into the movie, Penelope's phone rang again.

Penelope groaned, and hit the ignore button.

Derek let it slide this time, but next time he was going to tell Lynch to go play in traffic blind folded.

Penelope and Derek were having a great time. They decided that they would have a mini Will Farrell marathon. They picked their three favorites. Somewhere between Talladega Nights, and Anchorman, Derek and Penelope scooted closer; Penelope could feel Derek's soft breath on her back. He couldn't have known but it is one of Penelope's erogenous zones.

Derek smirked to himself; he knew exactly what he was doing. Every now and the Penelope would shudder, and subtly rub her butt against him.

Derek closed the mere centimeters between he and Penelope, and kissed the back of her neck. Derek wanted to see how long it would take for her to completely forget the movie.

Penelope's eyes rolled in satisfaction, but she stayed focused on the movie.

Derek repeated his actions, and two minutes later Penelope turned in his arms. She had a look of mock scolding.

"Derek Morgan what do you think you are doing?"

Derek tried to look innocent. "What baby I just wanted to give my girl a kiss."

With mock anger Penelope said, "Derek you know exactly what you are doing."

With a smirk on his face he said, "Damn right I do, now kiss your man

Penelope nodded her head and said, "Yes sir."

Derek and Penelope started kissing. Their kisses started off sweet, but quickly turned urgent.

Penelope tugged at Derek's shirt and commanded, "Off."

Derek smiled and tugged his shirt off.

Derek tugged at Penelope's shirt and commanded the same thing of her.

Penelope was so caught up in hot demanding Derek that she didn't feel shy one bit.

Derek let out a low moan looking at a topless Penelope. He gently traced the outline of her silky hot pink bra.

He palmed her heavy breasts and leaned forward and gave each satin covered nipple a kiss.

Penelope hissed out, "Yes Derek."

Derek slid his hands down Penelope's back with her left nipple in his mouth. He pulled at the sweatpants she was wearing. She got on her knees, and let him slide the pants down. She sat back on the bed, and he took them the rest of the way off.

Penelope cocked and eyebrow and said, "Your turn." Derek hopped off the bed and shucked his sweatpants.

Penelope gasped at the straining erection in his boxers.

Derek looked down and grinned. He jumped back on the bed, and kissed Penelope again. A few moments later Penelope heard a snap and her bra was hanging barely over her breasts. Penelope shook the bra off the rest of the way.

Derek's eyes turned to liquid pools of chocolate. He kissed Penelope's neck down to the top of her breasts. He kissed his way down to each nipple. He toyed and tugged at the pink nipples.

Penelope felt her panties get completely soaked. If she hadn't been so turned on she would have asked Derek to pinch her to see if this was really happening.

Derek gently pushed Penelope down.

Derek braced himself on top of Penelope, and through hot kisses on her right breast he whispered, "God I love you."

Through moans Penelope said, "I love you too baby."

Derek kissed his way down Penelope's body. He kissed around the top of her panties. Then he ghosted his hands over her soaking wet fabric.

Derek rumbled with desire. He kissed the wet fabric again, and that caused Penelope to arch her back. Derek slid her panties off of her bottom, and down her legs. He placed himself back between Penelope's legs with his head nestled between her thighs.

He used his two index fingers to spread Penelope's folds apart. He used the tip of his tongue to flick her erect bud. Penelope rotated her hips in pleasure.

Derek loved the taste of Penelope. He loved seeing her completely give herself to him. He slowly slid his left arm up her body, and gently tugged at her left nipple.

Penelope could feel her orgasm building. She shuddered and shook at every lick and flick of Derek's tongue. Derek placed his middle finger inside of Penelope and that sent Penelope over the edge. She cried Derek's name over and over. Derek lapped furiously at her clit, causing Penelope to feel her build up again. She closed her eyes. Her head was thrashing side to side.

Penelope half moaned, half screamed, "Derek I can't take much more.

Derek stopped his assault on Penelope's with tongue. He did however keep his middle finger nestled inside her. He drew out her orgasm.

Penelope through ragged breaths said," Derek if you don't stop I am going to pass out.

Derek smiled and said, "Don't worry I will be here when you wake up."

Penelope looked and Derek with intensity and passion in her eyes and said,"Derek Morgan get up here now."

"You wish is my command. Derek trailed his tongue up Penelope's body, and gave her a slow kiss thrusting his tongue in her mouth.

Derek through heavily hooded eyes, and soft as silk tone said, "One second goddess."

Derek got off the bed, and pulled his boxers off slowly.

Penelope sucked in her breath, seeing Derek Morgan naked for the first time. She knew she was staring at Derek but she couldn't look away.

Derek smirked and said, "You see something you like?"

All Penelope could say was "uh huh."

Derek sauntered over to the bed. He got on the bed and crawled slowly over to Penelope, and braced himself once again above her. He kissed her then said, "Baby are you ready?"

"Born ready baby."

"That's my girl"

Derek gripped his cock. He guided it towards Penelope's wet hole. He placed the tip inside of her.

He teased her for a moment. Penelope let out a whimper.

Derek slowly and carefully slid his dick inside of her. Penelope felt a gentle stinging followed by immeasurable pleasure.

Penelope hissed, "Fuck Derek how are you going to fit?"

"Don't worry baby, I won't hurt you."

Derek caressed Penelope's face, and slid in until he was all the way inside of her.

All Penelope could do was pant the word fuck over and over again.

Derek smirked, he loved that his goddess had a filthy mouth in and out of the bedroom.

Derek pumped slowly in and out of Penelope. She was running her hands up and down his back. She settled her hands on his perfect ass.

She encouraged Derek to go a little bit faster.

Derek sped up his pace, moaning Penelope's name.

Derek bit out, "Damn baby you are tight and so wet. He leaned forward and gave her a fiery intense kiss.

Penelope moaned into Derek's mouth.

In the middle of their intense love making Penelope's phone vibrated.

Penelope panted and said, "Baby screw the phone it can wait."

A very pissed off Derek Morgan said, "No it can't, Penelope hand me the fucking phone."

Penelope with Derek still inside her reached for her hot pink Blackberry.

She saw the caller id, and it said Lynch.

"Shit.", she thought

Derek took the phone from her and answered it.

A surprised Kevin Lynch said, "Morgan what the hell are you doing answering Penelope's phone

Derek grounded out, "Look Lynch she is my girlfriend now stop fucking calling her. Plus she is busy right now."

A confused Kevin Lynch asked, "Busy doing what?"

Derek smirked, and rocked his hips forward causing Penelope to moan. Penelope blushed when she realized the Kevin probably heard her

Kevin angrily asked, "What the fuck was that?

Derek replied, "Well seeing is how I am balls deep in my girlfriend…..," Derek rocked his hips again, flicked Penelope's clit with his thumb. Penelope tried to be quiet but it felt too damn good.

Kevin stammered and said, "You, you have no class Morgan."

Derek bit out, Bye Kevin don't call her again."

A defeated Kevin Lynch said, "Trust me I won't."

Derek tossed the phone on to the bedside table, and continued to make love to Penelope. He knew what he did was crude but he had to get that little fucker to stop calling her.

Penelope wrapped her arms around Derek and whispered, "Thank you."

Don't thank me mama, you are mine now, it is my job to keep you safe and protect you.

Derek teased, "And to punish you when you are bad."

Penelope smacked Derek on the ass and said, "Punish away my chocolate god.

Derek smirked and said, "Have you been a bad girl?"

Penelope teased back, "I have, now what are you going to do about it?"

Derek slid into Penelope. She screamed Derek's name.

They spent the rest of the night making love, screwing, and fucking.

The next morning Penelope woke up first. She felt relaxed and in love. Then she remembered that she had sex while Kevin was on the phone. A giggle of epic proportions burst from her.

Derek woke up startled.

Derek asked, "Baby what's so funny."

Penelope through huge giggles said, "Baby you should never work in customer service."

Derek wrinkled his brow, and then he remembered what he said to Lynch and started laughing a deep laugh.

Derek said, "Come on crazy girl let's get showered and go get breakfast."

Penelope replied, "Okay my prince."

They headed out for breakfast hand in hand. News of Derek and Kevin's late night conversation circled around the BAU; it even trickled to other departments.

Kevin ran to Strauss and told her that Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan were breaking the frat rules. Strauss' secretary has the biggest mouth in the FBI and managed to tell just about anyone who would listen.

Kevin to his embarrassment wasn't shown any sympathy. To add insult to injury, a couple of agents high fived Morgan for putting the little shit in his place.

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