Derek was driving along the Potomac River. Derek was headed towards his home. He was playing soft R&B and trying to forget about his run in with Lynch.

Derek glanced over at Penelope; she was fighting hard to keep her eyes open. Derek laced his fingers with Penelope's and kissed the back of her hand.

Derek smiled at Penelope and said, "Take a nap baby girl. I will wake you when we get home."

Penelope smiled, yawned tiredly, and closed her eyes.

Derek stopped at a red light. Out of habit Derek looked in his rearview mirror. He saw a tan Dodge Ram van barreling towards his SUV.

Derek thought the van was going to stop. Derek looked in horror as he saw that the van had a steel grill and looked like it had no intention of stopping.

Derek saw that the intersection was clear, so he did the only logical thing he could think of. He ran the red light.

Penelope woke up when she felt Derek's black SUV jolt. Penelope looked at Derek with confusion.

Derek was too lost in thought to notice the wary look Penelope shot him. Derek sped down the street. Derek prayed that the motorists on the road would get out of the way.

"Derek, Derek slow down."

Derek was snapped out of his thoughts. Derek shouted, "Garcia there is someone chasing us."

Penelope panicked and asked, "What do you mean some-"

Penelope turned around and gasped. She saw a large van driving wildly behind them."

Penelope immediately reached down into her bra and grabbed her cell phone.

Derek was busy maneuvering through the traffic. Derek saw a police officer who had someone pulled over.

Derek honked his horn and immediately saw the officer pick up his radio.

Derek saw stand still traffic. Derek muttered, "Fuck."

Derek laid on his horn but it was too late.

The large van slammed into Derek's SUV, sending Penelope flying forward and hitting her head on the windshield.

Penelope grabbed her head in her hands. She was absolutely frightened. Penelope with shaky hands managed to call Hotch.

Penelope shouted into the phone, "Hotch, Hotch someone is chasing us. They just hit Derek's SUV.

Derek didn't see any option he turned the wheel sharply and began to drive on the sidewalk to get around the cars.

The van did the same, clipping several cars in the process. The driver of the van tried to hit the right Derek's SUV, but Derek was able to turn the wheel before that happened. The van swerved.

Derek could hear Penelope talking to Hotch.

Penelope said into the phone, "Hotch we are headed down the Potomac away from Quantico. Some nut job just hit us.

Derek hurriedly said, "Penelope put it on speaker."

Penelope did as Derek asked. Derek yelled, "Hotch I need back up. I signaled a police officer but he probably has no idea that I am an agent. "

Hotch said, "Derek don't worry I got Rossi and Reid headed your way. Have Garcia send your coordinate's to Reid's phone. Also JJ and Will are a head of you. She is still in her government vehicle."

Derek was still speeding down the street. The van nudged Derek's SUV. Derek said, "Penelope I need for you to move your seat all the way back."

Penelope fumbled for the button, and moved her seat.

Derek saw another red light and cursed again. Derek slowed down. Derek looked back in the rearview mirror to see someone in the passenger side lean out with a gun and pointed in the black SUV's direction.

Derek pushed Penelope's head down right as the first shot rang out.

Penelope cried, "Oh my god Derek what are we gonna do?"

Derek didn't want to fire his gun out in public, but he had no choice.

Derek barked, "Penelope take the wheel, but try and keep your head down."

Penelope grabbed the wheel. The SUV swayed from side to side. Penelope got the vehicle under control. Derek yanked open the glove compartment box, took the safety off the gun and took aim. The first shot hit the front of the van just below the windshield.

Another shot rang out from the van.

Derek gritted his teeth and said, "Shit."

"Baby girl I am going to slow down. I need to get closer to that van."

Penelope was struggling to keep the SUV straight. Between Morgan trying to cover her, and the fact she was in the passenger seat instead of the driver's seat was making it impossible.

"Derek, Derek. Give me the damn gun."

Derek said, "What Penelope no-"

"Look JJ has taken me to a gun range a time or two."

"Penelope I can't just let you."

"Derek give me the damn gun."

Derek ducked his head as another gunshot from the van rang out.

Derek could also see local PD patrol cars behind the van.

Derek turned and said, "Penelope we have about two shots left. Make em' count."

Penelope quickly tried to remember what JJ taught her. She released the safety and aimed at the driver's side front tire. She pulled the trigger. Her heart raced. She was shaking. She didn't think she hit anything, until she saw the van's tire deflate.

Derek whistled and said, "Holy shit."

Penelope saw the passenger of the van pull out a bigger gun.

"Umm Derek. Not to scare you, but you need to haul ass now."

"Garcia what do you think I am doing."

"It happened so fast. Penelope saw the bullet go out through the SUV's windshield. She saw the pained look on Derek's face.

"Penelope its nothing, it went through my shoulder, Do you think you can take out the passenger?"

"D I am not sure. I don't want to hurt any of the cops."


"What Derek?"

"I need you to find something to plug the hole in my arm."

"Oh God Derek."

Penelope fished her scarf out of her purse.

She saw that the van was now riding on the rim. It was creating sparks.

The van surged forward and sent both it and Derek's SUV into the Potomac.

The last thing Derek saw before blackness was Penelope's face, and blood.

Penelope woke up with a jolt. She saw a man in a blue shirt bustling around her.

Penelope tried to get up.

"Garcia lay back down."

"I can't boss man. I need to get to Derek."

"Penelope, Derek will be fine."

"But Hotch he got shot."

"Oh it will hurt like hell but he is fine. The gunshot was a through and through.

"I need for you to lay back and let us get the bleeding to stop."

"W-what bleeding."

"Garcia you have a rather nasty gash on your head, and you might also have concussion. Now don't make me tell you again. Stay still."

"If you are here, who is with Derek?"

"JJ is riding in the ambulance with Derek. That man is even more stubborn that you are. I figured I would let JJ handle him."

Penelope jolted again, "Oh my god boss man someone tried to kill us."

"Garcia I know. We are already working on who might have done this."

"For now I need to get you checked out at the hospital."

"Sure thing boss man."

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