So this is 1st time wrotting a fanfics guys!Death note belong to sum japabese dudes I dont know what there names but Sakura takahashi and other ocs are mine! Hope yo enjoy n send BIG reviews!1

It will be light x oc and 1 sised l x ligth

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Light Yagami woke up in bedroom. It was tuesday and he went down stars with sister saya fotr break fast. But not parents bcause the6n were having Sex :P

Light has bowl of some cornflicks and Saya ate Lucky charms. Then Light und Sayu put on school uniforms and went to school not saying goodbye to praents because of sex.

Tin minuites later they came in school

'There is school' light explined

'I know said sayu'

They go to diff class roms b/c sayu is kiddie and light is like 18 so he in the biggest class i think

He sits down at table and starts redding textbook bwith freinds because of smart. Then sees out of his corner of his yeye…..a NEW GIRL"!

The girl had ong blue hairs like a flowering bule waterfall adn tur quise eyes like blue water wearing pretty clothes w/ shot skirt and lacy pink sockings and black hi hells. Light thought she was pretty and starts getting erection!

I sit boredly at desk playing with a strand off my silky aqua marine bule hairs when suddenly I a brown caramel colours hair and bulgering muscles in shirt. Then I see he has giant ercetion! Like pole in underpants and looking at me in live

'I am Sakura Tahakahashi" I say flirty

"Im lgith Yagami' he replyed with his smile. 'R U new to schol?'

'Yes I said, i am orfon so I dnt have nowhere to live

'OMG u dont has parents?' he says looking at me upsetted and feeling sorry 4 me,

'my mum died in child burth wen I was born and father dyed yesterday because of tuberclosous'

'OMG HOW SAS' cuddled light to make me fell better,and I cuddled back, he was worm and strong and it maked me feel happied again

Then it end of school and I was sad

When light got home all his parents had finished having sex on ech other were haveing tea with l and watery. Light went into kittechn and saw them

'HELLO LIGTH' L glomped, glomming light around the waste and trys to kiss light but he dodge it

'Whow as school sweat heart' his mum asked

'WE HAS BIG NEWS' roared watari and dad at once! Liht was shooked because they didnt use there indoor voices!

'Watary orfonedge bruned down in fire' said watari sadly with crying 'so clever orfon kiddies lives hear in steed!'

Kids came in the kitchen. There was: mello,Near, Matt and…SAKURA!



'yer im a deceptive' sakura said in pretty voce. 'L is 3rd best defective in the hole is robbert but you calls him R' she point at big fat old man with sandwitch that was ugly and net very sexy 'he is number too. Im the bestsest deticitive in the world and were looking 4 kira'

Light was sacred because…..HE WAS KIRA!


'don't worry said L, ill shar your room' he said sitting on lights laps.


L just cryed bcause he is gay and fancy lighth

'Light can I have a word' Sakura


They went up stairs to lgith room and then sakura said 'listen tight I know we jst meted but IM IN LOSE WITH U!'

'yay' said light and then they kissed and then they started to make. They lied on bed and ligt started to take sakuras cloths when she suddenly shooted NOOOO LIGTH I AM A VIRGIN

It was noisy and light got scared by the nose and ran away.

'HEY BIG FAMILY' yellowed light dad in BIG voice. They all living in same house so its like there a big family or smth. They al go down stairs expect for nurr and Mello because youll find out y not later ;)

'DOES YOU HAS ANY IDEAS WHO KIRA IS!' dad shouted. Sakura said first I think kira is hifh school student with brown hairs. L said i thing kira is sexy lol. Robbert suddenlt said 'I think kira is light…' light quickily wroted robbery's name in death note and hr died all over table. 'oh look he felled asleep' said lights mummy

'I think kirq is some won who is defiantly NOT ME ' said light

'What about kiddies said l?' shure enough mellow near and matthew were NOT IN A KITCHEN!

'we must luke 4 them'


They go up stairs adn look in toilet and war drobe und floor and finally in spare room. They gassed!

Mello + Near was makeing yaoi all over bed! and Matthew was watching and playing video games! They watched as mello put his man peen organ into nears warm sippery caravan. Mellos organ isnt very big but near likes it. Nurr started mooning and having orgasm because of sex, and mat also had an organism becuuse he got a new high score on his cideo game.

'This is UNEXPECTABLE HAVING SEXES IN THE HOOSE!' scremed mum with angry.

'I wish light Kun wold do this 2 me said L'

'ew why' squicked light

'cos I love you' said l with glomp

'ill never love u said light cos U HAVE BULIMMIA' then every1 laughed at L

'that's not fair' L shouted mutely then got sord from bed side table and started suicideing 2 death. Matthew was a bit cross when bloods came on his psp


Lgith was upshot bcos sakura shooted at him when he tried 2 sex on her. He wanted down the stairs into kitched and macking tost

'hey sexy bf' said l who was sat at table. Light ignorded him cus he was smelly and light dosent fancy dudes

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