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It happened so fast. No one saw it coming...

They were on their way home from a Chirstmas Party one night. Ross was driving Rachel in the front seat with Emma in the back. They were singing along to Christmas carols on the radio when it happened. "Dashing through the snow, and a one horse open sleigh..." Rachel sang with Emma. She looked over at Ross who was smiling.

Rachel looked out the window, her smile dropped when Ross hit black ice. Losing control of the vehical. All you could hear was Emma screaming and the skid of the car. Then there was a bright light "Ross!" That's the last thing that was heard before...


Monica and Chandler ran through the hospital doors. Chandler ran up to the front desk "Ross and Rachel Geller?" He said catching his breath. The reception pointed in the direction of their room. "Thanks" They ran down the hall. He looked through the window to their room. He saw a Doctor in the room so he waited outside with Monica.

Monica started crying. Chandler brought her into a hug "They're going to be fine. They're strong, they're going to be fine." He repeated with a sure tone. If only he was sure himself.

"Are you guys here for the Geller's?" The Doctor asked walking out of the room.

Monica pulled away from Chandler "Yes." Chandler said softly.

"I'm Doctor Benton." He said shaking Chandler's hand "I'm glad you are both here. But before I continue I'm going to need to know your relation to this family."

"I'm Ross's sister, and we are Emma's godparents." Monica said

He nodded "Alright first we will start with your brother. Mr. Geller hit his head pretty hard on the dashboard in front of him, the airbag did not deploy...I'm afraid he is in a coma now." Monica covered her mouth in shock. Chandler brought her in close again for support while Dr. Benton continued "Mrs. Geller suffered the same injury as well and a broken collar bone, when she hit her shoulder against the window." He took a deep breath before continuing "She is as well, in a coma. She may never wake up." He said in a soft comforting tone.

Monica closed her eyes tight as the tears began to fall. Chandler hugged her even tighter, he kissed her forehead. "What about Emma?" He asked looking back at the Doctor.

A small smile appeared on his face "She is going to be just fine. She has a broken arm, and cuts along her neck..." He said gesturing on his body "..from the seat belt. She did hit her head against the seat in front of her, but not to hard to do any serious damage." He looked at his chart in his hands "She is resting now, when she wakes up we will need to run some test to make sure she doesn't have a concussion." He said "You can go see them now." He stepped aside so they can go in the room.

"Thank you." Chandler said.

He nodded "I'm just doing my job." He said walking away.

Chandler looked at Monica who was still clenging to his coat like a scared child "Mon?" She looked up at him "Do you want to go in?" He asked softly.

She hesitated before answering "Yeah." She whispered softly wiping away her tears.

Chandler slowly turned the knob and walked through with Monica following. They had curtains that were dividing each bed.

The sight before them was unrecognizable. There were machines beeping and cords hooked up to their bodies. They didn't look like the bright happy couple that they saw last night, they look like miserable dead aliens that got the life sucked out of them. Monica walked slowly over to the side of Ross's bed. He just looked like he was sleeping, that's what Monica was saying over and over again in her head 'He's just sleeping.' He was also paler than usual. She looked over at Rachel, she looked the same as Ross but with bandages over her shoulder.

Chandler walked over to the side of Emma's bed. His little joyful five year old niece. She would always bring a smile to his face when he had a bad day and follow him around when he was baby sitting she would mimic him. She claimed that she just so happened was going to the same place he was. She was smart for her age.

Monica and Chandler decided to stay that night at the hospital for Emma. They didn't want her to wake up and not realize where she was and get scared. The nurse brought in a couple pillows and a blanket for them. Chandler was laying in the chairs with the kick stand up. He was very uncomfortable so he couldn't get much sleep.

"Chandler?" Monica whispered to which Chandler opened his eyes. "What do you think is going to happen?" She asked in the other chair on the other side of Emma's bed.

"What do you mean?" He asked

"With Emma, if...if..."

"Don't think like that. Everything will be fine...and if not..." He paused "We will make room for her and she will live with us." He said

Monica didn't say anything, she got up out of her chair and walked over to Chandler. She lied down next to him, and cuddled close. Chandler took the blanket and wrapped it around the both of them. "I love you." She said resting her head on his chest.

"I love you too." He said wrapping his arms around her small form and kissing her forehead.

It was about seven in the morning Chandler guessed when he woke up and saw the sun rising outside the window. He then realized that Monica wasn't in his arms. He began to worry. She wasn't in the room. He turned around when he heard the door open.

Monica walked through with two cups of coffee. "Hey, you're up." She said handing him a cup.

He took it from her "Why are you up so early?" He asked

Monica took a sip and shrugged "Couldn't sleep." She said looking over at Emma who was in the same state she was when she last saw her.

"Later today I'll go home and make room for her in the guest room." Chandler said looking at Emma.

Monica nodded still starring at the little girl in front of her. A little while later Monica and Chandler were talking about work and when they could take off to take better care of Emma.

Emma started to stir awake. Monica looked over at her and saw that her fingers slightly were moving. They rushed to her side. Her eyes started to flutter open "Emma, sweetie, how are you feeling?" Monica asked.

"I'll go get a doctor." Chandler said and walked out the door.

"Where's my mommy?" She asked her voice a little hoarse.

The Doctor came in the room with Chandler following. "Hey Emma how are you felling?" He asked in a friendly voice looking at her. She looked really confused "You were in a car accident. And we need to make sure that you are okay before you are able to go back home." He explained in the best way he could that a five year old might understand.

She nodded, not really sure what to do.

An hour later they were all done and sent the test in to get looked over. Emma was once again, resting.

Monica and Chandler stood outside the room with the Doctor while he explained to them what was going to happen next. "Now the test will be in early next morning so we are going to have to keep her over night. You guys are welcome to stay with her." He looked over his chart making sure he didn't forget any much needed information.

"What if the tests don't come out as what you expected?" Chandler asked

"Well then we will have to keep her here with us longer than we hoped." He said "I will let you guys get back to her." They nodded before they went back in the room.

When they walked through the door they saw that Emma was lying awake looking out the window. "Where's my mommy?" She asked once again looking back at them when they entered.

Monica could feel fresh tears surfacing. "Honey, your mom is not feeling too well so she is going to stay in the hospital for awhile." She explained walking over to her.

"Em, you are going to stay with us until they get better." Chandler said softly.

Emma nodded slowly "When do I get to go home?" She asked

"Soon honey, but you have to stay over night tonight." Monica explained.

"Can you stay with me?" Emma asked

"Yes, yes of course sweetie." She said sitting on the side of her bed "I'll stay with you, while Uncle Chandler goes home and get's some of your things so you can have them at our house." Monica said looking at Chandler. He nodded.

"Yeah I'll go get your favorite bunny, and some of your toys, and some clothes." He said. "Do you want me to go get your bunny now so you can have him with you?" He asked.

She nodded "Yes please." She said.

He kissed her on the forehead then gave Monica a quick kiss "I'll be right back." He said then left.

When Chandler got back to the hospital he saw Monica lying in bed next to Emma, her arms wrapped around her. They were both asleep with the T.V. on. They were watching American's Got Talent. He smiled remembering every time when Emma was over at their house, her and Monica would always watch the show together and see all the crazy talents people would do. They would always say that singing isn't really a talent. Everyone can sing, they may not be good at it, but they can sing.

He walked over to them and put Emma's bunny Randal next to her. He sat in the chair next to them and watched the show that was on.

He laughed when an old lady came up on stage and sang 'Baby got back'. Monica slowly woke up when Chandler turned up the T.V. a little louder. He quickly turned it back down when he saw Monica sit up "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." He said.

"No, you didn't. I couldn't sleep anyway." She explained as she slowly got up careful not to wake Emma and got out of the bed; she went closer to Chandler. She sat on the arm of the chair. Chandler grabbed her waste and brought her on his lap.

She smiled. "What are we going to do." She said not sure if it was a question or just something she was asking herself.

"Here's what we are going to do..." He said muting the T.V. and turning to look at his wife. "We are going to take her home with us and we are going to treat her like we would treat our own children." This brought a sad smile on Monica's face. She really wanted children of her own. Chandler rubbed her cheek smoothly, he knew what she was thinking about. He leaned in to kiss her. He put no worries into the kiss, telling her that everything was going to be just fine.

When she pulled away she leaned her head against his "Thank you." She said with her eyes closed. Letting all her fears and worries move past her and just think about what's a head of them.

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