Here's the Epilogue :)

That day, when they got that phone call, changed all their lifes forever. But only did they know, it was just the beginning...

*one year later*

Chandler woke up and saw that Monica wasn't there, he looked at the clock that read 6:57 a.m. He crawled out of bed and went to go see if she was in the nursery, Rachel's old room, feeding their almost four month old baby boy, Connor.

He peeked in and saw Monica rocking him back to sleep while singing a lullaby...

Monica sang quietly...

"Little boy blue, come blow your horn,

The sheep's in the meadow, the cows in the corn

Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?

He's under the haystack, fast asleep."

Monica carefully got up and gently put Connor back in his crib.

She walked out of the room and quietly closed the door behind her. She jumped when she felt Chandler's arms snake around her waste.

"A little jumpy?" Chandler smiled kissing her cheek from behind. "You have a beautiful voice." He said quietly

Monica broke away smiling "Are you trying to sucker me up?" She said picking up the toys off the floor.

"...Maybe." He grinned shyly.

Later that day Rachel came by and dropped off Emma so she can run to the grocery store really fast.

Chandler got home from picking up some more formula and diapers for the baby. He saw Monica in the kitchen holding Connor with Emma at her side while making a pie.

They were singing together...

"Gonna make a pie...gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle."

Chandler made his way over to Monica...

"Gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie for you..." Emma smiled

Chandler walked behind Monica and grabbed Connor in one swift move. Monica gasped and turned around. "God Chandler, you have to stop doing that." She said angrily hitting him with the spoon.

"A spoon, that's your weapon of choice?" He said making funny faces at Connor who smiled.

"Uncle Chandler, you really stink..." Emma said plugging her nose.

Monica smiled "Go change him." She said turning back to her pie.

Chandler cringed at the smell and went to go change Connor.

Rachel arrived back at Monica and Chandler's apartment an hour later to pick up Emma.

She walked in to Emma and Chandler playing twister while Monica spun the wheel with Connor on her lap. She walked over and sat down next to Monica on the couch. "Left hand blue Em." She said "Did you get a lot done?" Monica asked Rachel.

"Yeah, thanks for watching her." She said "She has fun with you guys."

"We have fun watching her." She spun again "Right hand yellow." She told Chandler "So what are you and Ross doing tonight?" She asked

"He's taking me out for an early anniversary." She smiled "We are going to leave Emma with Joey and Phoebe tonight." Joey and Phoebe moved back to New York after what happened with everyone, they wanted to be closer to their friends.

Monica nodded "Tell me all about it tomorrow. Do you know where he's taking you?" She asked.

"Nope, it's a surprise." She smiled and looked at her watch "Oh, we have to go...Emma you ready to go?" She asked getting up.

Emma feel from her spot on the mat "Do I have to?" She whinned.

"Yes honey, you dad's waiting." She said

"Awww..." She got up and put on her shoes. "Can't I stay here?" She asked once more.

"I don't know, your going to have to ask your Uncle Chandler." Rachel said.

Emma turned around and looked at Chandler with her puppy dog eyes. "Please, please, please Uncle Chandler, can I stay?" She begged

He smiled "I'm okay with it, but you need to ask your Aunt Monica. We have Connor now too." He said from his spot on the floor.

She then turned to Monica.

"I would love it if you stayed." She smiled

She jumped for joy. "Do you want her to stay the night?" Monica asked "You guys might get back late..." She pointed out

"That would be great. Are you sure you have room for her?" She asked

"Yeah, we got a spare bed in Connor's room." She said

"Okay, I'll come by later to drop off her stuff." Rachel said then kissed Emma goodbye and left.

Monica was bouncing Connor on her lap while they continued their twister game.

All of a sudden Monica felt this warm liquid on her arm. She looked down and saw that he just spit up on her. "Okay honey, can you take him?" Monica said standing up.

"Why?" Chandler asked taking him from her.

"He spit up..." She said going over to the sink to wash up.

Emma started laughing. Chandler looked at her and laughed too "You think that's funny?" He smiled. She nodded. "Doyou want to try holding him?" He asked

"Can I?"

"Yeah, just sit on the couch..." She rushed over to the couch. He put a pillow under her elbow for support. Chandler then gently sat the baby down on her lap. He sat down next to her just in case she needed him.

"He's really tiny..." She said

Monica dried her hands and smiled as she watched Emma hold Connor in her little arms.

"Uh oh...his eyes are closing." Emma said worried

"That's okay honey, he's just sleeping." Monica said on the other side of the couch.

"Do you want me to take him?" Chandler asked

Emma nodded.

Chandler carefully took Connor out of her arms and carried him to the rocking chair in the nursery so he can rock him fully asleep before putting him down.

Rachel packed all of the things Emma would need to stay the night at Monica's. She brought her bag by.

"...And I called Phoebe and told her that Emma was staying with you guys instead, she said that it was fine." Rachel said

"Okay." Monica nodded.

"Alright I better get going." She said "Have fun." And with that she left for her date with Ross.

"Are we going to play again?" Emma asked Chandler

"I'm tired. You already beat me twice. You should play with your Aunt Monica. She loves games." He smiled.

"Okay!" She smiled "Aunt Monica you wanna play with me?" She asked

"I don't know if I'll be any good at that game..." She said

"Emma says she can beat you." Chandler said cutting into the conversaion. Knowing that will get her to play.

Monica looked back at Emma "Really?" She said her competitiveness starting to show. "Well your on." She said going over to the mat.

Chandler grinned. He loved seeing his wife like this. Most people don't, but he finds it cute.

"Okay Em, right hand red." He said spinning.

Awhile later Monica and Emma were all tangled up, neither giving up.

"Left foot green Mon..." Chandler said

Monica stretched as far as she could. It was to far, she was going down...

Emma got up and cheered, she high-fived Chandler. "I win!" She shouted excitedly

Chandler smiled. He reached out for Monica's hand and pulled her up off the floor. "You're so cute when you lose." He said and kissed her on the cheek. "You can't beat me though..." He said walking away to check on Conner.

"Yes I can." Monica said confident.

"I mean, you could of like a year ago, before you had Conner. But not now." He said

"You wanna bet? Emma, spin the wheel."

Emma sat down her juice and grabbed the wheel.

About ten minutes later, Monica did end up beating Chandler.

Later that night, after they got Emma and Connor to bed; Monica and Chandler headed for their room too.

The next morning Monica was getting breakfast ready while Chandler and Connor had their everyday routine.

Chandler would start feeding him, then burp him. But once he spit up all down the back of Chandlelr. Chandler would pass him off to Monica while he went to go get changed. Monica would already be dressed so they don't spend the whole day getting each other ready and passing the baby. Chandler always thought of it like a game, who ever get's spit up on first, would lose.

"Why do babies throw up a lot?" Emma asked.

"Because their new borns, their tummies are just getting use to food." Replied Monica.

Emma nodded and ate her cereal that Monica sat in front of her while she went to go get Connor ready.

A while later Phoebe and Joey strolled through the door "What smells so good, Mon?" Joey asked sitting down.

"Baby puke..." Monica replied from the nursery.

"I remember when I first watched the triplets..."

Joey and Emma looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "That's it." She said

Chandler emerged from the bathroom "Hello people." He paused. "Where's Monica?"

They all pointed to the nursey. He nodded and got himself some cereal.

Monica came out and put Connor on the play mat in the living room where she sat next to him.

Ross and Rachel walked through the door a minute later. "Daddy, Mommy!" Emma exclammed and got up off her chair to give them a hug.

Sence the accident Emma has gotten really close to all her family member's around her.

They hugged her. "Hey Mon?"

"Yeah?" She looked up at Rachel

"You know how you told me to tell you all about last night?" She nodded "Well, Ross got me this photo album for our anniversary, and I really want to take a lot of memorible pictures to put in here." She said "So everybody gather around!" She said excitedly.

Monica picked up Connor and walked over to Chandler. Everyone got close together. Rachel put the camera on set them rushed to Ross's side with Emma in front. Joey and Phoebe stood on one side and other the other was Monica holding Connor with Chandler's arms wrapped around her.

The camera flashed.

They all lived everyday to the fullest. Not taking one second for granted.

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