Cheren wandered the streets, an umbrella lingering above him. A down pour of rain had hit the town he and Lena were taking shelter in. Both were trainers, on a journey. He had attempted to pursue his own dreams, by himself. Lena followed regardless, wanting to be as close to him as possible.

There were days, however; when she'd disappear during rain storms. Even at night, he found she could be gone. It was troublesome for him; leaving him a worried wreck at times. The night could be dangerous after all. What if she became sick in all this rain as well? He wasn't sure what he would do with himself if she didn't take better care.

This was one of those nights; when he had to aimlessly wander until he found the woman. She was sopping wet, the rain soaking her clothing and body. He wondered if there was any real reason to even bring the umbrella to her at this point.

"Hey," He called out, huffing slightly at the woman. "You're really causing me a lot of trouble, you know that?"

Lena turned her head toward him, watching as he approached her. He appeared frustrated; though, he always did. She never asked for him to look for her. Still, he always did; he worried, he wanted to make sure she was safe.

Cheren grunted, coming to a halt. He stared at her face for a moment, a frown lining his lip. "Come on, you'll get sick." He muttered, averting his gaze. He could feel his cheeks warming slightly. Her clothing was clinging to her skin; he felt a little wrong for looking.

Lena smiled slightly, approaching him. He acted tough and logical at times but she knew very well that he was shy. In fact, he could be very shy at times, speaking his mind only to run off in attempts to hide his embarrassment.

She suddenly opened her arms, throwing them around him. Cheren stumbled backward, not expecting the woman to throw her weight onto him. His face flushed red and he dropped the umbrella he'd been holding. Rain now freely fell onto the two of them, quickly soaking Cheren just as much as it had Lena.

"Wh-what are you doing?" He inquired, unsure if he should hug her back or not.

"Relax," Lena prodded, snuggling against his cheek. "Let me love you."

Cheren's heart pounded against his chest, his ears burning from the blush on his face. After a few moments of shock, he allowed himself to return the embrace, closing his eyes as he did so.

The pair were sopping wet and he felt himself growing cold as the rain pounded against them but he was finding he didn't mind it so much. No, even if he was a little shy, he was finding that he was rather enjoying this. The conditions weren't ideal but he'd put up with them.

From that night on, rainy nights weren't as bad as they used to be. He didn't grow impatient when she left. Instead, more times than not, he followed, hand in hand; enjoying the weather and each other.