Challenge Number/Title: #5 The Limerick
Date Posted: 2/25/2013
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: M
Genre: AH
Character pairing and descriptors have been moved to the bottom to eliminate spoilers. I can tell you that this is angsty. No violence.

If Only She Knew


I took a few steps back to check to make sure the sign was straight.

"A little higher on your side," I directed one of the busboys, Jacob, I think. He was angling for a promotion to server so had volunteered to come in early and set up the back of the restaurant for tonight's big celebration.

"Better?" he asked, as he pulled on the string that hoisted the white and silver banner towards the ceiling.

"Yes. You can come down."

Jacob tied off the string before hopping off the chair and sliding it back under the table which was already set for dinner. He walked over to me.

"Looks good," he commented. "You really outdid yourself. Chef's going to be impressed."

I smiled and nodded noncommittally. I, more than anyone, knew exactly how grateful Edward would be for my efforts today.

A loud babble of voices drew my attention to the entrance. I watched as Chef's sister Alice, her husband, Jasper, sous chef Rose, and her husband Emmett, piled into the room. I could see Alice's eyes scan the set up looking for anything undone or out of place, her hands resting on her ponderous belly. She'd find nothing. I had attended to every detail personally and knew that everything from the flowers, to the polished settings, to the tiny plates of chocolates gathered in the middle of each table, was perfectly arranged.

Alice caught my eye and nodded her head. I offered a small smile and a nod of my own in reply. It was likely the only acknowledgement I'd get from her. Pregnancy had made her bitchy. Well, bitchier than usual.

I'd worked at Il Cigno Bella longer than anyone else. I'd actually worked here when it was simply called La Bella Italia. The name was changed when Chef proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Isabella Swan. I'd been instrumental at changing over all the menus, the advertising, the signage…it had all been me. Bella cried when she saw what her fiancé had done for her.

So had I.

"You've outdone yourself, Riley," Emmett boomed, coming over and clapping me on the shoulder. "This looks great!"

I winced. "Thank you, Emmett. It was nothing, really."

"Not nothing," Emmett's wife, Rose, interjected. "We'll be sure to let Edward know that this evening couldn't have happened without you. You're a great friend."

"Thank you, Rose." They both smiled at me, before wandering away to settle into their seats.

The engagement party was Alice's idea. She'd been badgering her brother to make an "honest woman" out of Bella for years. If only she knew. Bella and Edward were "saving themselves" for marriage.

I chuckled, though there was very little about this situation that was funny.

"Riley." Alice's husband, Jasper, appeared before me. He held out a bottle of Schrader Cellars Old Sparky Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. My favorite. Jasper was a wine broker. He and Alice had met right in this very restaurant, when she was a server for her brother, and he was making a cold call hoping to secure Edward's business. Needless to say, he was successful in adding Il Cigno Bella to his list of clients. I'd always liked him.

"Please, accept this token of my gratitude. I really appreciate you handling all the details on this for Alice."

"No thanks are necessary, Jasper. I love them, too." He pushed the bottle towards me anyway. I accepted it graciously. It was my favorite, after all.

Another commotion brought my attention to the doorway. Edward and Alice's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen, had arrived, along with Bella's father, Chief Swan, his girlfriend, Sue, Bella's mother, Renee and her mother's husband, Phil. That was my cue to depart. The house would be busy tonight and it was my job to make sure that no one realized that neither Chef nor his second were in the kitchen this evening.

I kept tabs on the party throughout the evening so I was there to hear Emmett offer his best man's toast:

There once was a girl named Bella,
Who fell for a real handsome fella'.
He fell to one knee
And said, "Marry me,
And I'll keep you in fresh panzanella!"

Edward and Bella grinned, while the guests in the room burst into laughter. I shuddered. Emmett was a nice guy, but Shakespeare he was not.

I watched as the servers brought out dessert. At Alice's request, Brady and Colin were serving in the private room. It seems that Bella had a bit of an inferiority complex when it came to pretty women, so our best servers, Jessica and Lauren, were working the dining room tonight instead of the private party.

If only she knew.

If only she knew that she was the last person who had to worry about Jessica and Lauren stealing her man.

If only she knew that later tonight, after everyone leaves, after they escort her father and his girlfriend back to their hotel room, after they promise Edward's mother and father they'll be on time tomorrow for Sunday brunch, after Edward respectfully brings his fiancée safely home and chastely kisses her goodnight, he'll come back here.

To me.

And together, we will share the $900 Cabernet that Jasper had gifted me earlier this evening. Then we'll share kisses that are not so chaste. I'll drop to my knees, slide his belt from around his waist, and then slide his cock into my mouth. He'll run his fingers though my hair and tell me how much he adores me as he comes down my throat. Afterwards, he'll bend me over a table and slide into me, whispering promises he can't keep into the darkness surrounding us. His hands will stroke me until I whimper his name while he drives himself deeper and deeper into my ass. And, when we're both sated, he'll kiss me and apologize and profess his undying love. He'll tell me stories of the future we'll have together "one day." And I'll pretend to believe him.

If only she knew.

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Content Descriptors: Infidelity, slash
Character Pairing: Edward/Riley