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Emma Deanne-4


My name is Abigail McCrery, daughter of John and the late Mary Winchester. I have an older brother Dean and a younger brother Sam but growing up the only girl in a family of all boys you would have thought I was the youngest. Six years ago I married the love of my life Christian when I was just twenty years old. My father disapproved at first until he realized Christian had been honorably discharged after doing his four years in the military and he proudly walked me down the aisle. Four years ago we were blessed with a daughter Emma Deanne who quickly stole the hearts of all the men in my life; she was just what we needed to pull this family together. Christian's parents had passed away when he was a teenager and he was an only child so when he met Sam and Dean they accepted him into the family as another brother. We bought a small house in upstate New York where we could raise Emma. I work as a waitress part-time in the local diner while, much to my objection, Christian hunts. Sam went to college at Stanford until a fire in his apartment killed his girlfriend, Jessica, and he has been on the road hunting with Dean ever since.

Chapter 1

"Momma, when's daddy coming home?" Emma asked as she colored at the kitchen table.

"I don't know, honey," I answered with a sigh as I washed our dinner dishes in the sink.

"Why's daddy always away?"

"He's working."

"What does he do? Maggie says her daddy works in a factory where they make cheese."

"Daddy doesn't make cheese," I said with a small laugh.

"Well, when's grandpa going to visit again?" she asked still coloring away.

"I don't know," I repeated.

"What about Uncle Dean and Uncle Sammy?" she asked.

"They are all very busy," I replied as I started to rinse the dishes.

"But Uncle Dean says I'm his favorite girl," she said with a huge smile on her face as the phone started to ring.

"Grab that for me," I said since my hands were still soaked.

"Hello?" she answered the phone, "I was just talking about you!...ok, here she is…"

I took the phone from her after drying my hands on my apron, "Yeah?"

"So, Sam and I are out celebrating our last hunt and we realized we are only about fifty miles from you and I thought maybe we could swing by for a visit," Dean said on the other line and you could tell they were at another random bar probably hustling pool.

"Oh, so you have no more clean clothes and you want a shower that doesn't run out of hot water," I said as seriously as I could, "You're not just stopping by to see your goddaughter."

"Well I mean…it's just…" Dean stumbled over his words until he heard me laughing, "You're a bitch you know that."

"I know you tell me all the time but doors always open you know that, see you tomorrow then?"

"Yup," he answered and hung up.

"Well goodbye to you too," I said staring at the phone as I heard the dial tone.

"What did he say?" Emma asked anxiously as she bounced up and down on the chair.

"They will see you in the morning," I told her and smiled when her face completely lit up before running up the stairs to her room.

"I have so much to show them," she squealed.

I went back to finishing the dishes and cleaned up her crayons when Christian walked in the backdoor.

"Hey beautiful," he smiled as he dropped his duffle by the basement stairs.

"Hello," I said still trying to jam some crayons into the container.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned about why he hadn't gotten his normal warm welcome.

"She's starting to ask questions Chris."

"Just tell her I'm out working," he said shrugging it off like he always did and reached into the fridge for a beer.

"You know how I feel about this, it's why I gave up hunting the day I found out I was pregnant, that little girl," I said pointing to the ceiling, "is not going to grow up with only one parent."

"Speaking of, what's she doing?" he asked changing the subject as we heard toys being thrown around her room.

"Dean and Sam are coming for a visit," I answered getting off my chair and angrily tossing his duffle over my shoulder.

"Babe, I know why you're worried but I'm fine," he tried as I opened our basement door.

"I'm going to go do laundry, you should go say hi to your daughter before she goes to bed," I stated before storming down the stairs.

I hated fighting with him but the last month of our lives it seemed like it was all that we did. We would fight about anything and everything from something as simple as what Emma was going to wear that day to something as big as whether he should take a case or not. I tried my best not to do it in front of Emma but I knew she must have overheard us when dad called me a few days ago asking if everything was ok.

I loaded the washer and took a few deep breaths trying to compose myself before making my way back upstairs. I came up to see Christian sitting in our recliner watching some football with another beer in hand.

"She's in bed waiting for you," he said without taking his eyes off of the television.

I went upstairs to her room and saw her out of bed and standing on the heating vent so she could look out the window.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat to get her attention, "What are you doing?"

"Looking for the pala," she answered turning to look out the window again.

"Alright, you," I said walking over and picking her up in my arms, "It's time for bed."

"But I want to wait up until they get here," she whined crossing her arms as I sat her back on her bed.

"They won't be here to morning, so I want you to go to sleep and I promise when you wake up they'll be here," I said tucking her in.

"Promise?" she asked.

"I promise Emma Deanne," I said before leaning over to kiss her on the head, "Angels are watching over you."

I sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the room until she fell asleep before going back downstairs.

"She asleep?" Christian asked as I sat down on the couch.

"Yeah," I answered through a yawn.

"Why don't you head up to bed," he suggested.

"Chris we need to talk about this," I sighed as I ran my hand through my hair.

He turned the television off before getting off the recliner and walking over to me with his hands out, "There's always tomorrow, let's just go to bed."

I knew we had to talk about this but all I really wanted to do was go to sleep. After turning all the lights off and making sure all doors were locked we went upstairs and I fell asleep contently wrapped in his arms.

I woke up to the sound of glass shattering and the sound of Emma screaming bolted me out of bed and down the hall quicker than I thought was even possible. I ran into her room to see the glass from her window all over the floor and her sobbing uncontrollably on her bed. I scooped her up and surveyed her for any injuries which thankfully there were none.

"Chris!" I yelled I held her in my arms and she clung to me for dear life. When he didn't answer I got nervous and that's when I noticed the drops of blood on the carpet.

I flew down the stairs with Emma and dialed the number I had memorized years ago.

"Sorry Abs, we kind of got sidetracked…" Dean said as he answered his phone but stopped when he heard Emma and me crying, "What happened?"

"Chris is gone."

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