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Diclaimer: If I owned either of these shows, there would actually be a crossover.

Sherlock stood, watching John leave the cemetery. It would be so easy to just call out, yell his name. No. He couldn't. Not now.

"I thought I told you to stay at home."

He turned around to look at Molly.

"Home is boring. There's nothing to do, especially since you took my gun away."
"Well, I didn't want you to shoot out my walls! Again!"
"I told you, the first time was an accident!"

She looked up at him, sighing, exasperated. As much as she liked Sherlock, he was impossible to live with. How John had ever managed was beyond her.

"You know as well as I do that if you keep moving around your stitches will tear open and you crack your ribs again!"
"Oh, I don't care about my ribs! Let them crack all they want, so long as I'm not cooped up inside."
"Fine, fine. I'll go home. God, you're worse than Mycroft."

Molly watched him walk slowly back. She shook her head. While he had survived his fall off of the hospital roof, he still had sustained some major injuries. She was one of the only ones who knew he was still alive, and so she had to shoulder the task of keeping him that way. He was quiet enough for the first few months, but now that he could walk again, he was becoming insufferable. Always wanted to go out, even though he couldn't be seen or someone might recognize him. Even wearing a disguise, he could easily over strain himself. His brother was no help either. The only thing he had done was get Sherlock a doctor.

"Molly, if you are so eager to get me home, you could at least stop dawdling!"

His voice broke into her thoughts. Molly looked up. He was looking off the way John had left, trying to look bored.


Sherlock was silent in the car ride home. Molly knew he was thinking about John, but he wouldn't admit it. She smiled to herself. The day Sherlock admits he has feelings is the day aliens come to Earth.


BOOM! There was another explosion. The ship was blowing up, bit by bit. That had been the plan, but he had forgotten how big Sontaran ships could be. Now it was catching up, and soon he'd be in the blast fireball was ripping through the ship. He wasn't gonna make it... up ahead The Doctor saw the TARDIS. The Doctor ran in, and quickly began pulling levers and pressing buttons.

"I have to get out of the blast range!"

The engines started moving and the TARDIS disappeared, just in time. It reappeared just out of the radius. The Doctor watched as the ship blew up.

"That was way too close."

He waited to hear that beautiful Scottish accent replying, then remembered. They were gone. Sighing, he started to turn around when he saw something shoot out of the wreckage. A big, black space pod was hurtling towards Earth. Some had escaped! And now they were headed towards Earth. Smiling, the Doctor ran back to the console, all thoughts of the Ponds soaring out of his mind.

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