It was a boring, average day.

Meta Knight was doing what he did on every average day. He got up, put on his armor and mask and whatever he put on, went to the bathroom, ate his breakfast, (mainly composed of French fries, apple cider, and a melted cheese sandwich.) sneaked some candy, and more stuff.

After all that, Meta Knight went out to Pupu village/Cappytown, and sneaked (very sneakily) to the candy shop.

He stared longingly at a particularly tasty looking lollipop which was being displayed in the front window, and then he slipped away before anyone could see him.

While he was slipping away, however, Meta Knight heard something coming from the castle.

So, he went over to King Dedede's castle to investigate what was happening.

Along the way to his room, he spotted King Dedede and Escargoon.

Dedede was shifting around being sneaky, and Escargoon looked indifferent.

Meta Knight watched them, while his eyes turned pink at the sight of Dedede being sneaky and Escargoon looking indifferent.

When Dedede and Escargoon noticed him, the fat penguin stared at him, threw a waffle in his face, and started running as hard as he possibly could. Escargoon looked at the shrinking figure in the distance, looked at Meta Knight, and started walking after King Dedede like the irregular snail he is.

Meta Knight decided to ignore Dedede's behavior, picked up the fallen waffle, and walked in the direction of his room. When he got to his room, he heard the sound of laughter. Holding up the waffle just in case, Meta Knight slowly opened the door.

Inside the depths of Meta Knight's room, Sword and Blade were laughing. They were laughing a lot. In fact, they were rolling on the floor, smacking their bottoms, and tickling each other for MORE laughter. They were so deep in their great fit of laughing that they didn't notice that Meta Knight opened the door. He stared at the two for a few seconds.

Looking at the waffle in his hand, Meta Knight decided that he should take some action. He aimed, and fired. It was a direct hit. Sword and Blade both looked up at him. Instantly, they started laughing even harder.

Meta Knight started to wonder if he should be concerned about them or not.

And then, a large, oversized roll of toilet paper landed on Meta Knight. Meta Knight took it in his hand and stared at it. It looked fluffy. Meta Knight had a sudden urge to go line his bed with it. The urge was overpowering what he currently wished to do, which was to make a sandwich for himself. So, Meta Knight went to go line his bed with the fluffy toilet paper.



It's my first story ever.

And it will be a big story.

With randomness.

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