Chapter 1

"Nanami..." Tomoe whispered, cradling her in his arms. Though he couldn't see her tears in the dark, he could feel them dropping onto his arms. "Nanami, I'm so sorry. I should've know this would happen, I should have-"

"Tomoe, it's not your fault. Please, don't think it's your fault. Please." Nanami sobbed. Tomoe pulled her closer, grabbing her chin and tilting her head upwards. He kissed her passionately.

"I was stupid to think we could get away with this. I knew that this… that loving you… that consummating that love would lead to this. And yet, I allowed it to happen," Tomoe let go of Nanami, and covered his face with his hands. He shuddered.

"Tomoe, please don't beat yourself up over this," Nanami put her hand on his shoulder. Tomoe rubbed his eyes with balled hands, before dropping them to take Nanami's.

"They're coming for me tomorrow," he spoke slowly. "I don't know when I will see you after that."

"I will wait for you. I promise."

"I love you, Nanami."

"I love you too, Tomoe."

With nothing else to say, they curled up together under the futon. The last thing Nanami remembered was Tomoe placed a long kiss on her forehead.

When she woke the next morning, Tomoe was gone.