Layton took off his famous top hat, bowing his head in respect. Luke had a troubled look on his face, and looked over at Layton. Layton looked at him, and Luke knew immediately. He took off his cap and did the same. Don Paolo was standing nearby, tears in his eyes. He wiped them, not bothering to cast his usual glare at Layton. "Claire, why did you have to go?" he asked. Dimitri Allen, also nearby, bit his lip. He was almost ready to burst into tears, yet wasn't showing it. He looked at the coffin with longing in his eyes. Bill Hawks was also nearby, but he appeared as if he was bored.

"Claire," Layton whispered. The coffin began to lower into its grave, and Layton began to tear up. Dimitri doing the same. The coffin was buried immediately, and the gravestone was placed. It read, "Claire, the beloved scientist". Bill Hawks looked at his watch, and started to walk off. Luke frowned.

"Hey! I don't care if you are the Prime Minister, you can't just be so rude!" Luke shouted angrily. Hawks paused for a moment before walking off. Layton put a hand on his shoulder, shaking his head.

"Now Luke, even in sad times one must," he started.

"Always be a gentleman," Luke said, nodding. "I know professor." He started to tear up as well. "But it's just not fair!" Layton said nothing, merely peering off in the distance. He pulled out a handkerchief, wiping his eyes.

"That, Luke, however true, should not convince you to stop; it should inspire you to work at your dreams," Layton murmured. He smiled kindly at Luke. "This isn't just about that is it? But worry not; I will always be your friend, no matter where you are. I give you my word." Luke nodded.

"Thank you professor," Luke said. He then made eye contact with Don Paolo, who was right behind Layton. Layton turned around.

"Well, Layton, it feels best I go now," Paolo said. Layton nodded.

"Thank you for coming. I'm sure Claire appreciates it greatly," Layton said. Paolo nodded, and started to walk off. Paolo turned around, giving a malicious grin at Layton.

"But don't think that this means we're friends now," he said, and clicked a button. Down came one of his flying machines, and he climbed up and flew away. Dimitri walked up this time, merely bearing a sad smile, waving his hand and walking away.

"Poor Dimitri. This is probably hardest of him of all people, he had to deal with it being his fault," Layton murmured. Luke nodded.

"But what about you professor?" he asked. Layton gave a kind smile, and pulled out a familiar red cap, as well as some flowers, and put it adjacent to Claire's grave

"I can not say more than this Luke; I will miss our unwound future."